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How Much Does A Vlogger Earn Philippines

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    One of the biggest questions about vlogging is, how much does a Vlogger earn in the Philippines?

    Although it seems simple enough..

    This question can be quite tricky.

    However, fear not as today, we have broken down the answer and covered some additional areas.

    The financial income a Filipino Vlogger can earn in the Philippines on platforms such as YouTube varies depending on numerous factors.

    On average, however, it is estimated that Vloggers can earn anywhere from $2-$5 (P95 -P240) per thousand views.

    The reason for the estimate and not a specific amount is that many factors are taken into account when estimating a blogger’s income.

    For example, YouTube serves skippable ads on its monetized videos.

    Therefore, if ads are not skipped, or your audience clicks on an ad, you will earn more money.

    vlog statistics Philippines

    Additionally, if your audience is from a Tier 1 country.

    (such as the US, Australia, United Kingdom, etc.)

    You will earn on average higher revenue per thousand.

    This is because companies most often are willing to pay a higher amount for traffic from these countries, reports state.

    One piece of advice I would give to vloggers in the Philippines who want to earn money is…

    Start focusing on other areas of monetization and not just ads!

    Advertising is a great way to earn money on YouTube in the Philippines.

    However, it is only one income stream.

    (And it is always changing *sad face*)

    The most successful vloggers in the Philippines have multiple income streams and use YouTube as their marketing platform, which increases the odds of financial success.

    Therefore, even though you can earn anywhere between P95-P240 on ads per 1000 views, you can maximize your financial income by affiliate marketing, selling your products, promoting membership, etc.

    How Do Vloggers Earn Money On Youtube In The Philippines?

    The most common way Vloggers earn money on YouTube in the Philippines is by utilizing Google AdSense on their YouTube channel.

    This allows content creators to show advertisements before, during, or at the end of their videos, generating a financial income.

    As mentioned, there are multiple ways how vloggers earn money on YouTube in the Philippines.

    Depending on your niche and your audience, several more appropriate options for your channel may be available.

    Below is a list of unique income-generating methods you can incorporate into your videos.

    Each of these categories branches out too many possible outcomes.

    For example, offering premium content could be a podcast, an article, or an online course.

    How Much Do Top Filipino Youtubers Earn?

    Unless a content creator (vlogger) shares his or her earnings with the public, unfortunately, there is no way to know.

    The reason for this is that many factors can impact a Filipino YouTuber’s earnings.

    However, we have some data that can be used to estimate how much Filipino YouTube earns.

    vloggers Philippines pay and income

    According to sources at Phillnews, Top Filipino YouTubers earn at least P250,000 every month.

    However, some YouTubers can earn well over P1,000,000 per month.

    In some cases, YouTubers with fewer subscribers and fewer viewers can earn higher than YouTubers who are “bigger” than them.

    This is because the smaller YouTuber may utilize financial generating methods on their YouTube channel better.

    Do Vlogger In The Philippines Pay Tax?

    Filipino citizens who are earning income online are required to pay tax.

    The tax rate can differ depending on your level of income and status.

    If you have been earning an income online for many years, you may also need to pay tax for the previous years.

    It is recommended to visit the Bureau of Internal Revenue for more information or contact an independent financial advisor considering your circumstances.

    Is Vlogging Worth It In The Philippines?

    Ultimately whether vlogging is worth it in the Philippines or not depends heavily on your goal.

    For example, if you want to generate financial income from vlogging, it may be a suitable business venture.

    Alternatively, if you want to build awareness about your brand, vlogging is a great way to be seen.

    YouTubing is very similar to blogging in terms of the length of time it takes individuals to earn an income.

    However, some bloggers and YouTubers are very successful and can quickly gain success in one form or another.

    However, in most situations, bloggers and vloggers are successful in the long term.

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    The great thing about both businesses is that you can start to earn income from your content produced many years ago.

    We recently spoke to a Vlogger/ Blogger for research purposes on a new article we are writing …

    During the interview; the individual informed us that he is earning hundreds of dollars each month on a piece of content he created over seven years ago!

    To summarise, vlogging is worth it in the Philippines, depending on your goal.

    To be seen by the masses, you often have to be different, consistent, and create engaging content.

    These ingredients will help you become more successful vlogging in the Philippines, hopefully making it a worthwhile business decision for you.

    How Much Does A Blogger Earn In The Philippines: Takeaway

    • Vloggers in the Philippines typically earn, on average, P95-P240 per 1000 views. A vlogger’s official amount depends on many external and internal factors such as the vlogger’s financial generating methods.
    • Vlogging in the Philippines is worth it for certain individuals who have a specific goal in mind. This is often a financial goal or an awareness goal. To consider blogging worth it, you often must be able to reach the masses.
    • Vlogging is similar to Blogging. Content creators need to pay tax on income earned online.
    • There are many different methods to increase your earnings when vlogging in the Philippines, such as affiliate marketing, accepting donations, selling a product or service, etc.

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