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Is Blogging Easy & Worth It In The Philippines

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    As somebody who is thinking about starting a blog in the Philippines, a question you may find yourself asking is … is blogging easy in the Philippines, and is blogging worth it?

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    Is Blogging Easy In The Philippines?

    Financially speaking, blogging is easy as it can be started relatively cheaply, and in some cases, it can be started for free.

    When looking at time management, starting a blog in the Philippines is also easy as it can be completely flexible. as a blog owner, you can choose exactly when you post and how much you post.

    Lastly, to gauge if blogging is easy in the Philippines, we need to analyze future income and profit. In other words, is it easy to grow a blog and earn money online blogging?

    The answer to this question is an absolute yes! You need to make sure that your content is serving the public and those smart bots at Google, but if you can build your content to please both audiences, then profitability and income streams can be very high.

    Is blogging easy in the Philippines at the start? Well, it can take several months and, in some cases, a year or two before a blog starts to see real success.

    A good target to aim for after 12 months is between 5000 – 10,000 visitors if you have more than this, great! But if you have less than this, perhaps it is wise to review your strategies or increase the number of posts you are uploading. In the first 12 months, a great schedule is two or three high-quality articles every week.

    The Pros Of Blogging In The Philippines

    As you can see from the list above, there are some excellent pros of blogging in the Philippines. Starting a blog in the Philippines is an excellent source of passive income, but as mentioned before, it can take quite some time to start reaping the rewards.

    Not only are there multiple streams of income that can be added to a blog, but you can also redistribute your content and produce other products such as a physical or downloadable book. But apart from the pros of blogging in the Philippines, are there any cons associated with this business?

    The Cons Of Blogging In The Philippines

    • Many Popular Topics Are Highly Competitive
    • High Ranking Articles Are Typically Longer-Form Content Which Is Time-Consuming
    • It Can Take Many Months And, In Some Cases, Years To Earn A Good Income From A Blog
    • Writing Burnouts Are A Real Thing, And It Is Very Common
    • Blogging Is Becoming Increasingly Popular, Which Means More Competition

    As we can see, there are many different types of cons when starting and growing your blog in the Philippines. If you choose to target a Filipino audience, you often have a much higher chance of reaching your audience than targeting a global audience. This is why many bloggers choose a specific type of audience or a specific niche when starting a new blog.

    How Long Does It Take To Earn Pesos?

    As we can see from the table below, it can take several months to start earning an income from a blog. So when looking at if a blog is worth it in the Philippines, it’s always important to understand that it can take many months for your blog to grow large enough to earn an income.

    Suppose you are focusing on advertisement only (often an unwise decision). In that case, you will need many visitors to earn a full-time income; however, some successful blogs earn a full-time income from only 5000 or 10,000 visitors a month, which is a very low amount!

    How can they earn a full-time income from only 10K visitors? Because they have a great system of income-generating tools built into their website (not just ads). So when looking at how long it takes for a blog to start to earn money in the Philippines, it’s also worth noting that the amount a blogger can earn typically depends on the audience, location, income streams, and niche.

    Blogging AgeExpected Income Per Month
    1 Month₱ 0
    2 Month₱ 0
    3 Month₱ 0
    4 Month₱ 0
    5 Month₱ 0
    6 Month₱500
    7 Month₱1250
    8 Month₱2500
    9 Month₱2.5K – ₱4K
    10 Month₱4K – ₱6K
    11 Month₱6K – ₱8.5K
    12 Month₱8.5K – ₱10K +
    18 Month₱25K – ₱40K +
    24 Month₱ 50K +

    Note: The estimate above depends heavily on the streams of income, niche, and audience. It’s common to make very little money in the first six months. Many blogs earn a part-time income within 12 months and full-time income during the 24-month range.

    7 Easy Blogging Tasks

    Create Beautiful Visuals

    If you are a creative individual, then creating beautiful visuals to help guide your audience is a blogging task that you will most definitely love! Did you know that personalized images rank higher on Google than stock photos?

    Writing The Content

    Suppose you love writing and blogging (which I’m going to assume that you do). In that case, writing the content is a very easy task. It is something that you may be naturally talented in. If you are familiar with the topic and something you are passionate about, blogging in the Philippines is very easy.

    Creating An Attractive Blogging Title

    Statistically, titles with 5 to 7 words received more clicks than titles with fewer words. On top of this, articles that use strong adjectives receive more CTR than articles without adjectives! Blogging in the Philippines has become easier thanks to blogging title generators such as the one from seopressor.

    Researching The Subject Or Topic

    The great thing about this modern world is that there is so much information out there. Each day more articles, posts, videos, podcasts, and other content is being published. This makes a blogger’s job so much easier (  but in some niches, it can make it a little harder =[  ).

