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How To Start A Podcast Philippines 2024

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    Many wonder how to start a podcast in the Philippines, and today in this podcasting beginner guide for the Philippines, we will break down each stage! Additionally, we will also be covering the most frequently asked questions about podcasting, such as the best podcast platform in the Philippines and how podcasters make money? But before that, here is a brief outline of the beginner’s podcasting guide.

    How To Start A Podcast In The Philippines In 10 Steps

    1. Choose Your Podcast Theme & Niche

    Choosing a podcast niche is very similar to choosing a niche for YouTube or blogging. However, you may need to ask yourself some of these beginner podcasting questions with podcasting in the Philippines.

    Q1,  Is My Podcasting Reaching Filipinos Or Others?

    In other words, is your podcast targeting locals who live in the Philippines, or will it be targeting other countries and other areas? For example, my podcast that I run targets people from the United Kingdom and the United States; however, I have listeners from over 26 different countries! Therefore, when looking to start a podcast in the Philippines, it’s important to have a specific audience in mind at the beginning stages.

    Q2, What Podcasting Topic Can I Talk About For Hours Uninterrupted?

    Again, This is simply asking what topic you feel comfortable with. People can pick up many clues when listening to podcasts, and if it’s a subject or topic you are not interested in, it can soon become clear.

    Perhaps you have come across a podcast where the topic was very boring. However, the host was very excited and passionate about this topic, which kept you tuned in.

    When deciding on your niche, Having something you are very passionate about will help you sound clearer, and this will help you engage with your audience, which is an important stage for podcasting growth.

    Q3, Which Podcasting Niche Is Most Profitable?

    The most profitable podcast niche may not mean the most money. Unfortunately, this is a big trap that many new podcasters in the Philippines fall into.

    Typically, the most profitable niche tends to be finance, fitness, technology, etc.

    These podcasts’ niches are so popular that there are many ways you can earn money from your audience. This can include advertising, affiliate marketing, selling your products and services, etc.

    Where many podcasters in the Philippines see success is through a less competitive niche.

    Here at Blogschool, we recently released an article where we spoke about a gentleman making thousands of dollars each month talking about fish! His podcast was a niche podcast, and he was able to find the right audience and make more money than he ever could if he chose finance, fitness, or technology.

    Therefore it’s important to remember that the most profitable niche may not be the one where you earn the most money. However, niches are easier to penetrate if targeting a specific country such as the Philippines rather than a global audience.

    Nevertheless,… when you are looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines, you may notice specific market gaps in a competitive niche. An excellent example of this is self-help. Self-help, which is commonly known as self-transformation, is a big market. Many niches go untapped.

    I have a podcast relating to loneliness, where I help lonely individuals. I do not do this for financial reasons, but because I wanted to give back to the community; however, I have seen thousands of downloads, and my podcasts grow massively… I have chosen not to earn money from my podcast, but if I did, it would be a very high stream of income. Trust me, there are great opportunities for podcasting in the Philippines.

    Q4, What Specific Problem Am I Solving?

    There are many different reasons why people tune into podcasts in the Philippines. Some people listen to podcasts for entertainment; however, many people turn to podcasts as educational sources.

    When looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines, a crucial step is determining what problem you are solving with your podcasts.

    Are you helping people lose weight? Are you going to be sharing some special tricks that will make their life easier? Whatever the answers are, if you can provide real value and answer a specific question starting a podcast in the Philippines will be much easier.

    Q5, Is This Topic Popular, And Will People Want To Listen?

    When starting a podcast in the Philippines, I recommend new podcasters look at a podcast like a business. In other words, when you start a business, you need to investigate the market and conduct market research fully, and starting a podcast in the Philippines is no different.

    Additionally, spending time on similar platforms such as YouTube and forums will help you see what the public asks.

    Ask the public is a website that is jam-packed full of important people are searching for!

    Q6, Is This Niche Too Competitive?

    The last question is something we touched upon earlier:: the competitiveness of your chosen niche.

    It’s always important when looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines to choose a niche that is popular as this will increase the likelihood that your podcast will grow; however, if it is too competitive, you may not rank highly on many podcasting platforms such as Apple, Spotify, etc

    2. Picking Your Podcast Name

    Picking your podcast name is one of the most important things to do at the beginning stages when looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines.

    Picking your podcast name is important because it is one of the ranking factors used by podcast platforms when searching for content.

