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Living In Pasig City Philippines As A Foreigner

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    Living In Pasig As A Foreigner: There is a great deal of information online about what life is like living in Pasig and metropolitan Manila in general. But today’s question we will be answering is what is life like Living in Pasig as a Foreigner?

    Today we will be looking at a Pasig city in a new light by investigating what it is like living in Pasig city as an expat, the cost of living for foreigners in Pasig city, and what you need to know if you’re planning to live in the city.

    About Pasig City

    Pasig is a humming megalopolis. It’s a first-class megacity in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. Its population is currently 800,000 and rising fast.

    One of the oldest metropolises in the Philippines, Pasig, was established by early Spanish emigrants in 1572. Pasig’s original area stretched as far north as Montalban, some 20 kilometers down, and was formerly a barrio of San Mateo.

    Pasig is a safe sanctuary for the natural world. It’s a business mecca in Metro Manila, but it’s also a destination for weekend trips, gallery visits, picnics with the family, eating, and sightseeing.

    The megacity’s core is flush with the rearmost civic conveniences, including shopping promenades, office halls, and luxury condos. It’s the perfect combination of intimate and worldly.

    Pasig City has been awarded one of the world’s most liveable cities for the second year in a row. The local government’s green goal includes cleaner transportation, fewer plastic consumption, and support for ecologically beneficial initiatives.

    To limit the risk of flooding, disaster management plans have also been devised. In addition, locals may get discounted entry to the Rainforest Adventure Experience (RAVE) park, and the C-5 corridor is being transformed into a public green space.

    What’s It Like Living In Pasig City

    It’s safe to say that Pasig City is a vibrant city at the center of the area. Students, professionals, and locals alike may unwind after a long day at school or work at Pasig’s many parks and public spaces.

    A new “Carless Day” was held in Pasig City on November 23rd just this year, and the event was renamed “Open Street Sundays.” The 500-meter section of Emerald Avenue is blocked off by traffic from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are no vehicles on the road, so people may walk, ride their bikes, and even run around without danger of being hit by one. 

    Open Streets” is the project’s name. Cities including New York, Portland, and Minneapolis have implemented similar initiatives. We don’t want to burden the neighborhood by closing the roadway, but it sounds like that’s what we’ll have to do.” As the CEO of Pasig Transport, Anton Siy, explains, they want the residents to enjoy the streets without worrying about being hit by vehicles. 

    Cost of Living in Pasig City

    At $982 a month, Pasig’s basic cost of living is in the top 39% of the world’s least expensive cities, placing it 5587th out of 9294 on our worldwide ranking and 2nd in the Philippines out of 86 for basic living costs (not including luxury and nonessential items).

    For foreigners wishing to live comfortably in Pasig City, Manila, the monthly living costs come to $1300 – $1600 a month. Nevertheless, prices can be much higher or lower depending on the individual’s lifestyle.

    Naturally, some costs of living in Pasig City for expats are much higher than average, such as staying in a high-rise condominium in the downtown area. Therefore the good news is there are many things that you can do if you are looking to live in Pasig City cheaply.

    Previously we have broken down the process on how to rent a condominium in the Philippines, including what you need to do and the steps you will need to take as a complete beginners guide, so if you’re planning to live in Pasig City as a foreigner, it’s recommended to check out our latest guide.

    Housing & Neighbourhoods In Pasig City

    Some of the main condo buildings in the Philippines, such as those by DMCI Homes, can be found in this 31-square-kilometer heavily urbanized metropolis. As a result, condo residents in Pasig can make the most of their living situation.

    Aside from the condo’s facilities, Pasig is a hidden gem waiting to be found. You don’t have to isolate yourself from the condominium community because a full neighborhood awaits you just outside your door.  

    Those who invest in real estate in the Pasig-Cainta area may anticipate their holdings to appreciate over time due to its accessibility and infrastructure upgrades.

    As a result, there are many winning possibilities for retirees who invest in houses that quickly increase value. And after a few years, they may decide to resell the property.

    Since its rise to prominence in its own right, Pasig has remained significantly less expensive than other of Metro Manila’s most prestigious commercial districts. Buying and renting prime real estate in Pasig was consistently cheaper than in nearby CBDs, according to a 2017 survey. Savings might reach 50%.

    Despite being one of Metro Manila’s more costly northern municipalities, Pasig’s prime location and first-rate amenities mean that residents get exceptional value for their money.

    Transport In Pasig City

    The Pasig-Cainta area of Metro Manila is one of the city’s most easily reachable in terms of transportation. Access to EDSA, C-5 Road, Ortigas Avenue, and the Marcos Highway allows residents to travel to various regions of Metro Manila and beyond.

    Estancia and Ayala, the country’s 30th shopping malls, are just a short drive away. In addition, Kapitolyo, Tiendesitas, and Metrowalk are all terrific possibilities if you’re looking for something to do after work.

