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3 Steps To Successful Video Marketing In Philippines

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    What is video marketing? This term is most often translated as advertising activities involving the creation of brand-related footage. The strategy also includes publishing and managing the prepared content. The developed videos are most often shared on company websites or social networks. So far, YouTube has been among the most popular of these, but shorter forms and platforms responsible for it, such as TikTok or Instagram, are taking over this world extremely intensively.

    Video marketing is considered an effective form of promotion – it helps to attract sales leads and engages users. It is also used to increase website traffic and supports building a positive corporate image. Among the advantages of this form of content distribution, moreover, the relatively low cost with high user engagement. Although the production of video materials involves an investment in equipment, you don’t have to pay for the broadcast of videos (as with radio or television).

    Video marketing is a powerful tool for promoting your business and sharing information with your audience. Short video formats are highly effective due to their convenience and ability to capture attention while performing everyday activities. Video marketing has various purposes that would indicate its characteristics. Among the most popular forms of this content are:

    • Offer Presentation: Use videos to showcase your products, highlight their unique features, and demonstrate how they can benefit your customers in their daily lives.
    • Instructional Videos: Create tutorial videos that show customers how to use your products, especially those that may be difficult to assemble. This helps build trust and credibility with your audience.
    • Behind-the-Scenes Insights: Give your customers a glimpse into your company culture and operations. This can include employee profiles, daily operations, and recreational facilities. This helps to create a strong brand image and foster customer loyalty.
    • Expert Guides: Offer practical advice and tips related to your business niche. This establishes you as an expert in your field and helps build trust with your audience.
    • Webinars: Host online lectures using tools like YouTube or Google Meet to educate and engage your audience. This can be done in an open format or for a limited number of attendees.
    • Viral Videos: Create entertaining and attention-grabbing videos that are designed to go viral and generate buzz for your brand. This can be done by capitalizing on current events and creating shareable content. In fact, it is also something that can greatly improve your sales. According to data, about 37% of users discovered something on TikTok and immediately went to buy it.

    Defining the purpose of content in video marketing is important for ensuring clear and effective communication of your message, identifying your target audience and creating content that appeals to them, setting specific and measurable goals to track success, and making better use of resources such as time, budget, and manpower. Having a clear purpose allows you to create impactful videos that achieve your marketing objectives and drive desired results.

    Is video marketing effective? Yes! This is evidenced by data collected among specialists involved in the creation and distribution of such content. 

    According to a report published by Wyzowl in 2021, marketers couldn’t deny the positive impact of video content on their businesses. 86% of marketers saw a significant increase in website traffic after incorporating videos into their marketing strategy. Videos not only helped to attract visitors, but they also kept them engaged. 94% of marketers agreed that videos allowed users to learn more about their products and services, which was a game-changer for businesses looking to promote new goods or create user manuals.

    But that’s not all. Video marketing was also a powerful tool for boosting sales. 78% of specialists reported that videos had a significant impact on their sales, and 83% of marketers saw an increase in the average duration of a session on their website. And as a cherry on top, 84% of marketers agreed that video marketing was a crucial component in generating sales leads.

    All right, but how do you know that video marketing is effective? When the activities carried out translate into real, measurable benefits, such as:

    • Additional traffic on the website.
    • Increased interest in the company’s offerings.
    • Increased brand awareness among consumers.
    • Acquisition of new customers.

    How to check if you are doing it right? To find out, it is best to use various tools depending on your needs and skills.

    • Google Analytics: With its help, you will check how many people opened the video on the company’s website. You will also find out how long Internet users watched the posted material. In addition, you will verify whether, after watching the video, users began to move to other sub-pages on your site.
    • Reports shared on social media: Most social media platforms (including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, or Facebook) have their own tools to measure interest in published materials. Thanks to them, you will know, among other things: the number of views. You will find out where your audience lives and their age. You can also find out how many are watching the material you shared for the first time and how many are regularly returning to your channel.
    • Comments, ratings, and reviews: Direct feedback from users is also a huge help in analyzing the effectiveness of your activities. They can not only rate your productions but also comment on them. It is worthwhile to get acquainted with their opinions. This will let you know their thoughts about your offer and whether they like the materials you create. This will make it easier for you to prepare further engaging content.

    Campaigns must be tailored to the target audience in order to bring the desired business goal. In addition, you need to take care of their quality and frequency of publication. Also of great importance is the way of promoting the published materials. What should well-conducted video marketing look like? The strategy of activities includes 3 stages. These are

    In this step, you need to determine what budget you want to allocate for creating video content. Think through whether you are going to buy equipment or outsource the task.You have to keep in mind that marketing agencies usually charge a lot for their efforts. However, if you don’t have the skill, it still may make more sense to give the task to a professional. Perhaps a freelancer? It is a real lifesaver if you need to cut costs as much as possible. 

    Consider for what purpose you are betting on video marketing. If you care about building an expert image, create tutorials or webinars. Do you want to warm up your image? Showcase your employees and describe their passions. Remember that the style of the materials you prepare and the way you communicate should match the profile of your audience!

    The last step is the action – recording and editing the videos, as well as publishing and promoting them. It is worth paying attention to ensure that video marketing is carried out professionally. The materials should have high image resolution and clear sound.

    About the author: Magdalena Sadowska, the Community Manager of PhotoAiD. With a background in psychology, she is fascinated by how people interact and create their reality. As a travel enthusiast, given a choice of sea or mountains, she chooses both.

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