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15 Tips On Dating A Filipina Woman

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    Tips on dating a Filipina woman: It may not surprise you that Filipina women are the most beautiful women globally; in fact, many beauty queens and miss universes have come from this very country. Dating a Filipina woman is a fun and exciting experience if you have not dated in the Philippines previously. In today’s article, we’ll be covering 15 tips on dating a Filipina woman in the Philippines.

    All of these dating tips for the Philippines have been comprised of my own experience and feedback from single Filipinas who took the time out to share their experience with dating foreign men and what they wish they understood. As a result, we have put together a unique and powerful list of different tips on dating a Filipina woman in the Philippines.

    Tips On Dating A Filipina Woman

    Learn The Modern Culture Of The Philippines

    The first and perhaps one of the most popular dating tips for dating a Filipino is learning the Philippines’ modern culture. The dating scene in the Philippines has transformed over many years, and thanks to technology such as online dating, the modern dating culture in the Philippines has adjusted.

    We recently spoke about how to meet a Filipina woman during our “marriage in the Philippines” article. Throughout this article, we mentioned several different options to meet genuine locals. One of the first options and perhaps the most popular is in the form of online dating.

    But the modern culture of the Philippines expands beyond online dating. If you are dating a Filipino woman in the Philippines, it will be beneficial to understand the different parts of the dating scene. We will be covering these categories in the following 14 dating tips in the Philippines list below.

    Dress Like A King But Smell Like A Rose

    It may be no surprise to you, but the way a gentleman dresses and smells is one of the most critical factors in the initial attraction for Filipina women. Many different dating coaches have published detailed articles and YouTube videos about personal hygiene, specifically a man’s smell.

    Most Filipina women will tell you that bad hygiene and smell are the biggest turnoffs. In certain parts of South East Asia, there is also a stereotype about some foreign travelers. The stereotype is that they smell bad. I hate to say this, but in some cases, this is true, but there is a logical reason behind it.

    In some countries, it’s normal to have a shower every day. And during hectic weeks, there may be times when a shower is missed during the week. However, in the Philippines and other South East Asian countries, having two and sometimes three showers a day is expected due to the climate.

    In other words, missing a shower here and there will not damage your personal hygiene in cooler continents. However, it could impact your smell in South East Asia, which may go unnoticed and become a liberty to you when dating in the Philippines.

    Give A Filipina Her Space

    Filipino women are known to be one of the most beautiful women globally, but many single Filipino women are also very strong and independent. If you want to succeed in dating a Filipina woman, an instrumental piece of advice is to give her space, especially during disagreements.

    Even though I am personally a guy, I am also an incredibly independent person. During the conversation with other Filipino women in preparation for this article, we agreed upon many distinct facts: the number one fact is that if you do not give a Filipino woman space and her independence, it could result in the failure of the relationship.

    To Impress Show Effort To Your Filipina Date

    A common complaint of single women is that their partners/dates failed to show any effort, leading to a feeling of undesirability. Interestingly, women who have been in long-term relationships also use this reasoning behind one of the significant reasons for breaking up with their long-term partners.

    If you are looking for tips for dating a Filipina woman, then perhaps one of the most straightforward tips is to show effort and a willingness to get to know her as a person. Many men fear showing effort, and this is not due to laziness which most people think, but it is often due to men not wanting to seem too keen, which makes psychological sense.

    But the key in dating is balance. Showing too much effort is going to have the opposite effect on a Filipina woman. But not enough, and she will feel that you do not care or perhaps you are dating many other Filipino women (more of this later), so it is recommended to show her that she is important to you but always maintain self-respect and dignity.

    Do Not Show Public Affairs Of Affection In The Philippines

    In the Philippines and many South East Asian countries, kissing, hugging, and other forms of public affection is genuinely frowned upon. Many beliefs are relaxed in the modern Filipino culture compared to traditional Filipino values; however, public affairs of affection are still frowned upon.

    So what should you do if you want to go to the next level with your Filipina date? The most important thing is that she is happy and comfortable doing so. Due to the dating culture, the next stage will be in places of comfort without the witness of others

    Take Part In Her Hobbies

    Taking part in hobbies and interests also ties into our 4th tip for dating Filipina women: showing affection and effort. Your date could have many different hobbies, but two hobbies I found increasingly popular while living in the Philippines are karaoke and, in more modern times – TikTok.

    As Filipino women are incredibly respectful and kind, they will often make an effort to get involved in your hobbies and interests, so it’s only fair to return the favor. If you are dating a Filipino woman and this progresses into more serious dating. Fundamental foundations will be strengthened if you are willing to be interested in her hobbies on activities.

    Showcase Your Winning Humor

    Are you a funny guy? I’m sure there is a funny guy somewhere inside. I say this because many guys have a winning personality and humor, but unfortunately, many of us become too serious and stuck in our ways.

    Many Filipino women are very fun and playful, and this only adds to their elegant charm. When you find that special someone… it is almost like a beautiful flower growing in the sun, you can look and admire just how beautiful and marvelous it is on all levels. Thus why not continue the beauty and showcase the winning humor that you have within you.

    Speaking to many Filipino women, one of the biggest dating tips for dating in the Philippines is to have a great sense of humor. It is sometimes underrated just how important good character is, especially when living in the Philippines. If you are a joyful individual or have a deep, joyful character, don’t be afraid to show it.

    Do Not Degrade The Philippines

    This is a dating tip for the Philippines but can also be applied to any country; however, in the Philippines, it seems to be 100 times more vital as the Filipino community is very strong and loyal, and degrading the Philippines or its people will not result in anything positive in terms of dating progress.