    For instance, if you host a podcast about dating Filipinos, but you do not include the keywords dating or Filipinos in your title, then you may not attract as many listeners as you wish. Many years ago, you could add a podcast with a person’s name and start to rank very quickly…

    … however, as times are now moving on and more and more people are deciding to podcast around the world, podcasters are looking at additional tricks to get them ahead of the game, and picking the perfect podcast name which includes specific keywords has seen some success with a lot of podcasters.

    Choosing a niche for a podcast in the Philippines is similar to choosing a niche for a Philippines blog.

    The most important thing if you are starting a podcast for financial reasons is to make sure that your chosen niche is profitable. We have spoken in great detail about choosing a niche previously; therefore, we will not go into too much detail today, but here is a summary of things to remember when choosing your podcast niche in the Philippines.

    • Be specific with your niche. The more specific you are, the easier it is for your audience to find you and for you to find your audience… but remember not to narrow down your niche too much.
    • When choosing a podcast niche in the Philippines, it is best to choose something you are very passionate about and something you can talk about for hours uninterrupted.
    • Are there any podcasters talking about the topics you wish to talk about? Market research is also essential when choosing your podcast niche.
    • If you are starting a podcast in the Philippines for financial reasons, it may be best to look at the Philippines’ most profitable niches.

    BusinessNameGenrator offers a free podcasting name generator!

    3. Planning Your Podcasting Content

    Each podcasting episode should have a specific layout, and consistency is one of the easiest ways to grow a podcast channel in the Philippines. The goal here is not to make your podcast sound repetitive and boring but to keep a consistent layout with your audience’s expectations.

    Think of planning your podcast content as building a business plan. In other words, start to look at what topics you wish to discuss and how long these topics will go on, and what will be mentioned.

    For instance, if I were to release a podcast today about how to start a podcast in the Philippines, I would have a specific goal = To talk about a step-by-step guide on how to start a podcast in the Philippines. I would speak about the different steps similar to this article, but I always remember the main goal: to answer the listener’s questions fully.

    4. Choosing An Intro, Outro, And Music For Your Podcast

    Is intro, outro, and overall music for your podcasts vital? It depends. Some podcasts benefit from a short introduction and exit music as this builds the brand. However, it is not always necessary. Whether it is right for your podcast or not ultimately comes down to how you want to be perceived.

    For example, my podcasts start in the middle. It’s almost like the listeners have joined into a conversation halfway through because I have not introduced the subject; I have just given them the answers within the first couple of minutes of listening to my podcast. After all, that works for my audience, but will it work for your audience?

    Additionally, my podcast plans to release small podcast episodes around 5 or 10 minutes in length. The audience who listened to short podcasts tends to be the people who have limited time. Still, if you plan to do a more extended-length podcast or have a different audience, then special introductions and jingles can help keep your podcast in your listener’s mind.

    How To Find Free Podcast Music In The Philippines? There are many different options available for Filipino podcasts to find free royalty music that can be used.

    It’s always important to check the terms and conditions of the website as some allow you to add their music into podcasts, youtube, etc… However, they require you to credit them in exchange for the free download.

    5. Searching For Podcasting Equipment & Software

    The great thing about starting a podcast in the Philippines is that you can start with very little equipment! We have spoken about the different podcasting equipment to be successes previous. To summarize, all you need to start podcasting is a quiet environment, a high-quality microphone, editing software, and a speedy internet connection.

    Essential Equipment #1 The Microphone

    When choosing podcasting equipment in the Philippines, the microphone is one of the most essential tools. Many people wonder how to stop a podcast for free in the Philippines, and even though podcasting can be started for free, the equipment typically isn’t. However, there are cheaper options available.

    If money is slightly tight, you can record a Podcast from your cell phone in some cases. I have tried this when I set up my podcast, but I would recommend that you purchase an external microphone for your cell phone because the microphone inside the cell phone may not be clear enough.

    If you are looking for a specific podcasting microphone for the Philippines, Take a look at the latest article as we have covered, the best microphones for the Philippines, and the cheapest options for Filipino podcasters.

    Essential Equipment #2 Editing Software

    The second essential piece of equipment you may need when looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines is editing software.

    Filipino podcasters also have several different options when it comes to editing.

    Option one is to use free editing software such as Audacity. This software is 100% free and very simple to use. It is excellent for audio files; however, if you are looking to maximize your visibility, you also have a second option.

    A second option is an editing software called Filmora. Personally, I use Filmora for all my blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube channels. This option is best because you can easily turn your podcasts into YouTube videos, thus expanding your visibility.

