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Difference Between Blog And Vlog Philippines

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    Blog vs Vlog Philippines: Many Filipinos up and down the country are earning money online from their online blog or online Vlog, but what do these terms mean, and most important, what is the difference between blogs and vlogs in the Philippines?

    Blog vs Vlog Philippines

    What Is A Blog / Blog Meaning

    A blog is a series of articles written online. Think of a blog in the Philippines as an online diary or online information board. Writing blog posts is similar to writing an essay; however, there is no set form in writing blog posts.

    Some bloggers see success in being different; some see success with bright colors and funny GIFs, while others see success with detailed pictures and easily readable content.

    In other words, there is no set guidelines or rules set out for blog in the Philippines. You can talk about your life and experiences or be an educator in your industry and everything else in-between!

    If you are looking for some insider hacks and tricks on how to be a successful blogger in the Philippines, take a look at our guide to help you get ahead of the competition!

    What Is A Vlog / Vlogging Meaning 

    Vlogs are small videos typically 2-10 minutes in length, but they have no guidelines or rules similar to a blog. Vlogs can also be about any topic but are in video form.

    Many vloggers see success when they can produce unique and/or entertaining content. Subjects can include…. How to live in Germany on a low budget or how to make apple pie …the list is endless.

    Vlogging was seen as a craze when it first started to become popular many years ago, but with the high demand, this “trend” seems that it is here to stay!

    Drsoft has a great article on how to grow a Vlogging business! Additionally, youtube has a fantastic online course to help you Vlog like a pro!

    Now that we have covered the basics of blog meaning/vlog meaning, the next question is, what is the difference between a blog and a vlog in the Philippines?

    What’s The Difference Between Blog And Vlog In The Philippines?

    The real difference between a blog and Vlog in the Philippines is how the content is being published. Blogs are written information that can reed. Vlogs are video content that is watched.

    Both are very similar, and many online professionals in the Philippines have more significant success when they have united a blog and a Vlog channel together. This is because written articles can help video content, especially on search engine optimation, and video content can boost blog posts via the same method.

    How to makeMoney Blogging Or Vlogging In The Philippines?

    There are a few things to consider when looking at how much money you can make blogging or vlogging in the Philippines, such as;

    1. Who Are Your Audience
    2. How Do They Want Your Content
    3. How Much Time Is It Going To Take You To Produce This Information
    4. What Streams Of Income Are Available To You

    These questions will help you decide on the type of content that works well in your niche.  However, we here at FW know you want to know some information on how to make money from a blog/Vlog in the Philippines, so we have put together a special guide on how you can build your business and earn money online.

    Take Away: Blog vs Vlog Philippines

    • What is a blog? A blog is an online form of written content that can be about any topic.
    • What is a vlog? A vlog is an online form of video content that can be about any topic.
    • The main difference between blogs and vlogs in the Philippines is the way the content is delivered.
    • Many successful vloggers/bloggers have seen more significant successes when matching their vlogs and blog content today
    • However… your audience is critical because the way they choose to search for your content (either a blog or Vlog) matters. Always give your content in the form your audience wants.

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