    The Philippines is a developing country, and in every country, there are always pros and cons and good people and bad people. Unfortunately, life in the Philippines can be extremely challenging. Many do not realize how difficult it can be growing up in a province or a rural part of the Philippines.

    In today’s modern world, it seems that there is a problem around every corner. If it’s not the government, then it’s the health service. If it’s not the health service, then it’s the school and education system. If it’s not these things, then it’s another.

    Suppose you are very passionate about changing something in the Philippines. In that case, it’s a great idea to get involved and put forward your alternative strategy, but it’s best not to degrade the country or the people as this could be seen as highly offensive in the Philippines.

    Respect A Filipina Women’s Beliefs

    In the Philippines, the majority of citizens statistically speaking are Catholics. There are also other religions in the Philippines, such as Muslims and Christians. The Philippines is very respectful in terms of beliefs from other countries and people.

    When dating in the Philippines and dating a Filipino in general, it’s always a great tip to respect her beliefs. I am not religious, but religion serves a purpose, and I feel religion can help some people. Even if I don’t believe it myself, I understand the reasoning for it.

    Just like many parts of the world, specific topics are best avoided during the early stage of dating. As an extra tip for dating a Filipina woman, I would add that it is best not to talk about specific areas such as religion, government, and personal topics, which brings us to our next tip for dating a Filipino woman in the Philippines… conversation.

    Avoid Inappropriate Conversation When Dating in the Philippines

    If you’ve ever come across an article or video of Owl Of Asia previously, you’ll know just how much I love statistics, surveys, polls, and data. One piece of information I found when I was investigating Internet usage in the Philippines for a previous article was how much time Filipino spend watching Internet p**n

    The Philippines is one of the leading countries in the world for watching this type of material. Statistics in the future may be different, but the Philippines has remained in the top ten countries to view this type of material so far. So does that mean it’s okay to talk inappropriately?

    Even though many do watch adult entertainment, this does not make its way into daily conversation. Talking about inappropriate topics may lead to her feeling that you are only interested in one thing.

    If you are only interested in one thing, then that is a different story. But if you are looking for tips for dating a Filipina woman, if you are planning on starting a serious relationship with a Filipino one day, then avoiding these types of conversation is best.

    Equality Is Extremely Important

    Equal rights among men, women, transgender, young, disabled, and many other people have always been essential in the western world. In recent years equality has been pushed all across Asia, including the Philippines.

    Unfortunately, certain countries in South East Asia remain behind equality across many industries; however, this he’s changing in the right direction as we progress, but it is still essential for single independent Filipinos.

    In some cases, there have been reports of men and women feeling a sense of superiority while living in South East Asia, but this is a topic that is often not discussed for obvious reasons. One of the reasons behind this is the source of income received in the West that gives a sense of false power in poorer countries.

    Superiority is a fascinating topic, but it’s challenging to treat others as equals if you do feel this. If we cannot treat others as equals, we may have a very difficult time building long-lasting and deep connections.

    Make The First Move When Dating A Filipina

    Suppose you are wondering how to meet a Filipina woman, and after some investigation, you found that going to the local park works for you. So the next question is, how do you make a move on a Filipina?

    The good news is, if you know that you need to make the first move, then you are already ahead of most men out there as some will wait until the Filipina shows interest before they make a move. As Filipino women can be pretty conservative, they may feel relatively shy.

    Of course, it’s important to notice any signs which show that she is not interested as this will avoid any uneasiness, but in most cases, if she is interested, you will need to make the first move.

    It’s best to keep conversation fun and light, perhaps even ask her a question about the place or something you feel she is familiar with. Please don’t get too heavy and deep into the conversation unless the situation calls for it but instead, exchange contact details and then begin the next stage.

    Be Prepared To Meet The Family

    If you have lived in the Philippines, you are most likely aware of just how important family is to the Filipino culture. Filipina women have a tremendous amount of respect for their family, and in some cases, they may remain living with their family until an older age.

    Thus if you are looking for tips on dating a Filipina woman, it is recommended to prepare yourself for family gatherings which can often be everybody in the family, including extended family, cousins, uncles, you name it, and they will be there!

    This practice is relatively common in the Philippines but can be overwhelming if you have just started dating in the Philippines. Always be open, honest, and respectful at all times, and you will not go wrong. Remember to have fun and relax. The family is just looking to get to know you, and it gives you an insight into the dynamics of her environment.

    Date Only Her

    This is perhaps a challenge for dating in the Philippines as there are so many single, kind and beautiful Filipino women. But dating is very similar to setting goals. If you have so many goals, you are unlikely to achieve any of them; instead, focusing on one goal at a time will often result in success, and the same is true for dating.

    Not every date will be successful, but focusing on one woman will help you build those solid foundations, and also, she will very much appreciate this as it shows respect for her as a person.

    As we have mentioned previously when we have spoken about the community of the Philippines, in certain areas and provinces, the Philippines can have an everybody knows everybody vibe. This could be very explosive if you are in this environment but are dating many women.

    Take Your Time

    So we have looked at all the tips on dating a Filipina woman, and we have reached the last tip, which is to take your time when dating in the Philippines.

    Dating is often a fun and enjoyable experience; this is extended when getting to know another culture. If you are looking for non-serious relationships, then this may not apply to you but if you’re looking to build a solid emotional connection taking your time is critical.

    Filipino women often value loyalty, so there are often no worries about trust when dating in the Philippines, which means that you are not on a countdown timer. You have plenty of time to enjoy dating in the Philippines, relax, have fun, and remember always to be the best version of yourself.

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