    As companies are always changing their terms and conditions is recommended to view their terms before purchasing Filmora.

    6. Scheduling Your First Podcast

    One of the most important stages when starting a podcast in the Philippines is scheduling your first podcast!

    A quick note for Filipino podcasters, if your first podcast is bad, don’t worry; that’s normal. Usually, the first of anything is bad, take a look at our first podcast or first YouTube video, and you will see!

    It’s also a wise idea to schedule future posts if you have time.

    For example, if you have Sunday available and have nothing planned, but you are looking to record some podcasts, how about recording a whole month’s worth!

    Many podcasters do this as it saves time and allows them to speak when they feel the most motivated.

    An additional tip for Filipino podcasters is that there is often very little traffic on a new podcast at the very beginning. The more podcast episodes you release, the more traffic you will gain, and often, an audience will view previous podcasts and boost your traffic.

    The last tip on scheduling your first podcast is to pick the most appropriate time for the Philippines. For example, if you are looking to advertise your podcast on social media, it is best to choose a date and time where you feel people will be most active and willing to listen to your podcast. This will help you maximize your listeners and grow your audience.

    7. Be Visible To Your Audience

    Once you have your first few podcast episodes uploaded and start to build your content, the masses must see you. In other words, to grow, you will need to be visible to your audience.

    A secret about digital marketing is knowing who your audience is. It’s not enough to know their age and location. You will also need to know what they like, what information they want, and what kind of content they are looking for.

    Here are some questions that will help you determine your audience.

    • Are My Listeners Filipinos, Or Are They, Foreigners?
    • What Kind Of People Would Like My Podcast?
    • What Interests Do My Potential Listeners Have?
    • Why Would Somebody Listen To My Podcast?
    • What Problems Am I Solving?
    • Am I Bringing Entertainment? If So, What Entertainment Am I Bringing?

    Some of these questions are not specifically about your audience but will help you determine your content, which will relate to your audience.

    One of the most important things when starting a podcast in the Philippines is that you can easily be found. This is why we always recommend Buzzsprout.

    Buzzsprout is the quickest and easiest way to grow your podcast in the Philippines! Buzzsprout is unique; the user-friendly system allows you to post your podcast on many channels. Not just the big corporate department such as Apple Podcasts and Google podcasts but also the smaller companies that still have thousands of listeners worldwide.

    Visibility is key. Once you are visible and your content is of high quality, the next stage would be to market your podcast, a whole different topic. Still, before you spend any money on marketing, it is wise to make sure that your content is attractive to your audience. One way to find out is to increase your visibility and see how people respond…

    … in other words, if you have many subscribers and downloads and you see your figures are increasing every week, you will know that what you are talking about is of interest to people. Only then will you have solid data to help you market your podcast in a less risky way.

    8. Transcribing Your Podcast

    Transcribing your podcast is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your audio podcast in the Philippines.

    Transcribing is a complicated way of saying turning your words into physical writing. This physical writing can be seen by those smart bots and Google, which means they can be part of your overall search engine optimization.

    There are many different ways you can transcribe your podcast. You can take the free route or use a premium service such as Rev, Scribie, or otter.

    RRS has a great article about how to transcribe your podcast for free. This includes using your cell phone to transcribe a podcast or using Google Docs!

    When starting a podcast in the Philippines, transcribing is not one of the most critical areas to focus on; however, It is suggested that you maximize your visibility by transcribing each episode.

    9. Growing Your Audience & Podcast

    We spoke above about how to grow your podcast in the Philippines, mainly by using a popular platform such as Buzzsprout. Using Buzzsprout will allow you to distribute your episodes across many platforms and reach millions of podcast listeners, But what’s next?

    Once you have growing traction, you may wish to market your podcast. Even though this stage is before the monetization stage, It’s recommended not to spend money on advertising unless you have a solid income stream set up.

    In other words, if you have a book or a special product that you are selling to your audience or you are an affiliate marketer, then marketing is often a great idea at this point; however, if you do not have any monetization on your podcast, then marketing may not be as rewarding.

    When marketing a podcast in the Philippines, I would suggest social media marketing above all else. This is so popular because the Philippines are among the most active social media countries in the world!

    Facebook is an excellent platform for Filipino podcasters who are looking to grow their audience. Suppose you are starting marketing for the first time or have little experience. In that case, It’s recommended first to build awareness about who you are and what you talk about from your listeners can move on to the next part of your sales funnel, which could be listening to your podcast and then buying your product, etc.

