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12 Amazing Online Selling Ideas Philippines 

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    So if you’re looking to make money online in the Philippines, you may be interested in investigating some online selling ideas and articles in the Philippines. Today we will explore the most unique and profitable ways to make money online by looking at online selling ideas in the Philippines.

    To help you succeed in online selling in the Philippines, it is highly recommended to fully research the market as the industries are continuously changing and demand always fluctuates. However, there are some unique opportunities for online sellers in the Philippines, so let’s look at these options in more detail.

    Online Selling Ideas In The Philippines 

    1. Selling Online Services

    One of the most common ways to make money online in the Philippines is to sell a service. However, the great thing about online selling ideas in the Philippines is that you are not restricted only to the Philippines. In other words, some services are in demand online but not so much in demand in the Philippines.

    However, if you are looking to sell online only to a Filipino audience, it is best to research the markets fully. For example, in the Manila area, many small and medium-sized businesses seek the services of an accountant & bookkeeping. Unfortunately, this service is less in demand if you live on a smaller island.

    2. Selling Protein Bars, Muscle Powder, And Keto Products

    Over the years, the fitness industry has exploded in the Philippines. Post Covid-19 diets such as Keto diets are also becoming increasingly popular across the country. This has led to an increase in sales of fitness products and supplements. The latest research indicates that the fitness industry market size will increase by at least 8% over the next few years.

    One of the advantages of selling these types of fitness products is that the expiry dates are often much longer than more traditional foods. This is due to how the supplements are made. Therefore fitness stock can last much longer than other edible products resulting in more time to sell the products and a great online business in the Philippines.

    3. Selling Pre Loved Items

    Previously, we released a full guide on selling preloved items in the Philippines. Selling second-hand items is a fantastic online selling business idea in the Philippines. However, for those looking at a more traditional business option, thrift shops are the alternative route if you want to expand into a physical business.

    Social media is an important tool when starting a second-hand clothing business in the Philippines. However, the great news is that clothing is not the only option. Preloved items can include furniture, household equipment, electronics, etc.

    4. Selling Online Subscriptions

    Would you like to own a business that makes its money from subscriptions? Businesses such as Netflix operate this exact business model. Some experts believe that subscription-based businesses will be one of the biggest online selling ideas in the Philippines in the future due to their benefits.

    The secret of success in subscription-based businesses is creating a product that is in high demand and scalable. Online streaming and digital products have historically been in high demand, so entrepreneurs may decide to focus on these growing industries or innovate a new product to sell on a subscription-based business model.

    5. Selling Digital Products

    When looking to sell online in the Philippines, entrepreneurs have several options. One of the most convenient and straightforward options is to sell digital products. As we have discovered previously, digital products have fantastic scalability. Digital products come in Ebooks, audio files, courses, premium podcasts, etc.

    One common question from entrepreneurs who wish to sell online in the Philippines is where can you sell digital products? Fortunately, most online stores (such as Esty, eBay, Lazada, and Shopee) have selling options for digital products. In addition, other similar platforms are available, such as Sellfy, BigCommerce, and Podia. Nevertheless, selling on your website is a fantastic option.

    6. Selling Online Courses

    Can you make money selling online courses in the Philippines? Absolutely. Selling courses is a great online selling idea in the Philippines if you can provide a high-quality course on a demanded subject. For example, we recently interviewed a beginner entrepreneur who started making money by selling courses teaching Tagalog to foreigners.

    This is mentioned because online selling can cover many different topics. The great thing about selling online is that you can reach the whole world. Even though some types of products and services are not in demand in the Philippines, there may be demand for the product or service in other countries; therefore, market research is often key when selling online.

    7. Selling NFTs And Digital Real Estate

    Nonfungible tokens and online digital real estate exploded in recent years, and some entrepreneurs have been able to profit highly from their original investments. Recently we explored several free play-to-earn games where players can unlock NFTs, which can be sold on the marketplace for profit.

    Naturally, these types of crypto products carry high risk; however, some products have become a highly demanded asset, and it’s not impossible to see fantastic returns on crypto-related products. This is why crypto products are unique online selling ideas for the Philippines.

    8. Selling Refurbished Electronics

    Electronics are big business in the Philippines. So if you are looking at what product to sell online, then electronics may be a perfect option. In this example, we look into selling refurbished electronics as this can be very profitable if you have the skills and parts available.

    Electrical equipment in the Philippines has been known to be expensive. But, after looking through online selling platforms, it is clear that there is a big demand for refurbished electronics such as laptops and tablets. Even though these items are much cheaper than the originals, there is still a high profit in refurbishing electronics.

    9. Selling Skincare Products

    It has been projected that the skin care industry in the Philippines will double within the next 10 years. This has been such a popular topic that we even released a full guide on starting a skincare business in the Philippines! We spoke about profits, regulations, operations, and much more in the complete guide.

    Online selling is a fantastic option for skin care products. The most popular types of skin care products sold online are – moisturizers, acne skin care, makeup, and other forms of beauty products. Additionally, some skin care businesses in the Philippines have noticed explosive growth by introducing a reselling program.

    10. Selling Arts & Unique Items

    Some forms of art can be sold for millions of pesos. But is selling art and other forms of unique products the right business model for you? Unfortunately, unlike other industries, there is not a lot of detail about art sales in the Philippines, and historically selling other forms of creativity has not always been the most profitable.

    However, due to developments such as NFTs and the rise of personal items, there is certainly opportunity within the markets. Unique items often do not fall into traditional categories. Unique items could be something as distinctive as a Batman motorbike or pancake earrings!

    11. Selling Kids Toys & Equipment

    The industry is continuously growing, and all types of toys and equipment are in demand. Like other larger industries, entrepreneurs could focus on several smaller markets when looking at online selling ideas in the Philippines.

    For example, some businesses focus on more educational toys, whereas other companies focus their time on feeding equipment. One consideration for those planning to sell online is the size of the product. Heavy and large items cost more in delivery, and profit is reduced. Innovation is often wise.

    12. Selling Coffee Machines And Equipment

    Household appliances such as coffee machines have exploded in popularity over the years. As a result, the coffee industry demand increases, opening an opportunity for online sellers in the Philippines. Coffee equipment also has some great options. There is a high demand for coffee products, from mugs to beans, in the Philippines.

    Interestingly, we have seen a great increase in raw coffee beans through our research. As a result, some experts believe that the coffee industry may be one of the biggest industries in the Philippines in the near distant future. If this is true, becoming an online coffee seller may be a fantastic business for the future.

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