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20 Most Common Small Businesses Philippines

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    Most Common Small Businesses In The Philippines: Our research found the top 20 most common small businesses in the Philippines. In today’s article, we’ll explore our research as we look into examples of small and medium enterprises in the Philippines and also cover a full list of common small businesses in the Philippines.

    Most Common Small Businesses In The Philippines

    Food Cart Businesses

    Food cart businesses are one of the most common businesses in the Philippines; because of this, they are one of the most popular small businesses for Filipinos. However, during our research on the Philippines’ most common types of businesses, we found that many wish to start a food cart business but lack financial resources. Unfortunately, some food cart businesses can cost upwards of 250,000 Pesos.


    Recently we discovered how much you would make on YouTube if you had a million views! YouTube is one of the Philippines’ most popular websites and apps, so it’s no surprise that many are turning this popular platform into a profitable business. The great thing about YouTube is that there are several ways to grow a business outside of advertisement, which opens up many possibilities.

    Creating captivating and engaging content for Youtube requires a diverse set of skills including Video Editing, Content Planning and Storytelling, Audio Production, and SEO Skills. These skills will help you to enhance your work quality, captivate the audience, ensure high-quality audio and optimize the content for discoverability. To grow your business on youtube, consider up-skilling by enrolling in a video editing course or similar programs.

    Dropshipping Business Owner

    Over the years, drop shipping has become more popular than ever in the Philippines. Thanks to websites such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, and so on, starting a dropshipping business in the Philippines is now much easier. Please take a look at our full guide on how to start a dropshipping business in the Philippines or how to find suppliers for more information.

    Café & Coffee Shop

    During our research, we found an explosive demand for coffee across the country over recent years. The forecast looks very promising for the coffee industry, and different coffee themes and innovations around coffee have been increasing in recent years.

    Competition is challenging. However, this is something to consider when looking at the most common small businesses in the Philippines.

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    Load Kiosk

    Surprisingly, a load business in the Philippines is one of the cheapest businesses to start, which may be why it is one of the most common businesses in the Philippines. However, if you choose the right location and have a great business model, you can start this business for only a few thousand pesos!

    Electronic Repair Business

    Another industry booming in the Philippines in recent years is the technology industry. The latest statistics show that we are spending more money on technology. Repairs are essential to our devices, increasing the demand for this type of business. Some businesses specialize in laptops, phones, or tablets, but others are general repair businesses.


    Is blogging a good idea in the Philippines? This question is one of the most popular, and the answer to this question is yes. Blogging is very similar to YouTube. In other words, there is a learning curve, but a small website can be turned into a full-time income after time. Please take a look at how you can start your very own blog in our full guide.

    Sari-Sari Businesses

    These family-run and independent businesses have been very popular for several years and are definitely in the top 20 most common small businesses in the Philippines. Therefore, most websites that talk about a full list of small businesses in the Philippines will mention the sari-sari business as it can work very well in the right locations.

    Franchising Business Models

    One of the big advantages of franchising in the Philippines is that a lot of the work has been taken care of (such as branding). Due to the convenience of franchising, this business is one of the most common small and medium businesses in the Philippines. However, big franchising business options also exist, such as Jollibee and 7/11.

    Online Selling / Ecommerce

    Online selling is one of the most popular industries in the Philippines, and online selling can be started effortlessly. This business type is a perfect example of a small business in the Philippines that can be started at home, offering many advantages in today’s modern world. but next, let’s take a look at a more traditional business…

    Street / Market Vendors

    Street food and market vendors are common in most areas in the Philippines, and if you can get the right location with the right product, they can be very profitable. So if you’re looking for a list of small businesses in the Philippines, this option will be in the top results as these businesses can be started effortlessly.

    Ukay-Ukay / Preloved Businesses

    Recently we spoke about pre-loved items and how you can make money from selling old clothes. A very common business in this industry is starting an Ukay-Ukay store. Even though these small and medium-sized enterprises in the Philippines have been popular recently, many are now moving onto the online market compared to more traditional options.

    Fitness-Related Businesses

    Obesity and health are big concerns for many citizens, resulting in several types of fitness-related businesses springing up. This can include a gym or a yoga studio, or it could include supplement products. This option is not a specific business idea but a mixture of different businesses that have become very popular and common in the Philippines.

    Home-Based Businesses

    During the pandemic, we saw a large shift in how we work, and working at home became the norm for many of us. This includes business types such as affiliate marketing and even writing novels and books! Some experts believe home-based businesses will be the most popular type of business shortly.

    English Teaching

    Have you ever thought about being an online teacher? It seems that many Filipinos have as this is one of the most common and popular types of business in the Philippines. Some choose to set up their own business, while others choose to work for a company. Over the years, there has been a rise in demand for Filipino teachers from countries such as China and Japan.

    Freelance Businesses

    If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer in the Philippines, you may wish to check out our full guide on freelancing opportunities on Fiver. Freelancing is now one of the most common types of businesses in the Philippines, which can include freelance writing, freelance modeling, freelance photography, and much more.

    Rice Retail Business

    Rice Is part of the staple diet in the Philippines, and historically rice retailing has been one of the most common types of traditional businesses in the Philippines. These businesses are typically small to medium size businesses that independently operate.

    Farming And Agriculture Business

    Interestingly in the Philippines, the country’s main crops are corn, coconuts, bananas, coffee, and even tobacco. However, there are also several other popular crops. Some are sold domestically, while others are sold internationally through exports which opens up a different type of popular business in the Philippines – exporting.

    Business Process Outsourcing

    In recent years, outsourcing call centers have been the most popular business in the Philippines. This is a classic example of small to medium-sized businesses in the Philippines, and it is in the top 20 most common small businesses in the Philippines. If you’re interested in earning money from a call center, you can take a look at our full guide on how you can begin the process.

    Service Businesses

    Services of all kinds are incredibly popular in the Philippines, and many businesses are 100% service based. Common services can include accounting and bookkeeping, which we looked into in our full guide a few weeks ago. Services are more common in some areas than others, and this is 1 consideration when investigating what business to start in the Philippines as a beginner.

    most Common Small Businesses In The Philippines

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