    10. Monetizing Your podcast Content

    Apart from the question of how to start a podcast in the Philippines, the second most popular question we get asked here at blogschool is how to monetize a podcast, and this question is super popular!

    We have gone into vast detail about monetizing your podcast in our most recent article so we won’t go into the technical side of the monetization strategies today. To summarise that article, there are a few methods that podcasters use to grow their financial wealth …

    One of the simplest and easiest ways to make money from the podcast is through sponsorship. This is a small advert played at the beginning, middle, or end of a podcast, similar to advertisements you see on YouTube.

    Affiliate marketing and selling your products are very similar. Affiliate marketing has been around for many years, and it’s the process of earning commission for other persons’ or companies’ products. The benefit of selling your products is that you can often earn more profit. The benefit of affiliate marketing is it is relatively stress-free.

    The last option is through premium content; however, this is often only feasible by large podcasters who have built a loyal audience.

    5 Tips: How To Start A Podcast In The Philippines

    • Speak Naturally And Clearly: When starting a podcast in the Philippines, it’s common that you may feel slightly anxious and nervous, especially in the beginning, which can affect the way you speak. You will notice all successful podcasters often have clear communication; therefore, slowing down your speech can work wonders!
    • Edit the Umms, Ahhhs, Ermmms: Editing software, either free or paid, can help you sound more professional and engaging. When you use words such as ummmmm or ahhhhh, your audience may think you do not know what you are talking about until you feel confident it may be worth editing out the imperfections.
    • Speak To One Podcast Listener: As mentioned, When looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines, many new podcasters are filled with nerves and anxiety; therefore, speaking to one podcast listener is a great way to sound clear and personal. This also is a fantastic trick when you are public speaking!
    • Have A Episode Goal & Body: Podcasts in the Philippines usually are successful when they have a specific goal and a body to the episode. At the beginning of each episode, it’s best to have a specific goal in mind.
    • Start Your Podcast Small: Many great businesses started small, and this is the same when you are looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines. Even if you only get ten listeners in the first couple of weeks, don’t worry. There is a lot of trial and error at the beginning of everything new.

    What Is A Podcast?

    Most simply, a podcast is an audio content produced by a podcaster and distributed on platforms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. As podcasting Is solely audio, there is no written or video content; however, some podcasters benefit from a written script.

    Additionally, the number of people who host a podcast can differ. Some podcast chooses to host a podcast solely, while others are hosted with 3-5 people. There are no set rules for podcasting. Many find success by doing things differently from other podcasters, which is important to remember when starting a podcast in the Philippines.

    How Do Podcasts Work?

    The podcast itself can have many different formats depending on the theme and the discussion. For example, some podcast episodes are centered around an interview, while others are general discussions. A podcaster uploads an audio file and distributes it on their chosen platform. Thanks to BuzzSprout, a podcaster can automatically upload a single episode to 20+ different platforms worldwide.

    Why Are Podcasts Important?

    Podcasts are super important in the Philippines, and it is predicted that they will grow similarly to YouTube over the next ten years.

    Therefore if you are trying to earn money online for a blog or YouTube channel, you may find great financial benefit in hosting a podcast, and who knows, maybe you will invite me on as a guest one day 😉

    Other businesses can also benefit significantly from podcasting in the Philippines. Besides the financial aspect, podcasting is an excellent option if you are looking to build your authority or expertise in your niche.

    Lastly, podcasts are fantastic if you are a listener looking to gain some experience and information about a particular topic or situation.

    What’s The Future Of Podcasting In The Philippines?

    Many predict that podcasts will snowball in size over the next ten years. Personally speaking, I believe podcasting to be a unique form of content and one that can be monetized in the Philippines, and therefore, I also believe podcasts will grow as we look into the next 10 to 15 years.

    YouTube is one of the biggest websites used in the Philippines; however, many years ago, it was not as popular in the Philippines as it is today. Looking through the statistics and the predictions, I believe podcasting has a great future in the Philippines, and now is the perfect time to join while it is still relatively new.

    Are Podcasts The New Youtube?

    What’s important to remember is that podcasts are still young. What happens with content such as podcasting, blogging, vlogging, etc., is popularised in Western countries such as America, Europe, and the United Kingdom before being popularised in the Philippines.

    This is not always the case, but commonly, this is the pattern that is followed.

