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Living In Lapu Lapu City As A Foreigners

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    Living In Lapu Lapu City: Lapu Lapu city Is a fantastic area of the Philippines that many foreign travelers will have heard of on their adventures to Cebu city. Still, with a city such as Lapu Lapu, many questions arise, such as what is the cost of living in Lapu Lapu city as a foreigner? Furthermore, what is the difference between Lapu Lapu city and Cebu city? Finally, is Lapu Lapu city a good place to live?

    Lapu Lapu City Philippines Explained

    Lapu Lapu City in the Philippines is a highly urbanized and popular region of the Philippines. According to the latest data, the current population is just under 500,000.  Lapu Lapu Is a small island connected to Cebu. Lapu Lapu City is where the main airport for Cebu is located.

    Interestingly the Philippines ‘ first hero was named Datu Lapulapu. He was considered a hero as he defended the Philippines against foreign invasion. So in 1961, the region was changed from Opon To Lapu Lapu City in remembrance of this great defender.

    In more modern times, Lapu Lapu City has been in the news several times due to the ongoing pandemic. At the time of writing, there has been an uprise in COVID-19 cases, and the Department of Health is investigating the potential Safety measures, which could include placing the city on a level 3 alert.

    Cost Of Living In Lapu Lapu City

    The cost of living in Lapu Lapu City in the Philippines depends on four significant categories: transportation, accommodation, food, and entertainment.

    Overall prices for Lapu Lapu City are similar to that of Cebu city; however, there are several categories where prices are lower, impacting the overall cost of living in Lapu Lapu City for expats.

    One of these categories is real estate; upon investigation across social media and property search websites, it is clear that there are plenty of apartments and condominiums at a great price. Of course, this is not to say that there are no bargains to be had in Cebu city, but Lapu Lapu City often possesses higher-quality properties at more affordable prices.

    For a small studio, condominium prices range between 10K to 15K Pesos. For a one-bedroom condominium, prices range between 18K-25K.

    Houses are also incredible value for money in Lapu Lapu City. We found several two-bedroom houses between 9K – 16K Pesos upon our investigation.

    In comparison, similar property types, including the same level of facilities in Cebu city, are approximately 7 – 18% more expensive than in Lapu Lapu City. This was especially true with condominiums.

    Transportation is also incredibly cheap. Taxis can become costly if you’re traveling a long distance or riding on the meter, but the cost is incredibly low for public transport such as Jeepneys (7Pesos). Tricycles are available as well as habal habal. For example, tricycles can be double the price of habal habal depending on the driver, so negotiation is recommended.

    There are also several shopping facilities stretched across the city. Overall, the city’s food prices are fairly standard, and this will change depending on person to person.

    What I did find surprising was just the level of facilities on the island. For example, there are approximately 20 gyms in the area, and several of these had a price tag of less than 1000 Pesos a month.

    The cost of living you will need to live in Lapu Lapu City comfortably will be between $1300 – $1650. However, if you can live economically, it is possible to live in Lapu Lapu City for less than $1000; however, this will depend on your lifestyle and general living expenses.

    Our calculations estimate that Lapu Lapu City is approximately 17 – 23% cheaper for foreigners than Cebu city. Please note this is based on a standard lifestyle, and several lifestyle choices may impact your price percentage difference.

    Lapu Lapu City Vs Cebu City

    So now that we looked at the cost of living in Lapu Lapu City as a foreigner, you may wonder what the difference is between Lapu Lapu City and Cebu City?

    There are several differences between both cities. Cebu has been rapidly developing for several years, and it is the home to many foreign visitors. Because of these reasons, many facilities across Cebu city are designed to make life in Cebu much easier.

    However, in recent times, Lapu Lapu City has also been developing due to its lower cost of living. As a result, it is speculated that the city will grow in size with rumors of new resorts and hotels being built in the near future.

    Cebu City has fantastic infrastructure. Many leading real estate developers have several projects across the city resulting in more options for long and short-term travelers. Despite this, prices remain higher due to the current demand.

    All in all, one of the main significant differences in the overall cost of living in Lapu Lapu City tends to be slightly more budget-friendly for the standard resident.

    Is Lapu Lapu City A Good Place To Live

    Lapu Lapu is a great place to live if you are looking for a cheaper environment outside Cebu city. Furthermore, because it is slightly separated from Cebu, it has a more community atmosphere that may be appreciated for foreigners looking to build connections with the locals.

    Of course, due to its location, one benefit is that it does have access to a nearby beach. Thus, if you like to be situated in a city and want to be near the beach, Lapu Lapu City may be a fantastic option.

    Is living in lapu lapu city Safe

    According to online contributions, the level of crime remains low. Unfortunately, data is limited in crime reports for Lapu Lapu city directly as most general reports include Cebu city & Lapu Lapu city.

    However, in the Philippines, one of the most commonly reported crimes targeting foreigners includes petty crimes such as pickpocketing, but online scams are becoming increasingly common in modern times.

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