    Is Pasig City Safe For Foreigners

    Pasig City has been one of the safest cities in Manila for foreigners because of the administration of the city’s local government. Police in Pasig City said the number of crimes in the city’s streets and public areas had dropped dramatically since more police officers were deployed.  

    According to the interview, Pasig City’s crime rate dropped 26% from 19 incidents in August to 5 or 6 incidents in December, according to the city’s police head Col. Moises Villaceran Jr.  

    However, having said this, life in Manila is not without its risks. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of crime that happens all across Manila. Even though statistics have been dropping is always essential to be vigilant, especially regarding petty crimes such as pickpocketing.

    What Is It Like To Retire In Pasig

    Since the city is easily accessible to other major cities in the Philippines, it is an excellent location for retirees. And also offers a more fast-paced and vibrant way of life compared to other areas such as Iloilo, Palawan, or Davao.

    Between the cities of Pasig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City sits Ortigas Center. It’s simple to find because of its popularity. In Ortigas Center, Metro Manila’s train system stops twice a day and carries passengers from around the region.

    Things To Do As A Retiree In Pasig

    There are plenty of activities and fun attractions here, such as restaurants, clubs, and shopping complexes.

    Quezon City’s Bagumbayan and Mandaluyong City’s Greenfield District are both within convenient driving distance of Pasig. Both provide a wide range of activities for those seeking something a little different to do while they’re in town.   

    Ace Water Spa

    Water therapy does relieve the body and mind of all their stresses and strains. In addition to Olympic-sized swimming pools, Ace Water Spa also features hydrotherapy swimming pools with water jets that massage specific body parts.

    In addition, various pools are available for visitors to relax in, including a lazy river, a heated herbal pool, and a cold-water pool for stimulating blood flow in the skin and underlying muscles.   

    The Bike Playground

    Bike Playground Circulo Verde has a one-kilometer outdoor route and an outdoor track for children to ride bikes. There are a few twists, ramps, and jumps on this well-designed path, so it’s perfect for a short trail bike fix.

    The international-designed pump track is the main attraction here. The Bike Playground is no longer located in Pasig but is easily accessible through the C-5 highway between Libis and Eastwood.   

    Explore The Local Parks

    The Pasig City RAVE Rainforest Adventure Experience is a mixed recreational and natural park including a boating lagoon, a mini-zoo, zip line, botanical garden, skating rink, and obstacle course that may be of interest to you if you’re traveling with children.

    In addition, there are reports that the park is a favorite hangout for locals because it is free to enter.

    Greenfield District’s Central

    You may also check out the weekend market at Greenfield District’s Central at Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City (near Pasig’s Kapitolyo neighborhood) to uncover unique items highlighting Metro Manila’s best-kept secret stores and boutiques on the weekends.

    You may spend a day among their carousel-like pavilions shopping and dining. In addition, interactive games for children are scattered throughout the facility. 

    Drink At Kapitolyo Beerhouse 

    One of the Philippines’ best breweries, Kapitolyo Brewing Company, is located in Barangay Kapitolyo and sells a wide variety of craft beers created using ingredients sourced from worldwide.

    In addition, craft brews are given a local flavor and character by including specialty spices. Local artisan beers from the Philippines’ other regions are also available. 

    Other Areas To See In Pasig

    The SM Megamall is one of the Philippines’ most significant and popular malls. You’ll find everything you need at this retail mall, from a food court to various entertainment options. At multiplex theatres, you may see the newest blockbusters, as well as visit a dozen art galleries. 

    Splurge on designer clothes at the upscale Shangri-La Plaza, which has a naturally lighted atrium and a slew of boutiques. With more than 400 stores, Robinsons Galleria Mall is a great place to catch up with your friends. The Pioneer Center and The Podium are two more malls in the area. 

    You may sample a wide variety of cuisines from across the world while shopping at Ortigas Center’s shopping malls. Try some of the excellent dining alternatives that provide Filipino cuisine while you’re on the move. Snack on foods from around the world, including American, Korean, and French cuisines.   

    Visit St. Francis of Assisi Church for a vacation from shopping. While the outside is striking and dated, the inside is elegant and large. Sunday is the best day to visit this church and attend one of its nine Masses. 

    Is Living In Pasig A Good Idea?

    Living In Pasig As A Foreigner? Pasig City is a unique place in the Philippines, and it certainly does have many pros and cons for retirees and expats.

    I have found that those who enjoy Pasig city tend to be individuals whose lifestyle suits the city. The area itself can be busy, so if you enjoy the quieter way of life, then your lifestyle may not be on the same level as Pasig city.

    This is not to say that you will not enjoy Pasig city as the city has a lot to offer foreigners. One of the benefits of living in the Philippines as an expat is that you can find a suitable place for your lifestyle fairly easily because the country has a host of options, all with their own unique charm.

    Pasig was considered one of the ambitious city promises model cities, like Jakarta and Hanoi. Pasig City has improved the capability of local governments. They hope to engage residents, foreign visitors, and businesses in creating their climate action plans as part of this effort. 

    Living In Pasig As A Foreigner