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Expat Cost Of Living Davao City In 2024

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    If you are thinking about living in Davao City, you may be asking what is the overall cost of living in Davao City, is Davao City safe, and ultimately, how expensive is Davao City? In today’s article, we will be addressing these very questions and going through a complete guide to living in Davao City.

    How much do you need to live comfortably in Davao city? Davao is one of the least expensive areas in the Philippines, and thus living costs are often much lower. A single adult can live comfortably in Davao City for around $800 – $1200  (38,00+ Pesos ). Due to the geographical and cultural knowledge, local Filipinos can live comfortably in Davao City for much less.

    One of the great things about the cost of living in Davao City is that it is a city full of options. One of the reasons why Davao City has a lower cost of living is because of the lower daily living expenses such as transportation, leisure, and food.

    We have recently spoken about the cost of living in Cebu and also the overall cost of living in the Philippines, so please feel free to visit our complete guide for more details.

    One of the highest overall costs of living in Davao City is the rental cost. Additionally, it is possible to purchase property in great real estate in Davao. At the time of writing, purchasing real estate in Davao is an excellent idea as the city is rapidly growing.

    The rental costs, however, are relatively lower. A small studio can cost between 14,000 – 17,000 Pesos per month. A one-bedroom unit can cost between 17,000 – 22,000 Pesos. A two-bedroom unit can be upwards of 22,000 pesos. The above prices do not include utilities such as electricity and the Internet.

    The prices above can be slightly different depending on the area you live in and the type of property.

    Wi-Fi and electricity have always been exciting subjects for those looking at the cost of living in Davao City. Compared to other neighboring countries, the electricity price in the Philippines is relatively high, and there have been many accounts of electricity prices running up to the thousands for a small unit.

    When I was living in Davao City, I rented a small unit for one year. I didn’t use electricity that much, but my electricity costs were often between 3,000 – 4,000 pesos each month. Statistics and reports show that these prices can be a lot higher.

    Lastly, we have the Internet. The cost of the Internet in Davao city is the same as any other city in the Philippines, and this ranges between 1,000 – 2,000 Pesos for a strong Internet connection.

    If you are a foreigner looking to live in Davao city and wonder how much you should budget for your utilities each month, a significant figure is around $200. This is an overestimate but should cover you for any unexpected bills.

    Food is another unique and interesting topic as it is another substantial living allowance when moving to Davao.

    A host of restaurants are situated around Davao City, including established corporate restaurants and small kiosks, and street food vendors.

    Several different corporations specialize in cheap eating, such as Jollibee, which makes the overall cost of living in Davao city much lower. The markets in Davao City serve some of the most delicious fruit and vegetables at the best prices; however, negotiation is always key when purchasing from a market in Davao City.

    Foods that are not Filipino, such as Japanese food, American food, Italian food, etc. is on average, much more expensive. If you are looking to save money living in Davao, it would be recommended to stick with local cuisine.

    Davao City Is a rapidly growing city. As a result, more and more Filipinos from other areas and foreigners decide to visit and live in the city. As a result, there may be some other living costs in Davao City to take into account.

    One of these costs is transportation. Transportation is one of the cheapest throughout the city compared to other similar cities in the Philippines. Still, it can add up to a significant amount to your overall living costs.

    Jeepneys are and will always be the cheapest form of public transport, and a short journey can cost you between 10-12 Pesos per 1.5KM. A private taxi is also a popular method of transportation in the city. The starting price of a private taxi is much lower in Davao City, starting at only 40 Pesos.

    How safe is Davao? I lived in Davao for around nine months, give or take, way back in 2019. I didn’t know at the time that it has been in the top 3 safest cities in the world for the last few years. I was amazed at Davao’s difference and the rapid change it has gone through over the last five years from speaking to the locals. You could walk around at 3 am and still feel completely safe. This might be due to the visible authority presence around the city.- Philippines Safety Guide

    This was a personal quote written in a previous article speaking about the safety of Davao City.

    A few points to add about if Davao is safe are that due to leadership across the island, Davao city has won countless awards for its safety and has been granted one of the world’s safest cities.

    If you are a foreigner looking to move to Davao City, you have an excellent time ahead! Diversity is a beautiful city that has a mixture of cultures and experiences to explore.

    In my personal opinion, Davao is slightly slower-paced than other areas such as Cebu & Manila. Still, if you are of retirement age or are looking to settle down romantically, then it may be the perfect destination.

    The costs of Davao City, depending on your lifestyle, can be some of the lowest in the Philippines, and as a result, many foreigners can live comfortably in the Philippines for $800 – $1200 a month. Nonetheless, it is always recommended to aim for at least $1200 or more to have additional cash for emergencies.

    If you are used to a fast-paced life or are looking for a thrilling nightlife and social life, you may find other areas across the Philippines more appropriate. Feel free to check out the full cost of living in the Philippines guide for more details.

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