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How To Make A Blog Post In The Philippines

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    In this jam-packed article, you’re going to learn how to make a blog post in the Philippines; apart from looking at how to write a good blog post, we will also be going over many blog posts ideas and looking at the blog post format. But, before all of that, I’m sure you have an initial question of what a blog post is and why people write them?

    What Is A Blog Posts

    A blog post is an article that is typically around 500 – 3000 words long. There is no set word length for a blog post. However, longer articles tend to outperform shorter articles. A blog post serves a purpose, and that tends to be to answer the searcher’s question.

    For instance, today, we are looking at how to make a blog post in the Philippines and going over some blog post examples and a few other questions because it is something that you want the answers to. Because of this, an article has been designed to give you the information.

    Typically a blog post is an answer to a question. There are also many different types of blogging posts which is something we will be covering in much more detail below. Now that we have answered the initial question of what is a blog post let’s take a look at how to make a blog post in the Philippines.

    How To Make A Blog Post In The Philippines?

    There are many different blog formats; however, most blog posts follow a similar format. We’re going to now be looking at a simple six-step process on how to make a blog post.

    1. Pick A Topic That Your Audience Is Looking For

    When looking at how to write a good blog post, the answer always lies with your audience. What answers and information are they looking for? For example, if you are talking about cryptocurrency on your blog, are they interested in buying crypto?, do they want to know the predictions of specific cryptocurrencies?, are they looking for the latest price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

    Writing a good blog post in the Philippines always starts with your audience. But how do you find out what your audience wants?

    Google Trends: Google Trends is a handy tool for bloggers. This is especially true if you’re looking for blog post ideas because Google trends show the latest trends in a chosen industry and/or area.

    Facebook: Facebook is another excellent source of information, especially on Facebook groups. Many individuals ask questions openly in groups, and if you find it is a common question, it may be worth checking out the auto-response on the Google search platform to see other people ask this question. Again, if you find lots of leads, it may be a topic worth exploring.  

    YouTube Comments: YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It’s a unique and growing platform with millions of comments posted each day. Visit your competitor’s videos or videos in your industry to see what people are asking in the comment section.  

    2. Break Each Section Down

    The second section on how to make a blog post in the Philippines is to separate your blog into several chapters. This will allow you to edit your work easily. But, first, let’s take a look at the five most essential elements of a blog post.

    2.1 Title

    The title is one of the most critical parts of a blog post, as it is the first thing that searches will look at when they are using a search engine. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a unique title, but it should never be misleading. There are many titles generating websites, such as, which often has some great blog post title examples and ideas.

    Here are a few statistics that you may find quite interesting

    • Blog (posts) with (brackets) perform (better) than titles (without) brackets ()()()
    • Numbers perform better than written numbers. For example “10 ways to eat apples” statistically perform better than “ten ways to eat apples.”
    • Trigger words get more clicks – BEST, SECRET, HIDDEN, etc.
    • Odd numbers perform better in titles than even numbers (around 20% better on average)

    So now we know that titles are important; what’s the next stage on how to build a blog post in the Philippines? is it the blog post format? No, it’s looking at the main content of your article.

    2.2 Main

    The main is the chicken or the pork on your plate. In other words, it is the main part of the article. This is often where your readers will get their answers. Some answers are quick and easy, and some (such as this post I am writing today) require a little more explanation.

    There has been a lot of interest in Google snippets in late 2020. These are little pieces of information that Google adds at the top of many searching questions. The point of a Google snippet is to answer the questions of the readers simply and quickly.

    On average, blog posts that win the snippet on Google often receive more clicks as they are at the front of the queue in the eyes of the reader, so how do you win a Google snippet?

    One of the most important things is to answer the question in one or two sentences somewhere in your article. This may have been something that you have already answered, but …. If you can add it (perhaps at the end to reiterate your article), it may allow you to win the snippet and, as a result, increase your traffic.

    2.3 Added Extra

    Added extras are great if you’re looking at how to write a good blog post in the Philippines, and the reason they are outstanding is because so many bloggers do not add any added extras.

    Added extras are extra pieces of information or something valuable to a reader that not only answers their question but gives them more than the thought that they need.

