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How To Sell Your Own Book In The Philippines

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    Selling a book in the Philippines can be a fantastic source of passive income and excellent cash flow for a promising author. But if you are starting out selling your book, you may be asking the ultimate question of how!? How to sell your book in the Philippines. Let’s look at this question in more detail, exploring the top ten different ways self-publishers can sell books in the Philippines.

    How To Sell Your Own Book In The Philippines

    1. Using The Amazon Kindle Service

    If you are a self-publisher in the Philippines and looking to take advantage of digital books, Amazon Kindle offers fantastic services. Amazon Kindle pays its writers based on how many pages have been read by the readers. Therefore some have shifted their strategy from selling long novels to short reads to capitalize on the opportunity.

    2. Work With The National Book Store And Other Book Stores

    The national bookstore is another fantastic option open for those looking to sell their own books in the Philippines. Naturally, as the national bookstore has grown, it’s now slightly more difficult to be featured. However, the good news is there are also several other large book stores operating nationwide, which opens up opportunities for self-publishers in the Philippines.

    3. Sell On Your Website

    A fantastic option when selling books in the Philippines is to sell on your own website. The benefit of their services is that some publishers in the Philippines have much more control over fees and sales. Also, landing pages can work very well for book conversions which is a fantastic option if you are looking to grab some cash for your book.

    4. Sell On Lazada, Shopee, And Other Platforms

    Lazada & Shopee are two of the biggest e-commerce websites in the Philippines. Therefore using these services to sell your own book in the Philippines offers a unique advantage. Unfortunately, when selling books and other products, you may find that the fees are fairly high, but these platforms do expose you to a large audience which may be profitable when all the numbers are added together.

    5. Selling Your Book On Social Media

    Social media is also another fantastic option for self-publishers looking to sell their books in the Philippines. For example, some publishers in the Philippines can sell their books by posting on groups or on their profile. Alternatively, authors have the option to run a paid advertisement which can be very effective on platforms such as Facebook.

    6. Create A Book Affiliate Program In The Philippines

    Affiliate programs (commonly called referral programs) can be very effective when selling in the Philippines, especially when selling books. This also taps into your entrepreneurial side as you leverage other people’s time, which can help you grow your book sales in the Philippines.

    7. Be Featured On Vlogs And Podcasts

    When selling your own book in the Philippines, one of the most useful actions is to be featured on YouTube and podcasts. As your personal brand grows, you may even find that you are paid for your time. Exposure on YouTube and podcasts are very common forms of marketing a book in the Philippines and can be incredibly effective.

    8. Offer Free Mini Samples

    For those just starting as a self-publisher in the Philippines, you may wonder if there is anything I can do to entice my audience? Luckily, offering free samples or mini samples could prove effective. Most book-selling giants such as Amazon allow readers to see a few pages. Feedback suggests this improves the average conversion rate for booksellers.

    9. Post Your Book On Reddit Groups

    Reddit is a great way to reach a large Filipino audience for free. However, like the rest of us, Redditors do not like spam; thus, self-publishers need to be careful when selling their books in the Philippines using Reddit. Offering advice or support and quoting information from the book are common strategies.

    10. Start Guest Speaking

    The last option for those looking to sell their own book in the Philippines is to become a guest speaker at local events. Recently we spoke about how to become a motivational speaker in the Philippines, which is very closely linked. If the audience enjoys what you are saying and teaching, a fantastic call to action at the end of your talk is to mention your book.

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