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Is It Better To Live In Thailand Or Philippines

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    Is It Better To Live In Thailand Or The Philippines: If you are thinking about living and moving to South East Asia, a question you may be wondering is – is it better to live in Thailand or the Philippines? The Thailand and Philippines comparison has been a popular topic over the years. Unfortunately, a lot has happened in recent times. This can affect the best country to live in for expats.

    Today we will break down this guide into 3 common categories that are important for travelers. But the ultimate question of which country is better for long-term living comes down to how the country makes you feel. Lifestyles also play a big role in answering this question.

    Is Food Better In Thailand Or The Philippines

    Thailand has been known for its cuisine globally for many years, so they are a very difficult competitor to beat on this topic. Not only has Thailand’s food industry gained dominance worldwide, but it has also been in high demand domestically by travelers and expats. So much so that one of the biggest things expats miss when they leave Thailand is food.

    The Philippines also has a unique food industry and, similar to Thailand, has plenty of options across all budgets. Whether you prefer fine dining experiences or street food options, the cities have plenty of options. Unfortunately, Filipino cuisine has been known to be slightly high in fats and sugar; therefore, it is not the healthiest diet to consume.

    Due to the low cost of food and how accessible food is in Thailand, Thailand has been declared the winner in this category. However, if you are health-conscious, it’s best to remember that some foods in Thailand contain high amounts of MSG. Generally, food safety laws are not as strict as in western countries.

    Is It More Fun In The Philippines Or in Thailand

    Interestingly the slogan of the Philippines tourism industry is that it’s more fun in the Philippines, so the question we are asking today is, is this true?

    Thailand has a diverse country. The north of Thailand situates Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, both mountainous areas are known for their traditions and unique way of life. The capital Bangkok is full of business travelers and has its own world. Towards the south, there are plenty of island options, each of which has its own characteristics.

    Depending on what location you are situated in Thailand, you will find that there is a host of events and activities. So naturally, the larger cities and the more popular areas are much more suitable for those who prefer to be around people and attend gatherings.

    The Philippines is made up of over 7000 different kinds of islands, and the archipelagoes have been a comparable study topic. Filipinos are naturally fun people, and their culture is unique. Due to language not being a problem in the Philippines, even if you find yourself in the smaller areas, you will still be able to have fun.

    After researching the unique options available, it is clear that the Philippines has won this category; however, Thailand comes in a close second. Now we have looked at whether it is better to live in Thailand or the Philippines from an entertainment point of view…. One area we must consider when investigating whether it is better to live in Thailand or the Philippines is the cost of living.

    Is It Cheaper In Thailand Or The Philippines

    One wonderful fact about living in South East Asia as an expat is that the cost of living is considerably lower compared to the western world. When comparing living in Thailand and the Philippines full time, it’s important to note that both countries offer budget-friendly and more premium living arrangements.

    If you are situated in Thailand, you will find the cheapest areas to live in Thailand in the north. However, many expats prefer to live in Chiang Mai as it still offers that big city atmosphere but has considerably lower prices compared to the islands and capital of Thailand.

    If you live in the Philippines, you will find that the smallest cities, such as Iloilo City & Davao City, offer budget-friendly living options. Some of the more famous islands carry premium price tags.

    So the ultimate question on this topic is – is Thailand cheaper than the Philippines? On average, expats find it is much cheaper to live and visit Thailand compared to the Philippines. This is one of the biggest advantages of living in Thailand over the Philippines. Nevertheless, it is possible to live in the Philippines on a budget.

    How Does Thailand And The Philippines Make You Feel

    One of the most important questions is considering which is better between Thailand and the Philippines and how the country ultimately makes you feel, which greatly impacts your overall decision.

    As we discovered, Thailand is the cheapest option; however, if Thailand doesn’t make you feel overly happy, you will likely choose the Philippines or another country altogether. However, if you have never visited these countries, it isn’t easy to know how they will make you feel. But luckily there is some great information available that can help us make the best decision if visiting both countries is not possible.

    Over the years, the expat community has shared some insights into life in Thailand and life in the Philippines. These include the language barrier, cultural experiences, accessibility, and general way of life.

    The research indicates that it is slightly easier to live in Thailand due to its accessibility and lower cost of living. However, long-term expats seem to be more content in the Philippines compared to Thailand; however, this is a subjective experience.

    If you have visited both countries, focusing on how the countries made you feel is one of the easiest ways to decide where to go next. Of course, there are always problems, but there are also solutions when facing a difficult decision; we sometimes need to reframe this in our minds and look at the question from a different angle.

    Is It Better To Live In Thailand Or The Philippines