    As an example, I recently wrote an article about Wix. The title was – Is Wix Is A Good Website Builder For The Philippines? I included added extras such as an infographic, prices, tables, and pros and cons in this article. If you can build an appreciated and valuable website for your audience, you are one step closer to becoming a very successful blogger in the Philippines.

    2.4 Takeaway

    The next part of any article is the takeaway. The takeaway is a small summary of what you have discussed in your article. This is not always an essential part, but it does give your article that special touch. Whatever your blog post idea is, the takeaway/conclusion/summary section is the cherry on the top.

    2.5 Call To Action

    The last section in this part is to design a simple call to action. For example, if you are talking about a specific product or a service, then a CTA could be a place where your readers can buy this product or service. A call to action can also be something such as viewing another post or subscribing to your blog.

    3. Add Images, Infographics, And Video To Enhance Post

    We’ve now reached step three on how to make a blog post in the Philippines, and this is the stage where we are going to add some visuals. This is because so many people are visual learners, and they want to see something interesting and valuable when they visit a blog post.

    Suppose you are writing a 3000-word article and you only have three or four photos in the article. In that case, it may be a little bland for many readers, and they may want something a little bit extra such as an exciting infographic or perhaps a video about the topic.

    Images and infographics and great tools to enhance a post. If you’re looking at how to write a good blog post in the Philippines, then becoming an expert in visuals is a great way to reach the next level.

    4. Double-Check Your Keywords And SEO Point

    At this stage, it’s time to double-check your article’s keywords and SEO points. Keywords are an exciting topic, and it’s always important not to keyword stuff as this can have a negative effect. However, keywords are still crucial in the eyes of Google and many other search engines, so the keywords must be added to the correct places. Here are a few places to sprinkle your keywords in if it is appropriate to do so.

    • Main Title
    • Headers And Subheaders
    • Alt Texts Of Images
    • In The First 100 Words
    • In The Last 100 Words

    There is no golden rule for adding keywords into your post as long as you are not overdoing it, but through experiences, many bloggers find success in adding keywords in the above areas.

    5. Grammarly Everything

    Suppose you have not heard about Grammarly before. It is a writing tool essential for any blogger in the Philippines. Grammarly checks everything from your spelling to your grammar and even the clearness of your writing. There is a premium version that I use, and it is something I have used when writing this article. Still, you can also download a free version below, which is super essential to writing.

    6. Promote  

    When finishing your blog post format and posting it, the last stage is to promote your work. In a recent article, we mentioned that it’s often unwise to pay for advertising if you do not have a product or service to sell, as advertising costs will often not bring an overall positive return of investment.

    However, there are many ways you can promote your new blog post without paying, such as – on social media and even guest posting on other websites.

    How To Write A Good Blog Post?

    So now we have looked at how to make a blog post in the Philippines; how do we make a good blog post? Apart from the tips we have gone over already, you can apply a few handy hacks to your article to put you ahead of the game.

    a. Show Don’t Tell

    This is a big one. You may see that the most successful bloggers paint a picture for their readers by showing them how it’s done. So, for example, in this article, I have not only told you what you need to do step by step, but I have shown you through more simple mini-steps and illustrations.

    This is especially true if you decide to take your blog online and distribute it through channels such as YouTube.

    b. Answer All The Questions The Readers Have

    If you run a blog about building muscle or looking after animals, what other questions do you think the readers will have when they read your articles? Do you think they will have more questions? If you think there are more questions to answer, it’s often a good indicator that you should add these to your article.

    For example, in this article today, we are talking about making a blog post in the Philippines. However, I have also touched upon how to write a good blog post in the Philippines, a blog post format, and answered the question of what is a blog post. Finally, we will also be talking about five different blog post ideas and blog posts examples.

    I wrote so much because I want to answer the questions you have, and these are the things that you need to do when you are writing for your audience. Keep them on your website and make sure they do not need to go to any other website to find the answers.

    c. Go Visual

    A handy tip on writing a good blog post in the Philippines is to go visual. As previously mentioned, many people are visual learners, and they prefer visual aids. Statistically, blog posts with more images, infographics, and videos outperform articles with minimal visual aids. is one of the best editing services, which is free, but they also have a premium version that can be purchased for around $12 per month. I use canvas for all of my artwork. They have soooo many free images and many designs specifically for a Filipino audience.

    d. Be Clear And Readable

    Tip #4 on writing a good blog post in the Philippines includes being clear and readable. What topic are you talking about in your article, and can your readers quickly find the answers they are looking for?

