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How To Start A Podcast With No Audience Philippines

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    Today we’re looking at the specific steps to start a podcast with no audience. We have previously covered how to start a podcast in the Philippines, which goes over a full guide and includes some steps that will not be featured today. This is because if you are looking at how to start a podcast with no audience, the most important thing is building an audience, which is our focus.

    In this article, I have made some assumptions … I have assumed that …

    • You Have Podcasting Equipment
    • You Are Not Looking To Monetize Your Podcast At This Moment
    • You Are New To Podcasting
    • You Have Little Or No Audience Currently

    Therefore because of these assumptions, I have not spoken about how to monetize a podcast in the Philippines, What podcasting equipment you need, or spoken about any editing software you may require. In other words, in this article, we only focus on the steps you need to do to start and grow a podcast audience in the Philippines.  

    For those of you who are looking for the full steps, please visit the full guide on how to start a podcast in the Philippines.

    How To Start A Podcast With No Audience

    1. Find Your Podcasting Niche & Plan

    The first stage of any business is finding a niche and planning the operations.

    Finding the niche is super important when starting a podcast with no audience in the Philippines. The smaller the niche, the easier it is for you to find your audience.

    Let’s say, for example, you speak about fitness. Many people are interested in fitness across the Philippines. Because of this, you may find it very hard to target this audience… however, let’s say you talk about yoga and its benefits to new moms.

    Right there, you have your audience!

    Additionally, finding a niche also lets you become an expert in your field; in other words, people will actively search for you because they have heard about what you talk about.

    The reason we know and like so many celebrities are because they are experts in their field. Suppose we search for a specific person on YouTube for educational purposes. In that case, it is because they are experts in their industry. If you can find a niche and your podcasts are of high quality, you can also become an expert in your industry.

    At this moment in time, however, podcasting in the Philippines is not as big as it will be in the future.

    What this means is that there are currently lots of gaps! However, one thing to question is …. there may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap?

    Once you have found your podcast niche, it’s time to focus on the podcasting plan, including what you will be talking about for your episodes.

    When looking at how to start a podcast in the Philippines with no audience, you must spend much time looking at your ideas and doing the appropriate research to ensure that these are topics that your audience will ask. Market research is not only for business. It is essential if you are looking to be a successful podcaster in the Philippines.

    I have written this special blog post titled how to start a podcast with no audience in the Philippines because it is being searched for. As a result, you have come to my website, and I hopefully have gained a new supporter 😉 .. Without the research, I would have never have written this article, and you would not be here.

    There are a few different ways to research what your audience is looking for.

    1) Ask The Public. Ask The Public is a great site that allows you to type in keywords and a location to find what the public asks about specific topics.

    2) Google Trends. Again, Google trends is a system that is used to track searchers all across the world, and it is an excellent platform for conducting market research

    3) Podcasting platforms. Many podcasting Platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify, etc. have search bars. Using their search bar feature allows you to see the autosuggestions that appear. Remember, the higher the autosuggestion, the more popular the topic/keyword is.

    2. Focus On Engaging Content

    Another vital step when looking at how to start a podcast with no audience in the Philippines is to focus on engaging content.

    The reason why YouTube videos and podcasts do so well is that they have engaging content. As a result, positive engagement signals the podcasting platforms that the content is high quality / decent. As a result, you show up higher and receive more impressions.

    Additionally, when looking at how to start a podcast with no audience, you have to get into the minds of the podcast platforms… what kind of podcasts do they want on their platform? Often they want podcasts that…

    • Have Been Fully Listened To Or Listen To For A Long Period
    • Has Received A Good Amount Of Downloads
    • Has Been Rated Subscribed Or Liked
    • Has Been Shared

    The job of the podcast platform businesses is to keep the listeners on their platform as long as possible as the longer they are on the platform, the more money they can make, so if you can keep listeners engaged, then you will most often have an easier time to grow your podcast in the Philippines.

    3. Be Everywhere (This Is Essential)

    Super Super Super Super Important!

    Suppose you have no audience and are looking to start a podcast. In that case, one of the most important things is that you are visible and quickly found, and the only way to be easily found is to be everywhere!

    I have spoken about the benefits of using BuzzSprout before. This is a podcasting distributing platform which I use for all of my podcasts and has been one of the best investments I have ever made.

    BuzzSprout, take your podcast and put it on every platform imaginable. This includes some big giants such as Apple and Google. AND also the less well-known podcast platforms search as iHeartRadio, Stitcher, etc.

    Alternatively, you have the option not to use the services of BuzzSprout and upload your podcast to each service, however. This can be very time-consuming.

    4. Experiment

    The next important section is to experiment with your podcast episodes.

    Every audience is different. They will respond differently to different things; therefore, it’s nearly impossible to predict what content will go viral or what content will be liked the most without experimenting.

    Experiments can include hosting a podcast by yourself, speaking to the public members about a specific topic, including an audio course, and so much more.

    One tip I would give to any new podcaster looking to grow an audience is to be different!

    You don’t need to be crazy and do anything bad. Please don’t do anything bad ☹ … but you have to be different to get attention in this ever-changing world. Getting attention may involve doing things differently or going above what is expected of you.

    5. Promote  

    The last stage on how to start a podcast with no audience is to promote your podcast.

    There are a few different ways you can go about this.

    Option 1 = Free Promotion.

    Option 2 = Paid Promotion

    Each option has its pros and cons, and there will be a point in any podcast where you feel it is necessary to start paid promotion; however, it can have its risks.

    What is the goal of your podcast? are you looking to start a podcast in the Philippines to make money, or are you looking to become famous, or are you just looking to help people and become a valued member of the community … whatever the answer is your promotional strategy will differ.

    For instance, if you are podcasting to help people and are not looking to the podcast for financial reasons, free promotion will often be the best course of action. This can include starting a blog where you can promote your podcast.

    However, if you have a product or service that you are looking to sell, a paid promotion might be better. This is a guaranteed way of getting in front of your audience.

    Additionally, if you are looking at how to monetize the podcast in the Philippines, I would recommend visiting our most recent article, where we break down monetization options.

    How To Start A Podcast With No Audience: Take Away

    • Starting a podcast in the Philippines with no audience is often how many Filipino podcasters start.
    • Experimenting is a great way to see what content is most in demand from your audience.
    • Having a podcasting niche will allow you to target your audience clearer and build your content easier.
    • The most important thing when looking at how to start a podcast with no audience is to be available on many podcast platforms, which can be achieved with Buzzsprout.
    • The most engaging content naturally ranks incredibly well on podcasting platforms. Hence, it’s a good idea to think about what the podcast impact form engages content the most in your niche.

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