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7 Businesses To Start With 100K Philippines

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    100K Business Philippines / Businesses To Start With 100K Philippines:

    100K in the Philippines may not be enough to open a brand new three-story café or buy a casino!

    But all great businesses start small.

    If you wonder what businesses to start with 100K in the Philippines, then let me assure you…

    100K is most defiantly enough.

    So many entrepreneurs have gone on record and said they first started their business with only 100,000 pesos or less, so fear not.

    Today we will go over the seven most popular and profitable businesses to start with 100K in the Philippines.

    You will also be learning the stages you need to go through to start your 100,000 pesos business.

    Businesses To Start With 100k In The Philippines

    1. White Label Business Owner

    If you have never come across this term before, a white label business is a business whose products are often brought in bulk.

    You can also add your logo and design to the product so that you can sell it as a brand.

    Many companies worldwide operate on this business model, selling on popular platforms such as Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee.

    You will most often need to buy items in bulk, but if the items are of low price, you may not even need to spend 20,000 or 30,000, meaning that you will still have 70K-80K left for other areas of your business.


    Some products will require a larger investment.

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    Because this business idea is extremely flexible and can be operated anywhere, it’s our number one choice for the best business to start with 100K in the Philippines.

    Before we move on to our second business idea, I want to tell you that this business has the potential for a considerable profit.

    However, only if you can source the right products with the right audience.

    For example, counties such as India, Taiwan, and China sell private label products that are high quality, and a business owner could make a significant profit in a short amount of time.

    However, selling the product for a higher amount in the Weston market is more profitable.

    Items that are not available in the west work extremely well.

    Many places must import products because they can not or do not make them / can buy overseas cheaper.

    2. Day Trading Business

    Day trading has become more popular in recent years, and statistics show that the recent pandemic may contribute to this rise.

    The great thing about trading is that you can work minimal hours, which can sometimes be as little as a few hours a day.

    Additionally, there is a possibility to trade many different shares, including cryptocurrency and stocks.

    Both the stock exchange and cryptocurrency market are huge risks because you are essentially putting your money in the hands of others.

    This is especially true in the Philippines stock exchange.

    However, the reward could outweigh the risks involved.

    Day trading requires a lot of homework and study and is not something recommended for beginners.

    But if you are looking for the best businesses to start for 100K in the Philippines, this somewhat passive business may be right for you.

    3. Food Cart Business

    We here at FilipinoWealth have spoken about the food cart business in great detail before.

    We even published a full beginner’s guide to opening a food cart business in the Philippines on our website a few weeks ago.

    So why did we do this?

    Because a food cart business can be a very profitable and scalable business.

    A food cart business may seem like hard work, but it has growth potential.

    We are now seeing an increase in franchises through many private food cart businesses across the Philippines.

    However, even though this growth shows us that the industry is rising, there is still a considerable possibility for new businesses in areas across the Philippines.

    A recent story on social media appeared a few months back where a young business person set up a protein drink and food cart business outside of a gym.

    He was earning a crazy amount of pesos.

    This is an example, but you can start many different types of food cart businesses today.

    When looking at businesses to start with 100K in the Philippines, you essentially have two options for a food cart business in the Philippines.

    The first option is to start a food cart business yourself.

    The second option is to work with a franchising company.

    Both have their pros and cons, but if you are focusing on profit, you will often earn more profit starting your food cart business.

    4. Content Creating Business

    A common question we get asked here as Filipino wealth is,…. what exactly is content creating?

    A content-creating business is perhaps one of the best modern-day businesses to start in the Philippines with 100K pesos.

    This is because content creation is a relatively low-risk business.

    There are many different ways content creators earn money.

    For example, you can create a blog, youtube channel, or podcast.

    From there, you can sell products such as books, become an affiliate marketer, and sign up to ad networks where you can start earning money from advertisements.

    The most important thing when content creation is choosing a sub-niche.

    This is perhaps one of the biggest tips when looking at what business to start in the Philippines with 100K because choosing a niche will allow you to narrow down on your customers and become an expert in your industry.

    5. Digital Marketing Business

    Digital marketing is perhaps one of the most popular and profitable businesses in the modern world.

    However, there is often fierce competition, so building your credibility is important.

    A great way to find customers is to offer services on websites such as Fiverr and social media.

    This is not always the easiest route to go down, but it will build a solid foundation.

    This business is a great business to start in the Philippines with 100,000 pesos because it is entirely scalable.

    Many of the tasks can also be outsourced, which will allow your business to grow.

