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What You Can Buy Philippines On A Budget

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    Whether you have a lot of pesos or very little, you may be surprised just how far your money can go in the Philippines and the bargains that can be purchased for a low price. So if you are looking at what you can buy with $1.00 in the Philippines or wondering if 10,000 Filipino pesos is a lot of money, then we have you covered as today we will be exploring the biggest questions asked about money in the Philippines.

    What Can You Buy With 20 Pesos Philippines

    The first category is what you can buy in the Philippines with only 20 pesos. Below is a small list of items, and these will mostly be basic and unbranded items as, unfortunately, 20 pesos does not stretch very far. However, if you are shopping on Lazada or purchasing groceries with a promotion, you can pick up some valuable products for only 20 pesos in the Philippines.

    • Bag Of Ice Cubes
    • Basic Eyeliner Pen
    • Basic Pen
    • Box Of Straws
    • Face Mask
    • Fake Fashion Glasses
    • Finger Sleeves (For Mobile Gaming)
    • Small Bottle Of Alcopop

    What Can You Buy With 1 Dollar In The Philippines

    One U.S. dollar is currently just over 52 pesos based on today’s prices. With 52 pesos, you will be able to purchase some local street food, some fruits and vegetables, a cheap phone case, some face masks, or a basic pen. You may find that your $1 in the Philippines stretches further depending on where you are shopping and your location.

    The Philippines, in general, is a cheap country, and it is possible to live on a budget in the Philippines. Therefore, $1 can buy you some basic essentials. Still, other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Cambodia offer more value for money. For example, $1 in the Philippines will get you a small amount of street food, but $1 in Cambodia can get you street food, a side dish, and a drink.

    What Can You Buy With 2000 Philippine Pesos

    Next, we move on to what you can buy with 2000 pesos, and as this is a much larger amount of money, your options have expanded. Many premium services and branded items are available for 2000 pesos in the Philippines.

    • 2 To 3 Weeks Of Maid Service
    • A 3 Course Meal In A Fine Dining Restaurant
    • A Big Bottle Of Vodka
    • A Small Bottle Of Moet Champagne
    • Doctors Consultation And Basic Medicine
    • High-Speeded Fibre Internet
    • Original Levi 501 Jeans (Men & Women)

    If you live in Manila (especially the metropolitan area), you may find that the prices will fluctuate. This is because what you can buy with 2000 Filipino pesos or what you can buy with 50,000 Filipino pesos will change depending on your area. For example, some full-time freelance maids earn 7000 – 8000 pesos while others earn 20K pesos a month. Therefore prices will naturally fluctuate.

    What Can You Buy With 3,000 Pesos In The Philippines

    When looking at what you can buy with 3000 pesos in the Philippines, electronics, technology, and accessories have become more affordable. Naturally, 3000 pesos in the Philippines is not enough to buy a new luxury smartphone; however, you will be able to buy a basic device. There are also several services available for 3000 pesos in the Philippines.

    • A Basic Smartphone
    • A Leather Laptop Case
    • A Website Domain Ending With The Extension .PH
    • Automatic Antibacterial Dispenser
    • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With Base Functionality
    • Electric Bill For A 3 Bedroom House For 1 Month
    • Saxophone Case
    • XL Suitcase With Locks

    What Can You Buy With 4,000 Pesos In The Philippines

    With 4000 pesos in the Philippines, you will be able to buy a lot more for your money, especially if shopping on online marketplaces such as Lazada. Many branded items will slightly be over the 4000 peso target if purchasing from the mall; however, if ordering online, prices are in most cases lower.

    • 9 – 12 Month Supply Of Contact Lenses
    • Maid Service For Around 30 Days
    • Original Nike Basketball Shoes
    • Premium Coffee Making Machine
    • Premium Hair Loss Treatments
    • Wi-Fi Security Camera

    What Can You Buy With 50,000 Philippine Pesos

    50,000 pesos in the Philippines is a sizable amount, So what you can buy with 50,000 Filipino pesos is quite a lot. The average salary in the Philippines is far less than 50,000 pesos. Therefore this amount of money could buy you a whole month’s worth of living expenses, or alternatively, you can even purchase a second-hand motorbike for under 50,000 pesos in the Philippines,

    • 2 – 3 Dogs (Depends On The Breed)
    • 8 – 10 Basi Kayaks
    • Htc Vive Pro 2 Virtual Reality Headset
    • Living Costs For One Month In The Provinces Or Small Cities
    • Samsung Side-By-Side Refrigerator
    • Second-Hand Motorbike (Or New Motorbike That Is An Older Model)

    Is 5000 Pesos A Lot In The Philippines

    5000 pesos is a good chunk of cash for the Philippines; however long term, this may not be a substantial amount compared to the overall cost of living. Nevertheless, for investment purposes or for purchasing a product, 5000 pesos is a sizeable amount of capital.

    For some local Filipinos who work for outsourcing companies, the average salary (depending on the position) is 18K – 22K. Therefore 5000 pesos is approximately one week’s salary for a call center employee. If you live in a province area or smaller city, 5000 pesos will go further.

    Is 10,000 Philippine Pesos A Lot

    10,000 pesos in the Philippines is a lot of money and can be very useful. I often recommend that beginner investors aim for at least 10,000 pesos initially. As the cost of living in the Philippines has increased over the years, this amount can be challenging if employees are on a low salary. This is also a sizable amount of capital for purchasing products and services.

    However, if you are wondering if 10,000 pesos is a lot of money in the Philippines, then it may be wise to investigate other categories. For example, in business, 10,000 pesos would be enough to start a small online business but not enough to start a larger traditional business such as a food cart business.

    Is 300,000 Philippine Pesos A Lot

    300,000 pesos in the Philippines is a lot of money. With this amount of capital, you will be able to buy small vehicles, invest in stocks, create businesses, hire staff, or use it as a deposit for a house. Some employees in the Philippines do not earn over 300,000 Filipino pesos a year, so this amount of capital is considered a large amount of money for many.

    Is 10,000 Philippine Pesos A Lot