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How To Make Money As A Single Mom Philippines

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    How Can A Single Mom Make More Money? As a single parent, your time is limited, and in today’s world, the cost to raise a child can be incredibly expensive. As a result, parents often investigate alternative ways how they can increase their income. Today, we will dive into 5 options you as a single parent can start to earn extra money.

    How Can A Single Mom Make More Money In The Philippines?

    Earning Money As A Mom In The Philippines Through A Side Hustle

    How Can A Single Mom Make More Money?: A side hustle is either a part-time income or a part-time business. In this article, we are going to look at the latter. One of the best options for any single parent is starting a side hustle because there are countless types of businesses. This comes with the added benefit that you can start today with very little capital. Here are some expensive and some low-cost examples from 4 different categories.

    Local Business Ideas.
    National Business Idea.
    Online Business Ideas.
    Offline Business Ideas.

    Often businesses fail because of 2 main reasons. First, they try to do too much too quickly, or they try to please everyone. Alternatively, businesses should first focus on providing excellent service. This will build a reputation.

    Depending on your available time & budget, some ideas might be better than others.

    We recently reached out to several single parents of Filipino Wealth readers who also have a successful side hustle business. On your behalf, we asked them, “How did you manage to build your wealth”?

    After gathering the information, we found that single parents usually started their business a few hours a week. This tends to be when their children were with other family members or sleeping as this was the only time they had free.

    After building customers, they grew to the point where they could afford to hire someone for the business. We also found in each example that most of the parents we spoke to set up their base at home because they found this cheaper and more efficient, which helped them grow quicker.

    Become a Referral agent to earn extra income

    How Can A Single Mom Make More Money?: There are many different types of agents, such as real estate agents, travel agents, and insurance agents, and the problem they face daily is finding the customers, so why not become a bridge for them and earn a commission at the same time?.

    The best way to approach this idea is to build a relationship with local agents (Be sure this is an industry you are familiar with or are willing to learn about) and ask if they would accept referrals for a small fee.

    If you feel uncomfortable asking for a small fee, remember that some agents who sell condos and houses receive a percentage of the property’s value even though the percentage can be very low, such as 0.5%. The financial value is high as the property is of high value.

    Personally, if I were starting this business today with you, I would first design a website or platform (Often very low cost to set up) about local real estate in my chosen city….

    ….I would then build a following (Promote on social media and other free channels) by providing top content and weekly blog posts. Then, after I would contact the agent to see what deals the agent has in this area, I would write a page around this on my site with a direct link to the agents.

    This method is useful as it allows you and the agent to monitor the results. In addition, it would open you and me up to the possibility of earning additional money through the website traffic.

    Building a website is incredibly easy to check out, which is a great starter site. When starting a site, focus on your keywords and SEO to reach more customers through search engines.

    Earn more money by Buying & Selling

    How Can A Single Mom Make More Money?: Facebook is flooded with buy & sell pages across the country. You may have heard the old saying it goes, “One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.” So why not test this theory with flipping? There are many flipping types, but the most common and simple definition is buying an item or items and then selling these for profit.

    If you plan on doing this full-time, you may benefit more from choosing a niche to narrow down the sites or areas where you buy and sell and, therefore, save additional working hours.

    Another way is to buy in bulk and sell individually. This is great if you live in or near the province areas or anywhere there is a high demand for your product.

    We would recommend anyone doing this technique to check with the supplier to see if they allow you to sell from bulk as some do not.

    Become a Home Office Worker In The Philippines

    How Can A Single Mom Make More Money?: The rising of BPOs in the Philippines continues, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Call center directors/owners are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase profit, so finding an agent who can work from home makes sense.

    Sometimes agents working from home are paid more than agents working in the call center. This is because the BPO saves money in expenses and direct management costs, which is great news for you. After all, this allows you to earn even more!

    If working for a local call center does appeal to you, then you may be able to pick up an online job through sites such as;

    Normally these websites allow you to create a profile and reach out to people directly or scan the online job boards.

    Social media groups are regularly used by employers looking for staff in the Philippines because this is often quicker and easier.

    Start Selling virtual Products In The Philippines

    How Can A Single Mom Make More Money?: Selling virtual products normally is one of the cheapest ways to earn money but not always the easiest. Due to local and international laws, businesses and individuals cannot copy any material without permission. So if you see a business using a photo of you, for example, without your permission, you might be entitled to take legal action.

    Every country is different, but some are extremely strict with copyright material, so this may be an opening for you to earn money.

    CASE STUDY: In 2022, I met an inspiring photographer with little working experience. He lived in a beautiful house close to the beach and had some amazing pictures and 10-second videos of the beach, and he managed to sell these to travel agents in the US for an excellent price.

    Examples of virtual products include:

    • Avatars & other design work
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Pictures
    • Memberships / Subscriptions
    • Apps

    Virtual products and services include anything that can be sold online without the need for anything physically being sent.

    Back in the UK, there was a guy who lived in the same city as me. He was in the news locally during 2014 because, at the age of 17, he made a ton of money and was nominated as a young entrepreneur of the year! So how did he get to this position?

    He first started to record and write his own songs and sold them for a small fee (With the help of social media) which, if converted, would be around ₱5- ₱10 per single. After that, he started to sell quite a few singles then progressed onto memberships for full access for a fee of ₱600 per month…

    …After promoting himself, he had gathered thousands of supporters and signed a few deals with local online music stores where he earned royalties. During the news interview, he spoke about his success with selling virtual products and how life is now.

    During that time, he explained that it was hard work at the start. Still, now he works 2 hours a week, and once a month, he clicks a button on his website that charges thousands of customers ₱600 each and earns amazing money for a total of 8 hours a month, and in those 8 hours of working time he spends it doing what he loves, and that is writing new songs to be added to the website.

    We hope you enjoy our list. During our research, we found there is unlimited access to opportunities in the Philippines. This can be online or just locally in a village or city. The hard part is breaking down an idea and building your foundations whilst raising a child. It’s not an easy task, but it’s been done, so at least we can agree that it is possible.

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