    Like other businesses on the list today, it’s essential to find a niche when starting a digital marketing business.

    6. Online Tutoring Business

    Online tutoring can take many different forms, and across the world, this type of business has seen a gigantic increase due to the recent pandemic.

    So, if you are looking for a business in which you control your hours, then online tutoring may be an excellent idea for you.

    When I decided to travel around the Philippines, visiting different islands,I met many entrepreneurs who originally started an online tutoring business.

    Some of these people were earning amazing money.

    Some of them were online English teachers, somewhere relationship advisors, and even some were horoscope readers!

    Similar to digital marketing, online tutoring is best served through a sub-niche.

    Platforms understand that personal coaching is on the rise.

    This is why many platforms also offer personal services.

    Fiverr is an example we used previously, and on their website, you can purchase anything from online computer classes to spiritual cleansing.

    Statistically, online coaching businesses look to increase as we look at the next ten years.

    7. Fitness & Nutritional Business

    The last business to start with 100K in the Philippines involves the fitness industry.

    The great thing about working in the fitness industry and building a business is that it is a popular industry and a somewhat flexible income.

    I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist, and there are lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn money.

    This could be through offering a personalized nutritional plan or by renting a yoga studio for weekly classes.

    Unfortunately, the Filipino diet is often criticized for being slightly unhealthy, resulting in weight gain.

    However, if you choose to focus on weight management, you will see many opportunities to earn money.

    This can be through supplement selling or by starting your own YouTube channel.

    You can also take many courses online, which can accredit you with official courses in fitness.

    Going one step further, you may even decide to start your fitness school to teach others how to become a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

    How To Start A 100K Business In The Philippines?

    1. Start Market Research, Including Competition, Legal, And Cost Research.

    When looking to start a 100K business in the Philippines, the most important thing is to ensure that your investment is not wasted.

    To do this, market research needs to be completed.

    For example, if you have chosen to start a food cart business, then there are essential questions you will need to ask before you start your plan.

    These questions can include; where will my food cart business be located?

    Who and what is the competition in my area?

    Do I need any food certificates or legal requirements to sell my food?

    How much am I going to need in the first six months of business?

    2. Build Your Plan.

    After the initial market research has been conducted, the next important element is drafting a plan.

    FilipinoWealth has a free business template that can be downloaded.

    Whether you choose to download our free business plan or create your own, it’s always a good idea to have some strategy when starting a business.

    As warren buffet once said, “an idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”

    3. Go Through The Stages Of Your Plan And Build Momentum.

    At this stage of the journey, you have now completed your market research and built your plan.

    Next, it’s time to look at your business ideas for 100K in the Philippines and go through each stage to make progress.

    If you decide to open up a brand, then the first stage would be to find suppliers, the second stage would be to contact those suppliers to find the prices, and the third stage would be to negotiate a price, and so on.

    The stages will always change depending on your chosen business, but whatever business idea in the Philippines you choose, working through your steps will help you build momentum.

    4. Reinvest Your Profits.

    Once your business has grown, you will start to see an increase in your overall sales.

    But what should you do with the profits?

    Of course, as a business owner deciding where the profits go is ultimately your choice, but many small businesses grow because they can reinvest the profits back into the business.

    Let’s say, for example, that you are chosen to take 80 % of profits per month from your business.

    Then, in a year, you may see growth with the remaining 20% you decided to invest in the business.

    But what would happen if instead of putting 80% of the profit in your bank account, you instead put 80% of the profit back into the business and only put 20% back into your bank account?

    5. Build And Grow.

    The last stage is to start to build your business, which is not always an easy task to do.

    Still, at this stage, your business may well be over 100,000 pesos meaning that you have spare cash to invest in better equipment, quicker delivery, or higher quality products.

    To summarise today’s topic,

    When looking at the best business to start with 100,000 pesos in the Philippines, It’s always essential to pick a small sub-niche.

    So here are a few things to remember when looking to start a business with 100K in the Philippines.

    • All big businesses started small. In other words, don’t try to reach a specific figure such as half a million pesos or 800,000 pesos, etc. instead, try to build 20% of your profits in the next 60 days.
    • Market research is not a want… It is a need. Thousands of pesos and hours can be saved with accurate market research.
    • Looking at the best businesses to start in the Philippines with 100K typically allows us to start a business more significant than it needs to be. This means that you do not always need 100K for the initial products or equipment, but you should always put some money away for unexpected emergencies and invest in marketing.
    • Whatever your business, the plan is essential. This plan does not have to be official, and it does not have to be 100 pages.

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