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Where To Invest 1 Million Pesos Philippines

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    Where To Invest 1 Million Pesos In The Philippines: The Philippines is one of the best countries for investment due to several emerging markets and industries. However, if you have a sizable amount of money, you may be wondering what your options are for investing. Therefore, we will closely investigate where to invest 1,000,000 pesos in the Philippines.

    Where To Invest 1 Million Pesos In The Philippines

    1. In A Business Startup

    Investing in a startup in the Philippines is perhaps one of the best opportunities for 1,000,000 pesos. But why? Businesses and investments are both very different, but business offers a unique opportunity in terms of profitability for most people. In other words, as a business owner, you can decide how much money you make.

    Of course, other factors are at play when investing in a startup business in the Philippines with 1,000,000 pesos (such as the market). However, as a business owner, you can control your services, fees, profitability, etc. Startups open up many opportunities with 1,000,000 pesos in the Philippines. So what are your options?

    Having a lump sum such as 1 million pesos gives entrepreneurs a fantastic advantage of choice. Here are a few options available.

    Of course, many businesses can be started for much less than 1 million; however, having this additional cash will help entrepreneurs in the early stages as startup costs can be high.  

    Even though businesses can be started on a larger scale with 1,000,000 pesos, it’s still recommended to start small and grow. Some businesses grow too fast, which can negatively impact business operations and affect the customers, which is not good for business stability.

    2. Investing 1 Million Pesos In The Philippines Stock Exchange

    When we think about investing in the Philippines Stock Exchange, we often think about singular stocks. But the Philippine Stock Exchange has plenty of options for those who are looking to invest 1 million Pesos in the Philippines. Other options include investing in mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, and even initial public offerings.

    Naturally, when investing 1 million pesos in the Philippines, It is important to contact an independent financial advisor. Nevertheless, most experts recommend diversifying your portfolio to minimize the risks. However, if you have a high-risk management profile or are younger, you may be interested in higher-risk investments.

    Traditionally blue-chip stocks are considered less risky forms of stocks due to several positive indicators. Thus this may be a great option if you are looking to invest 1,000,000 pesos in the Philippines. Mutual funds are also a popular investment. Some mutual funds are higher risk but offer higher returns, whereas others have a slightly lower risk but typically earn lower returns.

    3. Investing In Foreign Markets

    Even though the Philippines is one of the best countries globally for investment at this current time, some investors choose to invest in foreign markets. The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and New York Stock exchange (NYSE) are popular favorites when investing overseas.

    In general foreign markets stand for any markets outside of the Philippines. This gives plenty of options for investors looking to invest 1,000,000 pesos in the Philippines. One option is investing in commodities (gold, oil, sugar, etc.). This can be an investment made in the Philippines or overseas in one of the foreign markets. Check out our – how to invest in wheat article for more information.

    4. Investing In Cryptocurrency, Nonfungiable Tokens, And The Metaverse

    When looking at where to invest 1 million Pesos in the Philippines, you may come across the option of digital investments. Historically, investments in the cryptocurrency world, NFT world, and the Metaverse have been filled with high risks for investors. Still, at the same time, this type of investment comes with great rewards (sometimes) in a minimal amount of time.

    We have researched how you can use cryptocurrency to earn passive income in the Philippines. In addition, cryptocurrency liquidity is also a popular option for investors. Nevertheless, the crypto world is closely related to nonfungible tokens and the Metaverse. But, it’s important to analyze these investments separately.  

    The Metaverse is still in the early stages of its development. This is the same for nonfungible tokens. In other words, we don’t know what will happen next (true for most investments). This is also the same for cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency has a slightly more historical foundation. But history does not guarantee future outcomes.

    Some financial professionals in the Philippines and overseas recommend investing no more than 5% of your total investment into cryptocurrencies. This is, of course, an individual choice and will depend on the investor’s risk level and financial goal. The takeaway here is that it is possible to earn great rewards; however, risk management is always essential.

    5. Investing In Land In The Philippines

    Investing in Land is perhaps one of the best investments in the Philippines if you have a large amount of capital, such as 1,000,000 pesos. Land requires little maintenance, and the returns can be astonishing. Some investors who have held onto their land investment have 20x, 50x, or even 100x their original investment.

    Naturally, this will depend on the type of Land, the area, and several other factors. If you are holding money for a short time, then financial gains may not be as high as stated above, but if you are looking for a long-term investment, the Land offers plenty of advantages. Investors can invest in one piece of Land or several smaller pieces of Land.

    After looking at where to invest 1 million pesos in the Philippines, you may be wondering if I should invest in one type of investment such as Land? Land is a fantastic investment for 1,000,000 pesos in the Philippines, but most financial professionals advise diversifying a portfolio when investing, so let’s look at two other options.

    6. Investing 1 Million Pesos Into A Steady And Safe Investment

    As we know, in the Philippines, there are several investment options. Some are more traditional, and some are modern. Many have high risks, many have medium risks, and many have low risks. This section will be focusing on the low-risk investments of 1 million pesos in the Philippines. Please note that low risks often come with low rewards.

    One common option is investing in banking products. Most mainstream banks in the Philippines offer financial products such as index funds or other investments that are pegged to the Philippine Stock Exchange. There are high-risk banking products; however, most banks also have a great selection of low-risk investment products such as low-risk index funds.

    Alternatively, banks also offer savings rates. During our research on the highest savings rates in the Philippines, we found that the highest return of investment offered by mainstream banks in the Philippines was 2.5%. Nevertheless, this is a much safer form of investing if you want to invest 1 million Pesos into a low-risk investment.

    7. Invest In The Real Estate Market

    The final option on where to invest 1 million pesos in the Philippines is in the industry of real estate. Early on, we focused on investing in Land, and this is 1 option; however, real estate has several options available.

    Some investors who invest more than 1,000,000 pesos invest directly in the stock (companies who build the real estate such as Ayala Land INC) instead of investing in physical real estate. Other investors invest in commercial real estate offices, factories, and warehouses. Some invest in car parking spaces and other forms of real estate.

    So when investing a large amount of money in the Philippines, we can see plenty of options available. In the real estate world, it’s not only the location that matters; timing can have a big part to play in your purchasing price and your selling price. It’s often said that you make your money when you buy and not when you sell in the real estate industry.

    The real estate market in the Philippines is continuously changing, and therefore it is often unwise to invest in only one particular type of real estate (or investment type). Instead, it’s often much better to spread the risks when investing, but this will depend on the investor profile and risk levels.

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    Where To Invest 1 Million Pesos In The Philippines