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How To Invest In Petron In The Philippines

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    Petron Is a household name in the Philippines, so it is no surprise that many investors wish to invest in Petron. But the question is how? How To Invest In Petron In The Philippines?

    The process behind investing in companies such as  Petron is, fortunately, a straightforward process. Below is a guide on the 4 simple steps investors will need to invest in Petron successfully.

    How To Invest In Petron In The Philippines

    1. Sign Up To A Local Stockbroker

    The first step to investing in Petron is signing up with a stockbroker. Stockbrokers bridge the gap between the investor and the Philippines Stock Exchange. In a previous article, we explored the best stockbrokers in the Philippines, which I have attached above for your reference.

    I use Col Financial. They are an online stockbroker (meaning you can buy and sell Petron stocks from the comfort of your home). Whichever service you choose, it is always important to read the terms, conditions and investigate any fees before investing.

    2. Open And Fund Your Account

    To invest in Petron in the Philippines, you must have an account. However, the good news is that investors can open up an account with as little as 1000 pesos.

    3. Locate PCOR

    PCOR is the stock code for Petron in the Philippines. With each stock, there are several key elements to consider. As a beginner investor investigating how to invest in Petron in the Philippines, one consideration is the board lot of PCOR.

    The board lot is the minimum number of stocks investors will need to buy to trade that stock. For example, Petron has a board lot of 1000, so you must buy a minimum of 1000 Petron stock.

    The current price is 3 pesos per stock. Times this by 1000, and you have a minimum capital of 3000 pesos to invest in Petron (based on today’s price).

    If you are a foreign investor, there is additional information to consider, such as if the stock is open to foreign shareholders. At this moment, Petron stock in the Philippines is open to foreign investors, but this can change anytime.

    4. Decide On Your Price And Invest

    Petron stock prices continuously go up and down when the market is open. However, deciding on your price and investment is the 4th and final stage of how to invest in Petron in the Philippines.

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