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9 Best Investment Tips Beginners Philippines

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    Investment Tips Philippines: When looking at investment tips in the Philippines for beginners, there are several areas to consider. The nine investment tips below can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. The world’s best investors use these same techniques, leading to some of the most profitable decisions. So let’s take a look at the secrets of investing in the Philippines.

    Investment Tips In The Philippines

    1. Invest In Investments You Understand

    One of the biggest mistakes beginner investors make in the Philippines is investing in markets that they do not fully understand. Sometimes, luck may be on the investor’s side, but on most occasions, this is a very risky decision and borders on the line of gambling. Therefore the first investment tip for beginners in the Philippines is understanding the investment fully.

    Naturally, different markets will have different rules and areas to investigate. However, to make it easier, here are some common areas you may wish to understand about an investment before investing.

    • Are There Any Regulations In This Industry/Investment?
    • How Do Investors Make Money From This Investment?
    • Is This Investment Increasing, Decreasing, Or Stagnating, And Why?
    • What Are The Main Reasons Investors Lose Money From This Investment?
    • What Are The Rules And Laws Around This Type Of Investment?

    We could add another 30 or 40 questions to this, but these 5 perfectly illustrate the point. First, an investor needs to understand the market, the company, and the investment asset. For example, if you are investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange, how do investors make money? And what are the reasons for the growth of the stock?

    The fundamental components of an investment may seem unnecessary, but it is one of the best investment tips in the Philippines for beginners. This is then followed by the second stage, which is the market.

    2. Research The Market

    So what exactly is the market, and why is it important for beginner investors to understand how the market works? Markets are essentially people. This can be individuals or large corporations, but when we break this down, the market is the people (stockholders, consumers, etc. – depending on the market).

    The market is unfortunately unpredictable. But, ironically, because of its unpredictability, the market is fairly predictable that it will be unpredictable! Wow, what a mouthful. However, some key components often have a chain reaction to an investment. For example, Elon Musk tweeting about cryptocurrency has historically positively impacted the coin price.

    However, the previous history does not indicate future performance. But this simple example shows that the market can respond in certain ways under certain conditions. Therefore, the more you know and understand the market, the better you will be at making investment decisions as a beginner investor in the Philippines.

    3. Look At The Future Of The Industry

    In today’s world, we are often told not to focus on the future and be in the present moment, but in terms of investing in the Philippines, this is not always the best piece of advice. Looking into the distant future is not needed if you wish to invest in the short-term (which can be as little as a few hours or a few days). But many beginner investors in the Philippines wish to invest long-term, so a long-term vision is essential.

    In this type of research, it is important to focus on the industry at large. For example, if you consider investing in real estate in Manila, what will the demand and supply be over the next few years? Will international travelers return to Manila post covid? Will future government restrictions impact the real estate market in the Philippines?

    These questions are not easy to answer, but they will shed light on some of the most important answers beginner investors will need to know when investing in the Philippines for the very first time.

    4. Do Not Listen To The Crowd When Investing

    You may have heard of the famous line – “The thing we need to understand is that the majority is always wrong” by Paul Rulkens. In my experience investing in the Philippines and overseas, the reality of this statement holds true.

    If this statement were not true, we would all be very wealthy individuals. But unfortunately, being wealthy is a prestigious title often held by smart investors who do not follow the crowd when investing. This investment tip for beginners in the Philippines can be applied to many different scenarios and situations, but do you think the majority is always wrong?

    5. Create An Investment Goal, Strategy, And Timeframe

    One fantastic piece of advice for beginner investors in the Philippines is to create a solid investment goal strategy and timeframe (in other words – a plan). One common balance among investors is the emotions of greed and fear. This has been well documented for many years. An investment plan aims to stop self-sabotage and provide your capital with a more structured process.

    In other words, when you decide on your investment goal, you decide how much gain or loss it would take for you to withdraw your funds. This can help you stop losing more money (stop loss) and help you withdraw from your investment before the dip.

    The risk investors take is that they may not make as much money as they want by withdrawing too early. Alternatively, you can withdraw too late and lose more money than intended. This is when strong emotions such as fear and greed are often the most notable. Therefore having a plan, strategy, and time frame can be very helpful for beginner investors in the Philippines.

    6. Focus On Logic And Data Over Emotions

    As we discovered a moment ago, when investing, you use your hard-earned money as investment capital, naturally leading to very strong emotions. However, emotions lack foundations in most cases, leading to a negative investment decision. Alternatively, an investment tip for beginners in the Philippines is to focus on the logic.

    This is an important investment tip in the Philippines because logic has stronger foundations than emotions. Emotions can be made of inaccurate information and previous history. Logic is made up of data, statistics, evidence, and facts. This is why viewing investments logically is often the most appropriate decision when investing in the Philippines for the first time or as a beginner.

    7. Use Compounding Intrest In The Philippines When Possible

    Some of the greatest minds throughout history have spoken about the laws of compound interest. Famously Albert Einstein quoted the line – “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” Compound interest is present across many industries and is a force that can make investors in the Philippines rich if used correctly.

    In its simplest definition, compound interest is where your interest earns interest. As time progresses, your interest gets bigger, and the interest of your interest gets bigger. In the beginning stages, there will not be much growth (unless the market increases dramatically); however, as the months and years pass, your return on investment skyrockets.

    Naturally, this is in theory, and there are many areas to consider, such as the investment and the return on investment. However, compound interest is a superpower in the investment world and is most definitely a force that can be used to the advantage of investors if possible.

    8. Don’t Be Afraid To Look Overseas

    I’m a big believer in investing in the Philippines. Due to the opportunities and developments, the Philippines, in my opinion, is one of the best places on earth for investors. However, several investment options overseas for Filipinos may be more suitable, depending on your circumstances.

    For instance, if you are thinking about investing in a start-up business in the Philippines but find the market too competitive, one option available is to start in another country. Of course, this does come with challenges. As mentioned, it’s not always the most suitable. However, several countries are foreign friendly to investors and business owners, such as Cambodia.

    If investing in a startup is not your thing, there are certainly opportunities within different markets. However, some types of investments are seen as gambling and are technically not legal in the Philippines; thus, it is important to do your own research and to speak to an independent investment advisor before investing.

    9. Find Out Your Investment Risk Profile

    One very useful tip for beginner investors in the Philippines is to find their investment risk profile. This can have a big impact on what investment is best for you. Several factors impact investors’ risk profiles.

    The younger generation, for example, may find that due to their age, they can afford to invest in more high-risk investments leading to potentially more financial rewards. However, older investors who are soon to retire may wish to use their investment during their retirement, and therefore, they will have a low-risk profile.

    In general, the decision on your risk profile will be down to you. Therefore, this is an important factor to consider when building your investment goal, strategy, and timeframe. With these tips and a robust investment plan, investors will be able to make the most suitable investment decisions. Investment Tips Philippines.

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