    Regularly Posting Content

    Once you start to see your blog posts rank and those beautiful pesos enter your bank account, blogging gets so much easier. Thanks to systems on WordPress, YouTube, and other content-creating platforms, you can now schedule posts for the future, making blogging in the Philippines much easier.

    Working With Other Bloggers

    Believe it or not, working with other bloggers is a straightforward process compared to other industries. This is because, most often, both blogs will receive a benefit. Collaborating is a great way to be seen by the masses and/or receive free content for your blog  (make sure it’s high-quality content I’m not a low-quality duplicate)

    Recycle Your Content

    The last easy blogging task in the Philippines is to recycle your content. This is such an easy task compared to before, as before, creating content and redistributing it on other channels took serious hard work and time. Now many platforms and services can turn your old content into brand new videos or audible podcasts.

    7 Hard Blogging Tasks

    Finding Low Competitive But High Volume Keywords

    Blogging in the Philippines is not always easy 100% of the time. Some tasks are challenging, and one of these tasks is finding low competitive but high-volume keywords. These need to be words or phrases that generate a lot of traffic but have low competition, making it easier for you to rank highly on search engines.

    Added Extra Visuals Such As Infographics

    We spoke about how adding images is an easy process, but some topics require a more in-depth explanation, and infographics are a great way to educate visual learners. This is not always a quick and easy task, which is why it’s challenging to do, but if you are generating income from your blog or you know somebody who can help, this process can be easily outsourced.

    Building Your Social Media Growth

    Building a social media network for your blog is not always necessary. Speaking to professional bloggers and full-time bloggers, typically only a small amount of their social media traffic finds its way onto their blog; however, if you want to build your social media visibility, then doing so is not always the most straightforward task.

    Explaining A Subject Or Topic

    Today we are talking about if blogging is easy in the Philippines, and we will also be discussing if blogging in the Philippines is worth it, but how best to describe this topic? I created a list of essential pros and cons to blogging in the Philippines, but I could have chosen so many other ways. This decision is often a tough task for many bloggers.

    Building Your Evidence

    If you explain something new or try to influence an audience, one of the most important things you can do is build evidence in your articles. This includes linking to websites, highlighting statistics, or discussing the latest case study. This requires a serious amount of effort and research and involves a lot of time to keep the information updated.

    Building Quality Backlinks

    You should never pay for backlinks. I know this is not what many people believe, but it’s the truth. Google does not like this, and some bloggers have been struck with a traffic reduction due to their unethical approach. Building quality backlinks is, therefore, a difficult task, especially for a new Filipino Blogger.

    Growing Your Blog

    The last difficult task you may need to do when starting your Filipino blog is to grow your blog to success. This is difficult as it’s not an overnight success; unfortunately, blogging is a series of mini victories that are won every day. In other words, blogging is a long-term business.  

    Is Blogging In The Philippines Worth It?

    If you are looking to make money from blogging in the Philippines, then yes, it is worth it. You may write a blog post that takes you 10 hours to write, edit and publish and receive very little traffic, but you may receive 100,000 visitors a month on a single blog post. Based on the law of averages blogging in the Philippines is worth it.

    When it comes to other areas that are not financial such as visibility, helping others, giving back to the community, or some other goal you have in mind, blogging is also very much worth it. Still, you must ensure that you build your blog to reach traffic and achieve the goals.

    How do you build a successful blog? You learn from the experts here at BlogsSchool. We give free blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and advice for Filipinos looking to earn money online. Keep up to date and subscribe to find the latest information, updates, and tips to grow your content channels.

    Take Away: Is Blogging Easy In The Philippines

    • Financially speaking, blogging in the Philippines is incredibly easy to start, and the costs can be relatively low.
    • Blogging can take a serious amount of time and eat away at your social life; unfortunately, it only typically pays off in the long term.
    • If you have not reached a good standard of traffic after 12 months, then you may need to alter your writing style, strategy, or schedule of your posts.
    • When looking at is blogging in the Philippines is worth it, we must consider what our goals are. Financially blogging in the Philippines can be very profitable, but whatever the goal is, we need to build the blog in the right way. This includes avoiding any spammy backlinks.
    • If you are wondering if blogging in the Philippines is worth it, then the answer is 100% yes! However, blogging is not as easy as it once was, and you may need to find out what platforms and types of content work better with your audience.
    • There are many different ways bloggers can earn money in the Philippines, but earning money from a blog can typically take at least six months; however, this can sometimes be as long as eight 9, or 10 months before a blog starts to receive income.
    • There are many different pros and cons to blogging, but the pros of blogging in the Philippines outweigh the cons in many cases.
    • Starting a blog is a great way to increase your income streams, and it is entirely possible to become a full-time blogger in the Philippines.

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