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What Is Considered Rich In The Philippines

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    What Is Considered Rich In The Philippines? A common question asked is what is considered rich in the Philippines? In general, this will differ from person to person. For example, locals in the provinces may perceive earning $1000 a month (52K Pesos) as being rich. On the other hand, others in metropolitan Manila may perceive individuals earning $2500 a month or more (130K Pesos) to be rich.

    In general, the status of being rich is a subjective experience. For instance, you may see yourself as a middle-class individual with average earnings, but you are considered wealthy to some. The average salary in the Philippines is around 20K – 30K Pesos ($382 – $573); therefore, if you earn more than this amount per month, you are considered more wealthy than the average employee.

    What is considered a high salary in the Philippines

    The total amount that is considered a high salary in the Philippines will depend on the level of expertise and industry. In general, a salary over 60K Pesos ($1146) is considered a high salary in the Philippines.

    However, as mentioned, this will depend on the industry. For instance, a call center employee working for an outsourcing corporation may see 60K pesos as a high salary in the Philippines; however, a senior cyber security expert will likely see 60K as a low salary compared to average salaries in this industry

    Does Money Matter In The Philippines

    In general, money is an important resource. However, when in the Philippines, talking and boasting about money is not recommended as this can open individuals up to being a target for financial scams.

    Naturally, in the Philippines, financial resources are a big concern for many locals across the country. Inflation and the cost of living are continuously changing, and as prices go up, money is increasingly more important. Therefore, diversification is a common practice used by locals in the Philippines to increase their finances. But in short, money does matter for the majority of people and is the most valuable resource. 

    What Is Considered Rich In The Philippines