    Podcasts are not huge in the Philippines, but there is evidence suggesting podcasting may be the future in the Philippines in the upcoming years. Additionally, corporations such as Google and Amazon are pumping large amounts of money into podcasting, likely increasing podcasts’ demand and reach.

    Podcasting will not likely overtake YouTube; however, it will be a platform that will be coinciding with YouTube in the near future, many believe.

    How Do Podcasts Earn Money In The Philippines?

    There are several ways podcasters can earn money in the Philippines, which include…

    1. Sponsorship

    Sponsorships are one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money from a podcast in the Philippines. Sponsorships are generally small voice-overs about a particular topic or product.

    Sponsorships usually are 15 to 30-second audio clips placed at the beginning, middle, or end part of your podcast. Many platforms allow you to search for sponsorships; however, many companies require and minimum of 1000 downloads per episode to qualify, but this is not always the case.

    When you sign up to BuzzSprout ( the platform that lets you distribute your content to all podcasting platformers such as apple, Spotify, etc.), you have the option to find a sponsorship directly on their platform as they work with Podcorn, Which is an attractive podcast sponsor company for beginners.

    2. Marketing

    The next option you have is marketing. When looking at how podcasts make money, marketing is a subject that is often overlooked. However, marketing can help you make more money with fewer downloads.

    If you have a product or service to offer, a great way to increase your sales is to let the public know. The key here is not to overdo it because your content may sound like a sales pitch, which may turn off your listeners. This process can be very financially rewarding on YouTube as well as podcasting.

    3. Premium Content

    The third option for making money on broadcasting in the Philippines is by offering premium content. This is an excellent option for building an audience, especially if you are a leader in your industry; building a loyal audience is wise when looking to earn money from a podcast in the Philippines.

    4. Affiliate Marketing

    The last option for Filipinos to earn money from their podcast is affiliate marketing. In other words, earning a commission for sales of companies products or services. Affiliate marketing is a big business, and some podcasters earn over 90% of their income directly from affiliate products.

    Here at BlogSchool, we have put together an exclusive list of affiliate marketing opportunities for the Philippines. This article has included many different types of platforms where Filipinos can start to earn money through affiliation.

    Which Podcast Platform Is The Best In The Philippines?

    The best podcasting platform in the Philippines is BuzzsproutBuzzSprout is one of the leading podcast distribution platforms globally and has many unique features, including distributing podcast episodes on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, to name a few.

    Additionally, BuzzSprout makes monetizing your content even easier. As a result, many new podcasters sign up to become premium members as the costs are incredibly low, and podcasters have the opportunity to list their episodes on the majority of podcasting platforms.

    The primary purpose of BuzzSprout is to distribute your podcast episodes onto every channel you wish effortlessly; however, visitors can also listen to your podcasts directly on the BuzzSprout platform.

    How To Start A Podcast In The Philippines: Takeaway

    • Starting a podcast in the Philippines can be a straightforward process. You do not need to follow each stage that we have included in today’s guide. However, if you do, you are more likely to engage with your audience and, as a result, grow your podcast.
    • There are many ways you can monetize a podcast in the Philippines. Feel free to take a look at our monetization streams in our most recent article for some insider tricks and tips!
    • Starting a podcast for free in the Philippines is also possible! Editing software can be downloaded for free; however, it may be worth investing in a quality microphone to give your audience the best quality recordings.
    • Transcribing is not essential but can be an important ranking factor in terms of search engine optimization.
    • The most profitable niches may not mean they are the best as profitable podcast niches are also competitive; however, niches are often easier to enter if targeting Filipinos.
    • Podcasting in the Philippines is a great platform to market your products, and podcasting can be the foundation of a business’s sales funnel.
    • When looking at how podcasts earn money in the Philippines, several options are open, ranging from sponsorship to affiliate marketing.
    • How podcasts work in the Philippines is very simple, think of YouTube without the video, and you are already 95% of the way there.
    • Some wonder if podcasts are the new YouTube. YouTube will still be a leading platform globally; however, many predict that podcasts will grow in the Philippines in the upcoming years.
    • Choosing a podcast niche is very similar to choosing a blog niche. One of the best ways to decide what niche works for you is to think of a subject you can talk about endlessly.
    • Some question why podcasts are essential; there are many potential answers, but podcasts often serve the purpose = of creating content that can build awareness or be monetized.
    • Which podcast platform is the best in the Philippines is another popular question. It is best to become visible on all platforms, and therefore, we recommend using a podcasting platform distributor such as Buzzsprout.

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