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How To Earn 200K Per Month Philippines

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    Have you ever wanted to earn 200K pesos? It’s a great financial goal to aim for! So, therefore, today, we’re going to be looking at this very topic and asking the ultimate question of “how to earn 200K per month in the Philippines?”

    We have six proven methods on how to earn 200,000 pesos every month in the Philippines. Additionally, if you are looking For more information, we have also answered how you can make 200K per month in the Philippines.  

    How To Earn 200K Per Month In The Philippines?

    1. Senior Manager

    According to business diaries, 4 senior management jobs bring in over 200K per month in the Philippines. These jobs include; quality control, logistics, I.T, and the pharmacy industry.

    The best thing about being a senior manager is that not only could you earn 200K per month in the Philippines, but you could also receive benefits and financial bonuses, which could potentially take you on to the next financial bracket.

    Looking at data and statistics on senior management roles in the Philippines shows that location is an essential factor in a senior manager’s amount of money. Meaning that if you live in metro manila, the chances of making more money are greater than in cities such as Davao, Iloilo, etc.

    2. The Philippines Stock Exchange

    The following proven path how to earn 200K per month in the Philippines is through the famous Philippine Stock Exchange. Serious traders can earn well over 200K pesos per month. However, this is not a guaranteed income as the amount will depend on the trader’s skill and the market.

    At Filipino wealth, we have spoken about some of the most popular queries about the Philippine Stock Exchange, such as how to invest in Jollibee stock, invest in Ayala land REIT, and best low-risk stocks for beginners, and so much more. However, if you are looking to start your trading career, it’s recommended you visit one of the above options, which has some exclusive tips and tricks.

    3. Owner Of A Corporation

    Have you ever thought about becoming a boss? If so, this could be a great way to earn 200K pesos per month in the Philippines. For a CEO to receive a monthly income of over 200K, the business would need to be successful and highly profitable.

    In other words, for a CEO to receive a salary of 200K pesos or more each month, the business itself would need to earn upwards of 750,000+ (estimate). The other remaining costs will be business expenses such as liabilities, staff costs, etc. In short, the more successful the business, the more CEO could potentially take.

    If you are looking for business ideas, then head over to our most recent articles for some exclusive ideas for start-up businesses in the Philippines.

    4. Content Creator

    A content creator can take many different forms. It could be classed as content via a blog, youtube channel, or podcast. Successful content creators can build an audience. If you can build an audience, then there are several ways how you can monetize your content to create an income of over 200K pesos.

    Successful bloggers, for example, earn well over 1,000,000+ pesos per month through their blog or YouTube channel. We spoke about how to start a blog which is an excellent source of information for those looking to make money online or build a passive income in the Philippines. Alternatively, visit our full guide on how to make money from a blog in the Philippines!

    Many bloggers and YouTubers in the Philippines target fellow Filipinos; however, this could limit your financial growth as advertising companies (if this is the way you’re monetizing your content) will often pay less to show an advertisement. In other words, websites in most Asian countries earn less than Western countries. Therefore, it may be more financially rewarding to target an American or a European audience.

    5. Real Estate

    Real estate is another great way on how to earn 200K per month in the Philippines. This is not always the easiest if you are looking to make 200K pesos in pure profit. Let’s say you rent out a big house you own in the city. From this rental, your profit is 10k pesos per month. To hit 200k pesos per month, you would need 20 big houses, bringing in at least 10K per month.

    An alternative to traditional real estate is looking at the commercial property such as offices or factories to earn a considerable amount more in the right location. However, similar to typical real estate, you would need several units to make a solid 200k pesos per month In the Philippines (through pure profit).

    6. Freelancing

    The last proven method on how to earn 200K per month in the Philippines is by being a freelancer. Being a freelancer means that you have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies or individuals in the area.

    There are many different types of freelancing businesses that could generate 200k per month in the Philippines. A popular industry currently is graphic design. It is entirely possible to earn 200K per month in the Philippines through a business such as graphic design. However, this would typically entail working with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

    How To Earn 200K Pesos In The Philippines?

    As we can see from the list above, there are several legitimate ways how to earn 200K per month in the Philippines. However, typically the quickest way to earn 200K pesos per month is by focusing on one area, industry, or expertise.

    For example, individuals earning 200K pesos per month from real estate typically started with very few properties and continually worked on building their real estate portfolio over many years.

    Even successful YouTubers continue on a similar path, posting videos that the community wants to watch or posting videos on a continuous topic. It’s rare that YouTubers talk about many different topics and do not have a niche (unless they have become so big they can do so).

    It is entirely possible to earn 200K pesos per month in the Philippines through the majority of industries and niches on the market. Therefore, a typical exercise that will help you see your options is to write down your strengths and see if this can be monetized to bring in over 200K pesos.

    You could start to ask yourself questions such as..

    • What Am I Good At?
    • What Service Or Product Is In Demand Right Now?
    • How Can I Make Peoples Lives More Convenient?
    • What Businesses Are Popular In Other Countries That Would Work Well In The Philippines?
    • Where Are The Gaps In The Market?
    • Can I Earn Money From My Passions?

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