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How To Earn Money YouTube Philippines In 2024

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    In today’s article, we will be addressing how to earn money on YouTube in the Philippines and how to receive money from YouTube in the Philippines once you have started a YouTube channel.

    We often get asked here at Filipino wealth: How much does YouTube pay for 1,000,000 views?  Based on Adsense revenue, if your audience is mostly Filipinos living in the Philippines, then a Filipino YouTuber can expect to earn anywhere Between 50,000 to 80,000 pesos per 1 million YouTube views.

    However, there are many other areas to consider when estimating how much money you can make on YouTube in the Philippines; therefore, if you are interested, click on the hyperlink above to visit the full article.

    How To Earn Money YouTube Philippines 

    1. Google Ads

    One of the most common and easiest ways to start to earn money on YouTube in the Philippines is through Google AdSense. If you have a blog, you can also add Adsense to your website to increase your revenue.

    To be eligible for Google AdSense, you will need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 watch hours.

    We have addressed how much you can earn from a million views on YouTube at the start of this article because it is a common question. However, another common question is how much you can earn on youtube in the Philippines per 1000 views… the answer is between $2 to $5 on average. But in some cases can be higher or lower depending on many calculating factors.

    Google AdSense is the easiest method for earning money on YouTube in the Philippines, but to utilize the power of YouTube and maximize your revenue…a combination of Google Ads and other monetizing streams work best.

    2. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing in the Philippines is a hot and lucrative business. Many online content creators build a business around affiliate products solely as it can be financially rewarding.

    Depending on your channel, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from YouTube in the Philippines. However, it’s often wise to only recommend products you have tried and tested, as promoting inferior and invaluable products could lose a loyal audience.

    You may be wondering how much money you can make in affiliate marketing in the Philippines?

    The answer is very similar to an advertisement. It depends on the product, the channel, and the audience. The average industry commission tends to be around 5 to 10%.

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    However, certain products, such as ones found on ClickBank, offer a much higher rate (sometimes up to 90% +). In addition, ClickBank products are often higher than other products as many advertised online products require little maintenance and start-up costs.

    Additionally, many of the products featured on ClickBank are the start of a much bigger sales funnel, which is always important to note if you are looking to affiliate with other people’s products.

    If you want to know how much you can expect to make affiliate marketing and the best affiliate marketing companies in the Philippines, head on to our complete guide, which is jam-packed and full of information designed to guide you in earning money in the Philippines.

    3. Selling Infographics, Online Courses, And Ebooks

    The next option you have to earn money from YouTube in the Philippines is by selling a valuable product with low startup and maintenance costs, such as an online course or ebook.

    Courses are currently a hot topic, and thanks to many sites such as Udemy & Teachable, entrepreneurs are starting to sell their products online for monthly passive income.

    Understandably, many YouTubers do not specifically make videos about their courses but instead mention them towards the end of the video, which seems to work better for many YouTubers.

    Selling on YouTube has to be handled carefully as it can quickly turn your viewers off. However, if you offer real value and produce unique content, there is an opportunity when looking at how to earn money on YouTube in the Philippines.

    In most situations, viewers would likely buy a course if the content creator gave initial value. This is similar to the Reciprocity effect (In social psychology, reciprocity is a social norm of responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions. – Wikipedia)

    4. Selling Physical Items

    Thanks to platforms such as Esty, Lazada & Shopee, it is now even easier to sell physical items in the Philippines and globally. In addition, many entrepreneurs have also dived into Amazon FBA and started selling internationally through their services.

    However, if your audience are local Filipinos, then selling internationally will not be necessary. Filipinos are fantastic at finding a bargain and purchasing a product that is at a special rate.

    This can be something you can use to your advantage, especially when you start to sell physical items on YouTube. The platform itself does not allow users to sell products, but many platforms across the Philippines can be accessed to grow your YouTube channel.

    When selling physical items and making money on YouTube in the Philippines, one thing to consider is that your reputation is always at stake. In other words, your products must be in a good standing order to build a long-term income from youtube in the Philippines.

    5. Premium Membership Via Patron

    Premium membership is a very popular way YouTubers in the Philippines earn money from their channel.

    In many cases, content that is considered premium is extra information and bonus material that is not featured on the main channel.

    An example of this is TV and movie reaction channels. To abide by YouTubes’ terms and conditions, they can show only so much; however, their viewers can access their full unedited version on Patron.

    Another example can include a photographer who teaches how to take the perfect photo but decides to include some bonus material such as a detailed explanation of lighting on his Patreon account as extra footage.

    This could be a great way to earn extra income from YouTube in the Philippines, but it depends on your channel and the direction you wish to take. Alternatively, YouTube has released a brand new feature called channel membership perks which we will discuss next.

    6. Channel Membership Perks

    What exactly is Youtubes channel membership perks Philippines? Membership perks is a method where content creators can offer paid memberships to their viewers, including added extras, unique emojis, badges, and more.

    The official YouTube description states the following;

    You can offer multiple membership levels, which all have different prices. Keep in mind that if you have multiple levels, their perks build on each other. This means the highest-priced levels have access to perks offered at lower-priced levels. – Youtube

    It seems that YouTube has noticed that many of its creators are earning money from Patreon and have decided to make life a little bit easier by having a built-in feature.

    Again, this is another feature that may not be appropriate for your channel, but it is indeed a fantastic way to earn money on YouTube in the Philippines.

    7. Donations

    Lastly, we have generous people all across the world who take the time to donate.

    Donations are often made through some emotional connection with the content creator. This could be excitement, sadness, fear, or any other strong emotion.

    An example of a donation-based business model was one of a channel named London Real. London Real is a podcast channel that speaks to many celebrities across the world. However, some videos did not reach the terms and conditions of the service of YouTube, and thus LR appealed to viewers for donations to produce a video platform that allowed free speech.

    Sadly the platform did not happen, but the donations got sent and came in very fast. It shows that donations are sometimes common through the platform of YouTube. A key takeaway from the story above is to always do what you promise on your channel; otherwise, you may lose valuable viewers.

    How To Receive Money YouTube Philippines

    Before you receive money from YouTube in the Philippines, you first need to make sure that you have met the minimum requirements. This includes producing content that is within the YouTube partner program guidelines.

    To receive money on YouTube in the Philippines, you will first need to have a valid Google Adsense account and link your bank account to your Adsense account. Next, you will need to meet the minimum payment threshold for payment to be received into your Philippines bank account.

    Can you send money from your YouTube account to a bank account outside of the Philippines? If you have registered your account in the Philippines, payment will need to be paid into a Philippines-based bank account such as MetroBank, BPI, BDO, etc.

    If you are moving countries or are just wishing to receive money from YouTube into a different account outside of the Philippines, you will need to change your address which can be done by contacting the AdSense team….

    … the AdSense team will not be able to move any of your current balances to your new account, so the old balance will need to be sent to a Philippines-based bank account. Likewise, the new balance will be sent to the US, UK, etc., and because of this, a verification pin will need to be sent to the new address before receiving payment.

    Can you receive your payment from YouTube Philippines into a PayPal account? Currently, it is not possible to send funds from a Google AdSense account into a PayPal account. This is because Google AdSense requires bank details that PayPal does not include.

    Can you receive payment from YouTube’s Philippines into Wise (Transferwise) account? It is possible to send your Google AdSense YouTube earnings to a Wise (Transferwise) account. To do this, you will need to make sure that you have an official bank account on Wise, and it includes all the relevant details, including account number, address, etc.

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