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How To Find Cheap Flights To The Philippines

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    Are you thinking about taking a trip to the Philippines? If so, then the most important part is the initial journey, and therefore today, we will be discussing how to find cheap flights to the Philippines.

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    How To Find Cheap Flights To The Philippines

    1. Book At Least Two Months In Advance

    Some airlines have referred to the ideal time to book as the prime booking window in the travel industry. This varies from airline to airline, but most airlines recommend that to find cheap flights to the Philippines, it is best that flights are booked at least two months in advance.

    Finding cheap flights to the Philippines can be found last minute. However, booking closer to the departure time can become more challenging to find cheap flights to the Philippines, so searching at least two months in advance is often the best time to search for deals.  

    2. Search For Flights To The Philippines In Incognito 

    Airlines and comparison sites collect cookies. There have been documented cases of customers finding flights and then researching those flights only to find out that prices have increased, which may encourage some customers to book if they believe the flight price is continuously increasing.

    This is somewhat of a myth, but when I have looked at how to find cheap flights to the Philippines, I always notice prices go up if I did not clean my Internet history.

    3. Take A Look At Kayak For Cheap Flights

    Over the last few months, I’ve been interested in Kayak when looking at international and domestic flights, as they are often one of the cheapest. The company also offers hotels, cars, and complete packages, and thus, if you are looking for added extras, you may find some fantastic deals on this platform.

    As mentioned previously, when looking at how to find cheap flights to the Philippines, it is recommended to book at least two months in advance.

    4. Data Suggest The Cheapest Flight Can Be Found On A Tuesday Or Wednesday

    According to sources at, the cheapest day to book is found on a Tuesday. Interestingly this is another myth, but as this is a well-known myth, some airlines seem to lower their prices during midweek to gain more customers.

    Some separate analyst suggests that Wednesday is the cheapest day to book your flights. However, one of the great things about using a flight comparison website is that you can compare different days. So even though the myth is not always accurate, midweek is one of the best times to book a flight to the Philippines.

    5. Use Your Points Or Your Credit Card Benefits

    This next tip for finding cheap flights to the Philippines will depend upon your credit card company as each credit card company offers unique benefits. For example, some allow cashback when purchasing flights which is an excellent way to find cheap flights to the Philippines.

    Aside from using mainstream bank credit cards, you may find additional options available to you, such as using the airline’s credit card. For example, most airlines have a premium card that includes early check-in and airport lounge access benefits. These tend to be international airlines.

    6. Stay Up To Date With Scott’s Cheap Flights  / Jack Flights Club

    Suppose you are situated in the United Kingdom, then Jack’s flight club may be a better option. But if you are from America, Australia, Canada, or any other country outside of the United Kingdom, then Scott cheap flights may be more appropriate.

    Essentially these websites allow you to stay up to date with extremely low flight tickets from around the world. Sometimes these cheap flights to the Philippines (or any other country) are due to errors from the airline, and other low-cost tickets are just amazing deals.

    7. If The Flight Is Indirect, Book The Tickets Separately

    When flying into the Philippines, you will often have a decision to make. This decision is between price and convenience. You will find that most direct flights are the most expensive but naturally are the quickest and most convenient. On the other hand, indirect can sometimes be much lower, and the added time may be worth the low cost.

    In addition, you may find some indirect flights on comparison sites that package each flight together. But you may be able to save even more if these journeys are booked separately. Giving yourself enough time for connecting flights is recommended to avoid missed flights.

    8. Fly Out And In From The Cheapest Airports

    Most major cities around the world have numerous airports. For example, London, England has six of them. Therefore, when looking at how to find cheap flights to the Philippines, you may save by changing the airport.

    Previously, to save money flying to the Philippines, I flew to an airport on a different island. As a result, it was cheaper for me (and more exciting) to ride the bus and jump on a boat than fly directly into the Philippines airport. But again, this is also a matter of convenience vs. price.

    9. Change The Currency On The Airline’s Website

    Most International Airlines allow users to change currency, and as currency is continuously changing, you may be able to save money by booking a flight to the Philippines by changing currency.

    To make sure that you are saving money when booking a flight via this strategy, it’s essential to have both currencies up and ready to compare prices.

    Bonus – How To Find Cheap Flights To The Philippines

    Some travelers suggest that cheaper flights can be found if you are using VPN as it’s been suggested that the airline price can differ depending on what country you are booking from.

    For example, if you are booking a flight from America to the Philippines and sitting in America, the price may be different if you book the same flight but are now sitting in the Philippines. This is also another myth on how to find cheap flights to the Philippines, but if you are using a VPN, it may be a great idea to test out this method to see if it works for you.

    How To Find Cheap Flights To The Philippines