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How To Earn Money On Lazada Philippines 2024

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    There are two ways how to earn money on Lazada in the Philippines. The first option is to become an official Lazada seller and earn money by selling physical or digital products. Alternatively, individuals can earn money on Lazada in the Philippines by becoming an affiliate marketer.

    We will talk about both of these options in today’s article and explore how you can earn more money on Lazada and increase your financial income online.

    How To Earn Money On Lazada Philippines

    1. Becoming An Affiliate For Lazada Philippines

    The first method to make money on Lazada in the Philippines is becoming an official affiliate.

    What Is An Affiliate Marketer In The Philippines, And How Can You Earn Money Through This Process?

    We have spoken about affiliate marketing in great detail but to summarise, becoming an affiliate marketer for Lazada is the process of earning a commission through each sale. This is often achieved through a blog or a YouTube channel, but there is no limit of options available.

    Some affiliates even choose to post their articles and stories on social media and include their affiliate link in that post. Once a sale has been made on Lazada, the affiliate will receive a small commission.

    Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Bags, Travel, Home decor, 7.5 %9%
    Music, Books, Home, Babies, Kids6%8%
    Beauty, Kitchen, Groceries, Pets supplies, Crafts, Writing5%7%
    Entertainment, Mobile, Tablet, Computer, Motor, Sports, Camera, Tools, House appliances, Cameras4%5%
    Digital products1%1.5%

    How Much Can I Earn By Being An Affiliate Marketer For Lazada Philippines?

    The amount an affiliate marketer can earn with Lazada depends on the number of sales and the type of product being sold. Some categories have higher commissions than others; therefore, some affiliates focus on high ticket products while others focus on high volume referrals but target low ticket products.

    There is no limit to how much you can earn when you are an affiliate marketer for Lazada in the Philippines. Suppose you are looking to become a full-time affiliate market in the Philippines and earn money online. In that case, it’s best to work with other platforms such as Shopee or Zalora and not just limit yourself to Lazada.

    What Are The Requirements To Be An Affiliate Marketer For Lazada Philippines?

    The requirements to become an affiliate marketer on Lazada Philippines are relatively relaxed compared to other online platforms. If you apply directly through Lazada, you will need to suppler a BIR certificate of registration. Alternatively, you could join the Lazada affiliation program Philippines through a third-party agency and bypass the registration process’s BIR Certificate.

    Below we shall discuss how to join the Lazada affiliation programs through a third-party agency in a little more detail.

    How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Lazada Philippines?

    The easiest option for many affiliates is not to apply directly with Lazada but instead, apply with an agency such as Involve Asia.

    Involve Asia handles many affiliate programs across Asia. There are many benefits to using them. Additionally, involve Asia also runs many of the affiliate programs across Asia, meaning that you can apply with different companies with a simple click of the button.

    This is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online in the Philippines, and it is especially true if you are looking at how to make money on Lazada Philippines.

    Once you have signed up with Lazada directly or through involve Asia, you will be able to generate a unique link that includes your referral code, and from there, you will be able to see how many clicks and how many sales you make. (Take a look at our affiliate page we created for an example of affiliation in practice)

    2. Become An Official Lazada Seller

    When investigating how to earn money on the Lazada in the Philippines, the second option is to become an official Lazada seller.

    Lazada is one of the biggest online marketplaces across Asia. Even though it has had stiff competition from other competitors such as Shopee, it remains the dominant marketplace for many shoppers.

    Starting a Lazada business in the Philippines is relatively straightforward. You also can take advantage of the Lazada delivery service, which includes stocking and sending your order directly to the customer.

    How Much Can I Earn By Becoming A Lazada Seller In The Philippines?

    Many factors determine the success of a Lazada seller in the Philippines. There is no limit to how much you could earn, but several factors such as imports, demand, and the product itself all impact the overall profit of a Lazada business in the Philippines.

    Speaking to many Lazada sellers across the Philippines, it is clear that this is not always easy. The process to set up your business can be reasonably straightforward, but turning this into a profitable business can be slightly challenging.

    Special consideration should always be taken into account to investigate import tax, fees, and other deductions. For a simple, user-friendly guide, visit our business template, which can be downloaded for free at the top of this page.

    What Are The Requirements To Sell On Lazada Philippines?

    To sell on Lazada in the Philippines requires a business license, an active Payoneer card, and a valid email address and telephone number. There will be additional requirements if you are looking to sell a particular product or apply for additional services, such as Lazada FBL.

    You need to have a registered business to be a verified seller for Lazada. Now registering your online business will take time, effort and money to succeed. You need to register your business trade name through Department of Trade and Industry. Next you need to get Mayor’s business permit and pay local business taxes. Then you need to go to Bureau of Internal Revenue to register your business, get your TIN and apply for official receipts etc.

    The great thing about Lazada in the Philippines is that they have made the process very simple and have highlighted everything you need to start selling on Lazada, including listing the fees.

    The best options for you depend on your overall goal and your lifestyle. You could earn much more money by becoming a seller, but this requires more time. Currently, becoming a seller on Lazada or becoming an affiliate are the only two methods to earn money on the Philippines Lazada platform.

    How To Earn Money On Lazada Philippines: Takeaway

    • A great way to earn money on Lazada Philippines is through affiliate marketing
    • Some entrepreneurs also earn money on Lazada in the Philippines by opening up an online business.
    • Lazada Philippines affiliation program can be visited by visiting Lazada itself. However, many choose to apply via Involve Aisa as there are fewer requirements and more possibilities to join other networks.
    • When selling on Lazada in the Philippines, it is always critical to look at the current demand, product innovation, taxation, import tax, and open business deductions/closing sales fees.
    • When making money from Lazada in the Philippines, there is no limit to the amount of money you could earn.
    • Affiliate marketing is a smart option for those who actively participate in social media or are bloggers and YouTubers.

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