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How To Earn 1 Million Pesos A Month Philippines

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    What a fantastic question to ask. Many businesses and entrepreneurs have had so much financial success in the Philippines that they have gotten to where they can earn 1 million pesos a month. But for those who have not hit this financial target, how can this be achieved, and what is the strategy to this goal? Let’s take a look at how to earn 1 million pesos a month.

    How To Earn 1 Million Pesos A Month philippines

    How To Earn 1 Million Pesos A Month Philippines

    Essentially you have several options. As we know, in the Philippines, there are many different types of investments. In fact, recently, we spoke about some of the best passive incomes in the Philippines, but out of all of these investments and business opportunities which is the best to reach the goal of earning 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines?

    Real Estate: Historically, real estate has been a fantastic investment opportunity across the Philippines. 15 to 20 years ago, the best areas were those in Cebu and outside of Metro Manila. But as developments grew fast and demand continued to escalate, both cities gradually became busier and busier with locals and foreigners.

    During this time. Many developers also grew. Taking a look at the Alaya Land stock quote shows you how quickly developers can grow in a short period. Interestingly if you invested in Alaya Land stock at the right time, you could have earned more money from owning a stock than owning a property from Alaya Land. But let’s get back to the topic of owning real estate / property…

    In modern times, demand in Manila & Cebu remains high, but developers are branching their network across other cities and communities. One current hotspot for real estate at this moment in time is Davao but can you make 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines from real estate?

    It depends on the strategy. But, you would need a significant amount of capital to buy properties across the Philippines that would generate at least 1 million pesos profit per month. Even if you decided to rent instead of reselling/flipping, you still need several properties. Let’s take a quick example of condominiums.

    After all the fees, home loans, and taxes, let’s say you are very fortunate and have a large amount of money from rental, which is 5K pesos. However, you would need 200 units to earn 1 Million pesos per month in the Philippines. Therefore unless you can purchase or gain the leverage to obtain 200 or so units, earning 1 million pesos a month from real estate may not be the best option.

    Stocks: Statistically, the Philippines Stock Exchange earns around 8-12% annually. This is an estimate as this does fluctuate year by year, and as we’ve seen over the last 25 years, many factors can impact this increase but on average, let’s assume that the annual growth is at a steady 10%.

    If you are looking at how to earn one million pesos a month from dividend stock, we first need to look at the highest paying dividends for the Philippines. Some of the yields can be as high as over 20%, but let’s take our industry average of 10% yield (this is still very high I’m just using this for illustration purposes).

    If you want to obtain 10% a year from your stocks in dividend payments, you would need to invest 10 million pesos annually to obtain one million peso profit annually; however, you need a more significant investment if the goal is to earn 1 million pesos in the Philippines per month.

    In addition, a high dividend yield is not always a good thing. Since the company is returning a large amount of its profit to investors instead of growing the company for the long term, this is something to think about if you are looking at the strategy of stocks.

    Business: Here at Filipino Wealth headquarters, we love to talk about how to earn 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines. Still, can this be achieved through a business? There are many expenses, costs, profits, and other accounting areas to consider with a business. In addition, if an entrepreneur is looking at how to earn 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines, they will also need to look into owning a company instead of being an employee.  

    This is because unless you are working for a large corporation and have an extremely high role, such as a vice president, it is unlikely that you will be able to gain  1 million pesos a month in the Philippines from being an employee. Thus the most appropriate option is to work for yourself and control where the money goes.

    You may decide to give yourself a salary or receive your income through dividends/bonus payments. However, this also ties in with taxation, which will have a big part to play. For example, if you are receiving your income as an employee, you will need to pay tax, and thus, you will need to earn more so that you can generate 1 million pesos a month in take-home pay after tax.

    But let’s get back onto the subject of you owning your own business (excluding any expenses and tax). If you were to pay yourself 1 million pesos a month, your business would need to earn 12 million pesos a year. But of course, you will not take 100% of the business income; you will most likely take a smaller percentage such as 10% annually. Therefore, if your business were to earn 12 million pesos a year and you were to take 10%, you would get 1.2 million pesos a month, which is far off our 1 million pesos a month target.

    Therefore, as a business owner, your business would even need to earn more money, or you would need to change the percentage to earn more profit, but this may slow down business growth. Thus, for this reason, we are going to rule out business for the time being.

    Other: After looking at real estate, stocks, and business (3 of the most significant investment and money-generating options for Filipinos), it is time to look at other alternatives. How do the mega-rich earn 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines? Many of them are entrepreneurs, but let’s take a look at a fast-growing and profitable type of person: Celebrities.

    Celebrities can take many different forms, but many Filipinos have turned to platforms such as YouTube to earn their income due to the pandemic and technological developments. According to Pinoymoneytalk Raffy Tulfo in Action youtube channel, earns between 2 – 45 million pesos a month from Adsense alone. But, of course, this excludes any sponsorship deals, etc. 

    Other entrepreneurs have made their money through cryptocurrency. In recent weeks we have explored cryptocurrency in more detail and spoke about a very profitable form of cryptocurrency, which is liquidity. I’ve attached the full article on the link above for your reference. 

    Some have become famous for their talents, such as acting, singing, etc., so as we can see, there are many different ways how to earn 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines, but with these options being said, what is the best option for you?

    How You Can Earn 1 Million Pesos A Month In The Philippines.

    What is clear is that to earn 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines, you will need to be in the big league. More often than not, you will also need to be at the top of that league. There is a very old saying in business which can be applied to earning money, and it goes like this …. you either need to be the best or be the first.

    Some of the biggest YouTubers in every country, including the Philippines, have been YouTubing for several years. Some of which started when YouTube was much less well known, and through their determination, they were able to build a loyal audience and attention. Still, one advantage they had was they started before many others and have had time to build their credibility.

    This is similar to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. If you invested a few thousand into Bitcoin all those years ago, you would have millions and millions of pesos right now! Have you ever thought about going back in a time machine and buying cryptocurrency? I know I have! But again, these investors were smart to invest at the right time, and they were the first.

    But as we discovered in our little saying a moment ago, you either need to be the first or the best… . So, for example, in business, unless you are innovating an industry, the chances are you will have competition who do something similar. So, therefore, to earn 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines, you will need to be the best to grow your business.

    Some entrepreneurs and experts tell you to diversify your portfolio, which I recommend to a degree, but I do not recommend it 100%, and here is why….  If you look at all the big giants in the world, such as Jeff Bezos, the late Steve Jobs, and others, you will notice that they all focused on one area.

    If you created Google or Apple, or Facebook back when the Internet was still getting started, you would likely now be worth billions of pesos. But if you created Google and apple and Facebook all simultaneously, none of them would likely have succeeded. So what does this mean if you are looking at how to earn 1 million pesos a month in the Philippines? This means to focus.

    If you are serious about earning a large amount of money, such as 1 million pesos a month, you will need to focus on one area. This could be a business or a personal journey, but it must be something that you commit to. The challenging part is not to focus continuously. The difficult part is to choose the right path to follow.

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