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Where To Invest 5000 Pesos In The Philippines

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    If you are looking to invest 5000 pesos on a one-time investment, or perhaps you are thinking about investing 5000 pesos monthly, then this is the article for you! Investments are the best ways to become richer. Still, they are not always the quickest in the Philippines, as most investments bring in high returns in the long term rather than the short term, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make a small investment with significant returns.

    In the world, but especially in the Philippines, you will find that the higher the risk, the higher the reward, so if you are looking to double your money from 5000 pesos to 10000 pesos quickly, then this may be through very high-risk investments and we will be diving into a few of these today.

    TIP: Invest today & double your money by next week! Be cautious around this claim as sadly many people have been scammed out of millions of pesos due to these types of investment claims”.

    Where To Invest 5000 Pesos In the Philippines

    1. Invest 5K into a Side Business

    A side business is one of those investments which mostly everyone should make; why? Because with a side business, you control the hours, the price, and in some ways control how much money you are making per month.

    A side business is not always working for someone else. Most of the time, aside from business, people start to give up their full-time job one day. Here are a few examples of part-time businesses.

    • Personalized Chocolate Seller
    • Tent Rental Business
    • Referral Agent
    • Medication Delivery Service
    • Blogger

    For those of you who follow us on Facebook & Instagram ( Click on the link to visit our profile), you will notice that these are a few examples we have recently shared because they are out-of-the-box suggestions, and we like unique ideas! But the truth is a side business can be anything, and the best thing is most of these businesses can be started for under 5000 pesos!

    2. Invest 5000 Pesos into Stocks, Shares & Funds

    “Where to invest 5000 pesos” If you’re not a fan of running your own business, then you may be interested in trading, including stocks, Shares, Funds, cryptocurrency, and Forex others.

    If this is a new concept for you, then this will take a little knowledge and research but nothing that you can’t learn on the laptop and an extra few days. Please don’t worry.

    We have set the expected costs of 1000 pesos as an investment into the stock exchange can be as little as 1000 pesos, but if you are trading into bitcoin or forex, this amount could be lower if you choose. For those who wish to invest in mutual funds… Please take a look at our complete guide on investing in Mutual funds in the Philippines.

    Many trading personalities have different names, but we will keep it simple and use animals as reference points. These personality types may give you an idea of what type of trader you are.

    LION: The lion is someone who trades every minute they are continuously looking at buying and selling. This typically involves someone with free time each week or a trader as their primary profession. Therefore, the lion must be very confident in their abilities and knowledge.

    HIPPO: The Hippo tends to buy one day and hold till the end of the day or the next day to sell; they sometimes buy one week and sell the next for a profit. They tend to be very experienced and knowledgeable about the market.

    ZEBRA: They buy and sell a month or two apart. They look at trends and upcoming events and sell short to medium term; they aim to make a profit over 1-3 months.

    GIRAFFE: This is someone who buys and sells often 6 months or years later. This is great for someone who does not want to get involved very much but wants their money to work long-term. They also tend to invest monthly, which is excellent for peso averaging.

    There are also funds (index funds) that you can invest with your local bank. Depending on your bank, there may be a minimum investment. For example, if you have capital of 5000 pesos, you will be able to find a good selection of different investments for this amount however some investments require investment capital of 10000 pesos or $1000.

    3. Invest 5K In Real Estate

    10-15 years ago, you could have easily invested in a pre-selling condo or house for as little as 5000 pesos, but as prices have risen since those days, the odds of finding a great piece of real estate for 5000 pesos a month have become harder.

    There are still developments being built in areas you can invest in for 5000 pesos per month (or very close to). Still, they tend to be outside of the city, and if you plan to use this real estate for investment outside of a city may not be the best choice, but that depends on your target market.

    When I started looking into real estate in 2015, I explored areas such as Cebu and Davao. I found Cebu to be very beautiful but a little crowded. I was staying in horizon 101, which is the highest building in Cebu (I was told). I was lucky enough to be given a room on the 2nd from the top floor, so I was able to look over the city, and I saw a total of 12 condominiums complexes being built…

    As I tend to reflect long-term, I felt that perhaps there was too much supply and sooner or later, the demand would slow down, so I looked into Davao. At the time of around 2018, I did manage to find some developers offering condominiums and houses in a prime area” for around 5000 pesos or less a month….

    …This was, of course, back then. However, research still shows Davao as one of the hottest upcoming real estate areas of 2019/2020. Still, Davao is not the only area many different areas are looking promising for 2020-2025 and so on.

    Another way to invest in real estate is through stocks! Yes, that’s right, developer DMCI, Alaya land, Vista land, and many more are listed on the Philippines stock exchange, and you can easily invest in these companies. I use an online stock trader called COL financial. They are well known across the Philippines and are perfect for beginner traders.

    4. Start a 5000 Farming Investment

    We recently spoke about farming which you can read here: The best places to invest your ₱10,000. Today in this article, we spoke about different investments for 10,000 pesos, but you don’t need to invest this amount in this investment. You can actually start investing with as little as 5000 pesos! There are several investment companies out there, but one of the biggest is currently There Return on investment is around 3.5%.

    The great news about this investment not only does it allow your money to work for you at a rate of 3.5% returns, but it also does good and helps support local farms in different areas all across the Philippines.

    1) When you visit Cropital, you will see 2 different options. Depending on your need, click on the relevant investment

    Where To Invest 5000 Pesos Philippines

    2) Choosing your farms and farmers! On this page, you can see the type of life projects and gather more information about your investment.

    Where To Invest 5000 Pesos Philippines

    3) Decide how much or how little you want to invest.

    Where To Invest 5000 Pesos Philippines

    4) Fund your account & start your investment

    Where To Invest 5000 Pesos Philippines

    After this, you’re all good to go!

    5. Invest 5000 Pesos In Cryptocurrencies

    This investment can be one of the highest rewarding investments and carries one of the highest risks; however, the good news is you don’t need a minimum capital of 5000 pesos to invest. You can invest very little.

    Depending on the exchange you use and the current value of bitcoin, you can invest from as little as 50-100 pesos.

    I feel bitcoin is more exciting for many people because it’s like the stock exchange but on steroids. What I mean by this is that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are unpredictable, and you could double or half your investment in 24 hours, not many legitimate investments can provide this kind of roller-coaster!

    If you are looking for a small investment with big returns, then cryptocurrency could be the answer.

    You can invest in bitcoin & many other cryptocurrencies, and as we said, you don’t need to have a total of 5000 pesos to do this.

    So how do you start? There are tons of platforms and exchanges out there. You sign up, provide evidence of your identity, and then you are ready to invest.

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