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Should I Retire In The Philippines?

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    Should I Retire In The Philippines – 5 Ultimate Considerations: A common question asked is… should I retire in the Philippines? After all, several countries across Southeast Asia have a slightly different way of life than the Philippines. Therefore should you choose to retire in the Philippines or not?

    Today, we will be looking at this fundamental question often asked by expats: Should I retire in the Philippines? We will explore six considerations of retirement in the Philippines as a foreigner.

    Should I Retire In The Philippines

    Do You Have At Least $1500 A Month To Retire In The Philippines

    The cost of living in the Philippines will vary from person to person and location to location. Nevertheless, on average, a living expense of $1500 – $2000 is often recommended when retiring in the Philippines as an expat.

    This cost of living will provide you with enough capital to pay for your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses while also having some remaining cash for emergencies. However, the cost of living in the Philippines is ultimately a subjective experience.

    Meaning that it is possible to retire in the Philippines for much less, and in some cases (especially in the Manila area), you may need slightly more depending on your lifestyle. But the first consideration when looking at the question of should I retire in the Philippines is a financial one.

    Are You Happy To Be A Traffic Heavy City

    Traffic in the Philippines has been a well-documented subject over the years. Manila was awarded the comical title of the worst traffic in the world several years ago. The transportation authorities across the Philippines have been working hard to improve transportation and accessibility.

    However, despite these ongoing developments, certain cities are known to be congested during the morning and evening rush. The traffic can sometimes be so congested that a short 20-minute trip can turn into an hour or two. This impact on time is 1 consideration when you choose your location on retiring in the Philippines.

    There are also several of our considerations on today’s question of should I retire in the Philippines, and the next option dives into the change of habit and overall activities.

    How Will You Spend Your Retirement In The Philippines

    Most of the spend our early life working hard, and in the modern world, this seems to be true for the younger generation. But what happens after retirement? More specifically, what is there to do in the Philippines as a retiree?

    This is 1 consideration of the ultimate question should I retire in the Philippines. This is a consideration because you will find that you will have a great deal of free time as a retiree. So what exactly will you be doing?

    The great news is that there are many opportunities to have fun in your retirement in the Philippines. However, you can also make a real difference in the lives of locals as there are several challenges Filipinos face.

    Do You Want To Get Married To A Filipina

    If you are a singleton, the topic of romance may come up sooner or later. Foreign retirees getting married to Filipinos is a common occurrence, and this is most definitely a consideration when contemplating the idea of should I retire in the Philippines as a foreigner.

    As we know, being married can influence a large part of our life, so the question I have for you is, do you think you will get married to a Filipino?

    Are You Prepared To Make An Effort To Meet New People 

    One consideration that is often not spoken about is that when you retire in a new country, especially the Philippines, you actively need to rebuild your social life, including meeting people from all walks of life, which can sometimes be challenging.

    Due to the ongoing pandemic and old behavior systems, some expats who are retired in the Philippines can go through periods of loneliness and are often more common than most people know. Therefore, actively meeting new people should always be a priority in one’s life when retiring in the Philippines.

    Today we looked at should I retire in the Philippines but did you know we post frequent videos on our YouTube channel which discuss these questions are many more about the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries!

    Should I Retire In The Philippines