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How To Buy PLDT Stocks Philippines In 3 Steps

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    Have you ever wondered how to buy stock in PLDT in the Philippines? If so, then this article is just what you need as we will be exploring 3 simple stages of how to buy  PLDT stock in the Philippines. Still, we will also be investigating some additional questions: Is investing in PLDT stock a good idea, and is it better to invest in Globe stock in the Philippines rather than PLDT?

    How To Buy Stock In PLDT

    1. Open An Trading Account With A Stock Trader

    Before investing in PLDT Stocks in the Philippines, you need to open up an account with a stock trader. Once you have opened up an account with a stock trader, you will be able to buy and sell PLDT Stocks and invest in other asset classes such as mutual funds and other stocks on the stock market.

    There are several stock trading options to choose from. Many mainstream banks have departments devoted to helping their customers invest in the Philippines stock exchange. However, the most straightforward process for many investors is to buy PLDT Stocks in the Philippines with a company called – Col Financial. I have linked to the signing-up process above for those looking for more information.

    One of the reasons this company is one of the most popular ways to invest in PLDT stocks in the Philippines is because they allow you to buy and sell stocks from the comfort of your home. As soon as the market is open, you will be able to trade in the Philippine Stock Exchange with a stable Internet connection and your laptop.

    2. Fund Your New Trading Account

    After the signing up process is completed, the following vital area to focus on when looking at How to buy PLDT stocks In the Philippines is finances. Once you have your account open and you are ready to invest with Col Financial (or other trading providers), you will be able to fund your account ready to buy PLDT stocks in the Philippines.

    But when I invest in PLD stock, how much should I invest? Of course, how much you wish to invest is up to you, but one consideration to make is that stocks have a bored lot. A board lot is the number of shares you will need to buy to complete a transaction.

    For example,  PLDT stock currently has a board lot of 5. It would not be possible to buy 2 or 3 stocks of PLDT. The minimum amount is 5. Therefore, if PLDT’s current price is 1700 pesos, you need to buy 5 as a minimum. The total amount you will need to invest is 8500 pesos (1700 X 5 = 8500 pesos.).

    Each stock in the Philippines has a different board lot. The higher the price of the stock, the less stock you will need to buy. For example, if a stock in the Philippines is high, the board lot will be low such as 5 stocks. On the other hand, if the stock is very low in value, you may need to buy a large amount of stock, such as 100,000 stock or, in some cases, more.

    3. Decide Your Price And Invest In PLDT Stock Philippines

    The price will continuously change, and real-time data is applied to the stock market, so you see the current price. But how much do you want to invest in PLDT stocks in the Philippines?

    If you invest a large amount of capital into the stock market or PLDT stocks, 0.10 or 0.20 of a peso may not seem like a big difference overall, but if you are purchasing 1000, 10,000, or 100,000 PLDT stocks, then those few pesos can make a big difference.

    If you are investing every week or every month, then the average price of your PLDT stock investment, in theory, balances itself out. Nonetheless, it is often wise not to invest when everybody is investing, as prices will increase.

    When you have a price in mind, you can then complete your transaction. Once a seller is willing to sell their stock at the price you are willing to buy it for, the transaction will be completed, and you will now be the owner of PLDT stocks in the Philippines

    When the time comes for you to sell your PLDT stocks, the original process is reversed. This means that you will be able to sell your PLDT stocks as soon as a buyer is willing to purchase these stocks. We will be speaking about the popularity of the stock below, which will impact how easy it is to sell PLDT stock in the Philippines

    Is Buying Stock In PLDT A Good Idea In The Philippines

    PLDT stock Is a blue-chip stock. I have added the full article on blue-chip stocks for those wondering if blue-chip stocks are a good investment in the Philippines. However, to summarise a few points – blue-chip stocks such as PLDT are often the largest, the most financially stable, and usually historically pay the most significant dividends to investors.

    Therefore because of these reasons, many investors see investing in PLDT stock as a good idea. Still, appropriate risk management is always key when investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange. This is why we always recommend speaking to an independent financial advisor before investing your hard-earned pesos.

    Nonetheless, there are many other areas to consider to answer this question fully.

    Based on the data of the last 52 weeks at the time of writing this article, the highest price the PLDT stock has seen is 1729 pesos, and the lowest price is 1150 pesos. The historical data also suggests similar price fluctuation. Back in 2014, PLDT stock price was hovering around the 3450 pesos mark. Thus, some see PLDT stock as a good deal for short-term and long-term investment.

    But as you can imagine, investing in the stock is not the most straightforward task, and often it’s advised that investors spend a considerable amount of time researching. This also applies to those looking at how to buy PLDT stock in the Philippines.

    Is Buying Globe Stocks A Better Idea Than PLDT

    Globe stock is also an interesting stock to look at. Similar to PLDT, it has also seen its fair share of fluctuation over the last 10 years. At the time of writing this article, the current price for Globe is at an all-time high. This is due to the recent developments and news from the Globe Telecom group, but is this stock a better purchase than PLDT?

    Looking at the available data, there were many positive indicators that the stock price would soon increase, which we have seen over the last few weeks. Please note this is based on the time of writing this article. Long-term investing requires careful consideration of the market players and the growth of the industry as a whole.

    PLDT is one of the largest competitors of Globe, and both companies offer a very similar service for Filipino customers. So when looking at the businesses, who do you think will be the dominant corporation in the future? Will, one of these giants, gain the competitive edge and see its stock price value increase? or will another company in the market become the top dog?

    What Is The First Step To Buying PLDT Stocks

    The first step on how to buy stock in PLDT is to research the current market and determine your financial goals. Once you have a baseline, you can invest in PLDT stock through a stock trading account. With a stock trading account, you will be able to buy and sell PLDT stocks freely when the market is open.

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