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How To Earn 100 000 Pesos A Month Philippines

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    How to earn 100 000 pesos a month in the Philippines is a common question we often get asked here at Filipino Wealth! When you are on your road to wealth, earning 100k pesos a month is a fantastic financial target to aim for as it’s much higher than the average salary, but it is achievable in today’s modern world.

    So the question remains, how to earn 100 thousand pesos a month in the Philippines? What this relies on is your plan to gain 100K. You could decide to save 100K, which is always nice to have, but this will not generate a monthly income. Therefore, you will need to create some income-generating asset or action.

    how to earn 100 thousand pesos a month

    How To Earn 100 Thousand Pesos A Month

    We will go over how to earn 100k a month in the Philippines from a business and how to earn 100 000 pesos a month from an investment and go through several available options. Then, finally, we will end with your plan and strategy to reach this financial target.

    Businesses That Could Earn 100k Pesos A Month Philippines

    Recently we spoke about the best businesses to start in the Philippines to make 100K pesos a month. Throughout the article, we mentioned a few different opportunities. Here are some of these examples and a few extra ones….

    With every kind of business, the location and your customers will matter. For instance, if you are offering cooking classes in metropolitan Manila, you will earn much more money than if you had this business in Davao, for example.

    In addition, the type of customers has an impact on profitability. For example, some locals may not pay a high price for a yoga retreat, but if a foreigner were in the Philippines on holiday, they would be more likely to pay the extra pesos.

    How to earn 100 000 pesos a month in the Philippines comes down to several factors, including those mentioned above. Here are common factors resulting in business success or failure. Customer, Location, Product Costs, Strategy, Business Model, Cross/Upselling, Marketing, Scalability, etc. 

    Sometimes in business, it’s not so much what business you are managing (even though this is very important) but more about how you’re managing it. Let me use YouTube as an example, as we can all relate to YouTube.

    If Juan has a YouTube channel talking about owning cats, he may only rely on Google Adsence (YouTube ads) for income, but he is not living up to the true potential of his business. Even if he has 500,000 subscribers, there could be a smaller channel with 7500 subscribers earning more money than he is, but how is this possible???

    … Because the other channel has been able to utilize the power of the platform completely. The smaller YouTube channel with only 7500 subscribers talks about the same topic as Juan (cats). BUT…  they sell their own products, a cat food company also sponsors the channel, and they get money from affiliate marketing from a pet insurance company, etc.

    But.. Of course, the business you start in the Philippines will matter. So there needs to be some interest. With the example above, the smaller channel beat the bigger channel because there was a demand for the topic (cats). If there were no demands, no matter how well managed, the business would not be successful.

    Therefore if you are looking at how to earn 100 000 pesos a month, you will need to manage your business that has public demands or an opportunity within the market for your product or service. In addition, the business will need to be managed well; this includes a growth strategy, monetization streams, scalability, and more.

    If you are looking For more information around this topic, feel free to find us on YouTube and say hi.

    Investments That Could Earn 100k Pesos A Month Philippines

    Similar to how to earn 100,000 pesos a month in the Philippines from a business, we also recently explored how to earn 100K a month in the Philippines from an investment, and here are several possibilities.

    Investments are always a very tricky category to discuss as nothing is ever guaranteed. The market is continuously changing and adapting. A successful strategy may be great now but may not work effectively next year due to the continuous change of the economy, market, and industries worldwide.

    Each of the examples above (in bullet points) are tried and tested methods of earning a large amount of capital, such as 100K pesos a month, but many factors are considered. The goal here is to earn 100K pesos a month in the Philippines, and therefore, an investment with long-term growth is often best.

    Cryptocurrency is one of the best investments statistically in the last 10 years. But unfortunately, as it’s still a young investment compared to the older investments such as the Philippine Stock Exchange, Gold, Silver, Etc. Therefore, it isn’t easy to gauge the long-term success of cryptocurrency at this time.

    Therefore you may find a strategy that works best is to diversify your portfolio. Some investments (especially passive incomes) are great for earning extra money each month, which will help you earn 100K pesos a month in the Philippines. Nonetheless, other investments often pay well long term, such as the Philippines Stock Exchange.

    The downside with investment is that there are many investments that you cannot control. For example, when you own a business, you can control many different factors, but with investment, often the market decides the value. This also can be applied to business as well but not as much as an investment.

    So as an entrepreneur who is looking at how to earn 100 thousand pesos a month, you will need to decide whether business or investment is the right option for you. If you choose an investment, you will often need to do the maths on how to earn 100 thousand pesos a month. To earn 100K pesos in profit, you will likely need to invest a large amount of capital.

    The Plan To Earn 100 000 Pesos A Month

    Recently I spoke about how to earn 1,000,000 pesos a month, which is possible if you are at the top of your industry. Many different industries, businesses, and investments could generate 1,000,000 pesos a month income in the Philippines. Still, you often need to be at the top of your industry to achieve this financial target. For example, think about YouTube…

    … Some of the most successful Filipino YouTubers can earn millions of pesos a month from Adsense, sponsorship, or selling their products. So what does this have to do with YOU and today’s question of how to earn 100 000 pesos a month?

    What you will notice about any successful entrepreneur on their road to earning 100 000 pesos a month is that they had something these successful YouTubers had, and that was focus….

    Over the last few years, we have seen some large corporations develop in countries such as America. These have spread worldwide, such as Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.; these ideas could have made you billions of pesos if you created them 10 or 20 years ago. Still, if you tried to create them all at the same time, you would have failed.

    Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were asked by a reporter recently what is the one tip they would give to investors. They both looked at each other and said, “focus.” When you are looking at how to earn 100 thousand pesos a month, the reality is you can earn this figure in many different ways. The problem with modern-day entrepreneurs is not the lack of ideas but choosing the right idea out of the hundreds they have.

    This blog has become successful, and I receive thousands of visitors every day because I’ve been helping Filipinos earn money for years, and I have been consistent and focused on this goal. But during those years, I’ve had at least 100 different business ideas, but I remained focused on this one, and the seeds I planted grew.

    How to earn 100k a month in the Philippines is not too difficult. It may seem very challenging at this moment, especially if you are not close to this target, but there is a lot of money to be had in the world. The road to earning 100K pesos a month is sometimes a long one.

    The challenge you face is not being consistent (even though this at times can be difficult); the challenge you face when looking at how to earn 100k a month in the Philippines is to make the right decision and follow that path to the end. A successful entrepreneur is consistent no matter what; a successful entrepreneur also knows to quit the things that are not working for them.

    Therefore on your road to how to earn 100 000 pesos a month, use intuition, statistics, research, strategy, and anything else you have available. These will help you decide what will generate 100K pesos a month in the Philippines and what things you need to quit to help you achieve your goal.  

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