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Tips for Finding A Reliable Jewelry Appraiser

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    Shopping for jewelry can be a fun and memorable experience. However, it is essential also to know the value of different pieces you are considering to make an informed decision when investing in fine jewelry. One way to help determine the current worth of certain pieces is by consulting with a professional jewelry appraiser. 

    An accurate appraisal is essential; errors can result in undervaluing or overvaluing items, which can have financial repercussions for buyers and sellers. The key to achieving the best possible result is selecting a qualified professional with the necessary skill set and a high moral standard. In this article, we will discuss helpful guidelines for locating a reliable jewelry appraiser who will provide you with peace of mind by delivering an accurate and timely assessment. Understanding what goes into selecting an appraiser, from researching credentials to reviewing insurance policies, will be essential during your search for the ideal professional.

    Read more to learn a few tips when finding a reliable jewelry appraiser!

    Importance of a Reliable Jewelry Appraiser

    Having a reliable jewelry appraiser is essential in ensuring that you get an accurate assessment of the worth of your cherished pieces. Here are some reasons why: 

    • A professional appraisal can provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate of the current market value of your jewelry so that you know what price to anticipate for it should you decide to sell it. 

    • A qualified appraiser will be better equipped to identify counterfeit or imitation items, making sure that you get the true measure of your piece’s worth. They can also advise on any repairs or maintenance required in order to maintain its condition and value.  

    • An experienced appraiser knows how to assess each item based on factors such as size, clarity, cut quality, metal content, and craftsmanship – all elements which could potentially increase or reduce the overall value. 

    • Having documents from a certified appraiser proves valuable if there’s ever an insurance claim made related to damage or theft; this provides proof that the proprietor possessed genuine pieces with appropriate values assigned by an expert in the field.

    Tips To Take Note

    Finding a trustworthy jewelry appraiser can be challenging. Follow these guidelines to ensure you receive the most accurate appraisal possible:=

    Check Credentials

    Ensure that your prospective appraiser is a Graduate Gemologist or Certified Gemologist Appraiser with the American Gem Society (AGS). These certifications require advanced training in gem identification, classification, and determining the market value of jewelry, as well as passing rigorous examinations. 

    Conduct research

    Inquire about jewelers’ repute and references, such as former customers or jewelry stores with which they have worked in the past, to determine their level of expertise with a variety of precious stones, metals, etc. Additionally, it may be useful to read online consumer reviews to obtain additional insight into the professional caliber of each appraiser you are considering hiring. 

    Look at their qualifications

    When choosing an appraiser, investigate recent conferences they’ve attended or courses they’ve taken, as continuing education is essential for keeping up-to-date on current trends in pricing information of gems/jewelry across various markets so that appraisals remain accurate over time.  

    If you are looking for a trustworthy diamond grading service provider, look no further than Willyn Villarica Jewelry. They have been a go-to for reliable jewelry appraisal in Manila since its founding in 2000. Their commitment to quality has helped them build a strong customer base and a solid reputation as a premier jewelry retailer.

    Request formal documentation

    Request formal documentation from them demonstrating their certification(s) and the areas/types of jewelry they specialize in appraising, such as diamonds, antique pieces, estate items, etc., as well as ensuring proper insurance coverage exists against any damage caused during assessments or transportation efforts between multiple parties involved (i.e., buyer, seller, appraisers post-sale). This documentation should also provide clients with irrefutable evidence of item details provided by both purchasers and sellers, thereby protecting all parties legally involved in the event of future disputes and boosting trust throughout the process, even before appraisal work begins!  

    Ask for quotations

    Finally, once everything checks out, request quotes from multiple jewelers, compare prices offered per service rendered, and select the one that most closely matches the individual’s needs and budget, the option that fits the client’s situation better in the long run frequently helps clients save a substantial amount of money over time, as opposed to impulsively selecting the first option without considering other realistic alternatives, which could end up costing more in the long run!


    Making sure you’re finding an experienced and reliable jewelry appraiser is a great way to protect your investments and ensure that the value of your jewelry is always accurately estimated. That’s why it’s important to spend time researching the background of any potential jeweler before committing to anything expensive. At W. Villarica Jewelry, we have taken the necessary steps to protect our customers and ensure they are getting quality products with accurate appraisals.

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