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Living In Angeles City Philippines As An Expat

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    Living in Angeles City Philippines: Have you ever wondered what is it like living in Angeles City in the Philippines? If so, you’re in luck as today’s guide will cover some of the most common questions about living in Angeles City as a foreigner and what you need to know.

    Where Is Angeles City?

    The city itself is a modern area of the Philippines. It is located in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines and has 33 Barangays. Recent data shows that there are currently half a million residents living in and around the city.

    Living in Angeles City Philippines is a popular question asked due to its distance from Manila. The travel time between Manila and Angeles City by car is 1 hour on average.

    What Is Angeles City Known For?

    In the modern-day, Angeles City is most well known for its entertainment and nightlife. This includes adult entertainment for gentlemen and casinos. Therefore, some expats have referred to Angeles City as the Pattaya of the Philippines. (Pattaya Is also known for its adult entertainment in Thailand).

    A BBC article characterized Angeles City as being the center spot for the sex industry in the Philippines. Some archived data indicate that the adult industry first started growing in this area during world war 2 as the U.S created a base in this region.

    The main street for the adult industry A.K.A, the red light district in Angeles City, is Fields Avenue.

    What Is The Vibe Of Angeles City?

    When looking at living in Angeles City Philippines it’s always wise to look closely at the vibe and the overall atmosphere of the city to make the best decision before living in Angeles City Philippines as a foreigner.

    This is a unique question because the answer will depend on your experience. The answer we discovered a moment ago is that Angeles City is known to some for its adult entertainment, but the city does offer more for expats who consider living in this area.

    However, many parts of the city are in development. The malls and business locations are modern and clean, but some areas can feel underdeveloped outside of these. This includes broken sidewalks, unfinished construction, and abandoned garbage, but this is only in some neighborhoods.

    The Cost Of Living In Angeles City

    The cost of living in Angeles City will depend on your lifestyle. However, as a guideline, a budget of $850 – $1150 Is recommended for a single adult. In addition, some of the entertainment costs in Angeles City can be expensive. Thus if you are looking to live comfortably in Angeles City, it’s recommended to budget at least $1500.

    There are several accommodation types to choose from in Angeles City. The price to rent a small studio condo ranges between 20,000 PHP – 30,000 PHP. For a one-bedroom condo unit in Angeles City, prices range from 25,000 PHP to 35,000 PHP.  Location & facilities are big factors in determining the price.

    In addition, there are some luxury accommodations available, and prices start at around 40,000 PHP, but again, this depends on the location, the facilities, and the size of the room. On the other side of the coin, there are many options for budget living in the city.

    Similar to other parts of the Philippines, transportation costs are low in Angeles City. If you can travel like the locals, it’s best to use a Jeepney to save money. Gyms are also fair priced however some are slightly more expensive. Typical gym price ranges between 1500 – 2500 Philippine Pesos a month.

    Overall it’s certainly not the cheapest city in the Philippines. However, it is much cheaper than most parts of Manila which are great for those thinking about living in Angeles City Philippines as a foreigner.

    Is Angeles City Philippines Safe

    The safety level of a city falls under many categories, including terrorism, theft, natural disasters, etc. Unfortunately, the data in statistics is limited in terms of the safety of Angeles City.

    However, we do have testimonies and accounts which can be added up to give us a general picture of safety in Angeles City.

    The most talked-about safety concerns from the expat community involved theft and scams. However, many expats live in the city full time, and the majority speak about how safe and relaxed the city is, while some disagree.

    As it is a city, crime is unfortunately unavoidable. Therefore, ensuring that you keep your valuables safe and act streetwise should be enough in most cases to avoid any unnecessary difficulty.

    Should I Date In Angeles City

    Dating can mean a lot of different things for different types of people and whether you should date in Angeles City depends on this.

    Unfortunately, some locals may see you as a sex tourist simply because some expats who live in Angeles City come to the area specifically for that reason. Therefore, it is likely that you will be put into that category, but this is not always the case.

    There are many amazing single Filipinos living in Angeles City who are looking for dating and even marriage, but it’s best to be cautious in all situations. For example, if you are online dating, you may find that many of the locals are adult workers looking for customers.

    Is Angeles City A Good Place To Live

    The city is a distinctive place in the Philippines. Due to its history and modern era, the city can be a fantastic place to live, depending on what kind of lifestyle you are ultimately looking for when living in the Philippines.

    If you are looking to live outside Manila cheaply, then Angeles City may be a great option. Still, there are alternative cities that are easily accessible that offer a similar lifestyle.

    With everything being said today, many retirees have traveled to many different provinces and cities in the Philippines and chose to retire long-term in Angeles City. Therefore one would assume the quality of life in Angeles City is good as it is a popular hotspot for many expats.

    Living in Angeles City Philippines may be the perfect lifestyle for you, but this depends on what you seek for the future. For more information about living in Angeles City Philippines as a foreigner, feel free to find us on YouTube.

    Living In Angeles City Philippines As A Foreigner