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Premium & Free Podcast Hosting Philippines

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    Free Podcast Hosting the Philippines: There is a growing demand for podcasts in the Philippines, so a big question you may ask is, are there any free podcast hosting in the Philippines to start my podcast?

    What Is Podcast Hosting In The Philippines?

    Podcast hosting is a specified service that stores and delivers audio files (podcast) to a network. Uploading your podcast audio file to a podcast host will allow you to dispute your content on all the leading platforms such as Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher with a click of a button.

    In other words, using a podcast host in the Philippines can save you massive amounts of time and allow you to reach an incredibly large audience.

    Free Podcast Hosting For The Philippines  [First & Second Place]

    First Place: Buzzsprout

    Buzzsprout has been in the industry since 2009 and has built a fantastic reputation with Filipino podcasters and podcasters worldwide. In addition, Buzzsprout is convenient as it is incredibly easy to use, making it one reason it takes our number one spot!

    All you need to do is upload a file, and they take care of the rest automatically. Furthermore, Buzzsprout will post it in many other podcast directories to ensure that your episodes will be available on different apps and devices.

    Personally speaking, I used Buzzsprout for my podcasts simply because they are the best. The dashboard is super easy. You can get started for free with Buzzsprout; however, if you want to make money from your podcast, reach a large audience, or grow your business, perhaps a premium service will be more suitable for you.

    Free$12 /month$18 /month$24 /month  
    Upload 2hrs Each MonthUpload 3hrs Each MonthUpload 6hrs Each MonthUpload 12hrs Each Month
    Episodes Hosted for 90 daysEpisodes Hosted IndefinitelyEpisodes Hosted IndefinitelyEpisodes Hosted Indefinitely
    Limited to 2hrs each monthUpload more content ($4 per hour)Upload more content ($3 per hour)Upload more content ($2 per hour)
    Advanced StatsAdvanced StatsAdvanced StatsAdvanced Stats
    Unlimited Team MembersUnlimited StorageUnlimited StorageUnlimited Storage
    Upgrade to Remove AdsUnlimited Team MembersUnlimited Team MembersUnlimited Team Members
    Magic Mastering is not available on free plansImport Podcast for FreeImport Podcast for FreeImport Podcast for Free
     Add Magic Mastering for $6/ monthAdd Magic Mastering for $9/ monthAdd Magic Mastering for $12/ month
    Pricing Table Source
    Easy navigationSome storage and bandwidth limits (maybe an issue for high profile podcasters)
    Automatic update on podcasts directories
    Embeddable podcast player works well on screen
    Offer a free WordPress plugin
    Customize own design and use own domain name
    Free 90 days usage

    Second Place: Podbean

    Our second winner is Podbean. Podbean is a podcast hosting which existed since 2006 and is based in Wilmington, Delaware. Podbean offers an interface that integrates management, publishing, and other analysis tools into an easy-to-use package. In addition, they provide customizable themes, and the podcast Podbean player can be directly posted on the WordPress pages.

    BasicUnlimited AudioUnlimited PlusBusiness
    $ 0 Always Free  $ 9/mo. Billed annually
    or $14 monthly  
    $ 29/mo.
    Starting from Billed annually
    or $39 monthly  
    $ 99/mo.
    Starting from Billed annually
    Or $129 monthly.  
    Podcast StarterAudio Podcasting,
    No Limits
    Best for video podcasts
    and podcast monetization
    Best for podcast networks
    and business podcasts
    5 Hours TotalUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    100GB MonthlyUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
    Pricing Table Source –

    Friendly set-up for beginnersLimited features in security
    Can start quicklyNo backup feature
    Easily add podcast episodes to podcast apps such as Google Play or iTunesThe refund period is limited
    The free plan offers an attractive site for your podcastsNo uptime guarantee
    Has built-in monetization options

    Paid Podcast Hosting For The Philippines  [Third, Fourth & Fifth Place]

    Third Place: Blubrry

    Blubrry first opened in 2005 and eventually favored podcasters, especially those who use WordPress. They have a plugin called PowerPress. Posting can be done automatically on WordPress without logging in on Blubrry, and therefore it’s a popular favorite with bloggers worldwide.

    SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
    100MB/Mo* with No-Fault overage250MB/Mo* with No-Fault overage500MB/Mo* with No-Fault overage1, 000MB/Mo* with No-Fault overage
    Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
    Web UploadVideoVideoVideo
     Web UploadWeb UploadWeb Upload
    Source –
    Flexible hosting plans (new or experienced)Higher payment with limited MBs
    Offer plugin (PowerPress)Optimal for WordPress users
    Easy upload on the podcast hosting providerbeginners may have difficulty with the user interface
    Offers monetization, social sharing features, and podcast statisticsNo free plan is available
    free media migrations & good customer support

    Fourth Place: Transistor

    Transistor offers to host podcasts and analytics for various organizations, creatives, and brands around the world. Podcast analytics reflect on how each episode performed. In this way, the podcaster can monitor and review their podcasts.

    Pricing Get two months free when you pay yearly$19/Mo. Or $190 Yearly$49 Or $190 Yearly$99 Or $190 Yearly
    Create unlimited podcasts
    Live customer support
    Advanced analytics
    Multiple logins2510
    Remove branding from the player  
    Built-in podcast website
    Monthly downloads15, 000/mo.75 000/mo.200, 000/mo.
    Enhanced private podcasting 
    Number of private podcasts 13
    Number of subscribers (per podcast) 5001000
    Source –
    Powerful and easy to use (new and professionals)Limit on downloads
    Unlimited hosting plans
    Don’t charge additional per hour

    Fifth Place: Captivate

    Captivate is one of the known brands that offer a podcast hosting platform from Rebel Base Media. It provides advanced analytics, a stunning podcast player, and a customizable multiple device podcast.

    Audio InfluencerPodcasterPodcast Brand
    $44 USD per month, paid yearly$17 USD per month, paid yearly$90 USD per month, paid yearly
    60, 000 downloads/ month12, 000 downloads/ month150, 000 downloads/ month
    Source –
    Clean and easy to useIndividual episode analytics
    Flexible podcastingRelatively expensive
    Synchronized instantly to the respective website
    For one price, it can host multiple podcasts
    Has excellent embed player

    What Is The Best Podcast Hosting Service For The Philippines?

    Though podcast hosting offers similar services and slightly different prices, they are not identical in terms of space and limitation on the downloads. Nevertheless, we highly recommend Buzzsprout as it is one of the most straightforward podcast hosting services for beginners.

    Are There Any Podcast Networks in the Philippines?

    PumaPodcast is the first-ever podcast network in the Philippines. They officially launched by 2019 (August), but some of their shows were available at the beginning of 2019. They have a newscast called Headlines; furthermore, they also have shows that tackle religion, politics, culture, and more about being a Filipino.

    One of their hosts is Ceej Tantengco, a reporter (sports), an advocate of gender equality, and a winner of the Palanca Award-winning writer. She hosts the show Go Hard Girls, which highlights the underrated Filipina athletes.

    If you are looking to network with podcasters in the Philippines, there are also many Facebook groups and pages for Filipino podcasts. Additionally, there are growing events and movements taking place on apps such as Meet-up.

    The Future Of Podcasts In The Philippines?

    The industry of podcasts is on the rise, and there are no signs of stopping as we look into 2030 and beyond. As more individuals consume products, the advertising earnings will automatically follow. Based on the Podcast Consumer Report (2019), 54% of podcast users are likely to consider a product they hear on a podcast.

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