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Is Blogging The Same As Essay Writing?

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    Is blogging the same as essay writing in the Philippines? Can you convert an essay into a blog post? These questions are common questions we get asked here at FW; therefore, we’re going to be exploring if blogging is the same as essay writing and what’s essential when writing a blog post in the Philippines?

    Is Blogging The Same As Essay Writing?

    Blogging is very similar to essay writing; however, blogging has a slightly different format. When writing a blog post, you can choose any design, color, and style of writing. Grammar, writing, and sentences in the correct format are not always essential. The most important thing is getting the content across is the easiest way.

    Essay writing is slightly different. With essay writing, it’s often for a particular purpose, such as an exam, and because of this, specific rules need to be followed; therefore, essay writing is more strict.

    Aside from the grammar and the structure, another critical difference between blogging and essay writing in the Philippines is the layout. When blogging, it’s essential to add additional extras such as infographics, videos, and pictures. Because of these extra tasks, it can be slightly more challenging than essay writing.

    What’s Essential When Writing A Blog Post?

    The most important thing when blogging is that you can deliver your content effectively to your audience.

    If you talk about complex subjects such as the universe’s science, you will write differently when your audience are children, professors, or the general public. In other words, you need to alter your writing style to fit the audience.

    Many wonder if blogging is the same as essay writing and if the writing length should be the same? A blog post is between 500 to 1500 words. However, there is no set limit.

    You should never blog anything below 500 words if you want it to rank highly on Google for a competitive search term. Longer-form content is often more valuable and, therefore, higher in the rankings.

    Additionally, when looking at essay writing and blogging in the Philippines, your text does not always need to be together.

    Sometimes one line is all you need.

    In other words, you have a lot more freedom in blogging. In addition, with blogging, you write your content in the most easily readable format.

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    Take Away: Blogging Vs. Essay Writing

    • Blogging is a more relaxed format.
    • It’s always a good idea to add extra information to a blog to stand out and explain topics in its easier way.
    • Essay writing can be turned into a blog post and vise versa.
    • Blogging Is like essay writing but with more tasks and a more free format.
    • If you are looking to be successful, visit our secret tricks and tips for new bloggers!

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    Is Blogging The Same As Essay Writing