    The truth is that many people don’t read 100% of an article. Some experts have estimated that over 90% (in some cases more) of the content we write does not even get looked at even if a reader is on our page. Therefore it’s essential to be clear and readable. If something important is essential, then make sure it is visually pleasing and easily readable.

    5 Blog Post Ideas/Example

    Now we have looked at how to write a good blog post in the Philippines. But, first, let’s look at some different types of articles and what they are.

    List Posts

    List posts are articles that have many different points. For example, there is an article about 144 different business ideas in the Philippines on Filipino wealth. List posts are extraordinary because they are often the most shareable content; however, they are also some of the most difficult to construct.


    How to paint my walls, make a blog post in the Philippines, and become successful with my blog? How-to questions are questions people are asking, and this is why how-to articles are one of the most popular types of articles to date. Unfortunately, often these are broken down into easily readable chunks.

    Interviews / Personal Stories

    Another blog post idea that has increased over the last few years is a post based on an interview or a personal story. For example, we are in the process of releasing a critical article about an interview we are conducting with a Blogger who has been very successful in the Philippines. In this article, we have asked her many vital questions to share the advice she gives us to our readers. These articles are a great insight and can often rank for keywords you may have not initially tried to rank for.

    Case Studies

    Case studies of another growing blog post example where bloggers look at a case study or several case studies to try and form a solution to a problem or a concern. For instance, there are many case studies of bloggers who have tried many methods to increase Google rankings in the blogging industry. After this, they document their findings in a case study article.   

    Information Guides

    The last blog post example is in the form of a general information guide. This is where the reader is looking for information. This blog post is designed to give information quickly and easily. Examples can include; what to do when no one is looking at my blog, how much do Filipino bloggers earn, etc.

    What Is The Best Blog Post Format?

    There is no specific blog posting format. Many bloggers follow a traditional method of blogging similar to this article. This includes the main question and the answer. Some add additional questions and information, and some visual aids.

    Tips For Writing A New Blog Post

    We’ve now looked over how to make a blog post in the Philippines and go over some important information and blog posting examples. The final stage is looking at some handy tips for writing a new blog post in the Philippines, and we are going to explore some unique tips that can help you step up the game when it comes to writing a fantastic post.

    1. Build Your Outline

    Every blog post needs an outline. When writing your blog post, it’s always a wise idea to write down your key message. Your key message is the main thing you would like to get across to your audience. Once you have this, you can start building other areas such as the introduction and supporting facts or supporting data to prove why your answer is correct.

    2. Writer For The Reader’s Pleasure

    When we write articles, we often write in our style. There is no problem in doing this, but some readers prefer content in a certain way. Maybe you are a talented writer, and you write fantastic content, but I then write the same content as you, but my style is different, and the audience hates it. Sometimes sadly, this is how it is, so it’s always a wise decision to write your articles for the readers. Try not to use any complex grammar unless it is appropriate, and if there is any industrial terms /jargon which readers may not be aware of, then it’s always best to explain this fully.

    3. Write Your Draft In Word/G-Docs

    There are many reasons you should always write your drafts in a document, and often it’s because you can often save your work or recover it if there are any unsaved exits. Another reason is that you can play around with the format, which is essential when delivering your article to the world.

    4. Add Extras

    One thing that you will notice with all successful bloggers is that they give added extras in their work. For example, when we looked at blog post ideas in the Philippines, we looked at different posts, including list posts or interview posts. So, if you are writing a list blog post, what extras could you add to your article to make it more powerful.

    Could you include some pros and cons? For example, could you include a chart with prices? Could you include some free software or online tools to help your readers?

    How To Make A Blog Post In The Philippines: Takeaway

    • Writing a blog post in the Philippines can be broken down into several simple stages.
    • Many different things make a good blog post in the Philippines, but one of the essential things is to write for your readers and include things that will be beneficial for them.
    • it’s always a wise decision to add your targeted keywords into the main areas of your blog post format.
    • There are many different blog posts examples, and ideas.
    • It’s always best to show your readers rather than telling them.
    • Websites with a blog often receive play higher clickthrough rates than websites without a blog.

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