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Best Ways How To Sell Hair Philippines

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    How To Sell Hair Philippines? – Selling hair in the Philippines is an excellent source of passive income if you can find the right buyer at the right price. In today’s article, we will be exploring how to sell hair in the Philippines for those who are complete beginners to the process.

    How To Sell Hair Philippines

    Step 1. Find Your Hair Buyer

    The first stage of selling your hair in the Philippines is finding a legitimate buyer. Sometimes, buyers will buy your hair only to sell it to another company for profit. If your goal is to sell your hair and make the maximum amount of money possible, it is best to go with the buyer directly instead of a third party; however, both options can be a source of passive income.

    Hairsellon is a website that allows you to buy and sell your hair online. Hairsellon has a hair price calculator, so you can find out exactly how much money you can make with your hair. You can design your ad, including your pictures and description (more on this below), but other options are available to sell your hair in the  Philippines.

    The next option is to find a business that needs hair to produce its products in the Asian market. There are many hair-related products. Finding legitimate businesses is not the most challenging task. Tradekey currently has over 9 million global businesses, which can be used when looking at how to sell hair in the Philippines.

    Another method is to find buyers via social media such as Facebook. These posts are not very common, but you may notice businesses looking for hair for their wigs from time to time.

    When you are looking to sell your hair in the Philippines, you must ensure that the businesses you work for are legitimate. Always ensure that payment has been made or that you are using a trustworthy third-party system before sending your hair.

    Step 2. Write you description

    Some hair selling platforms assist you in selling your hair by enabling you to create a profile of your product, including the length, color, size, and any other details relevant to the potential buyer.

    Natural hair which is clear and well taken care of often sells the most. However, on most occasions, longer has more financially valuable.

    Step 3. Negotiate and accept payment

    The last stage on how to sell hair in the Philippines is negotiation and accepting payment. This is one of the benefits of using a third-party company. They will often allow you to send your hair with protection so that you will receive your money even if the buyer does not pay the third-party platform.

    Most often, due to this insurance and access, the company itself will take a small cut from each sold unit. There are many different buying services around the world. If you want to sell your hair from the Philippines, it is best to check the terms and conditions to ensure that international hair selling is possible and accepted by a third-party company.

    There is also a large market for buying and selling hair in China. An article from SmithsonianMag covers the history of selling hair in China. Even though this was written several years ago, the industry is still booming in certain parts of China (and Asia in general).

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