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9 Best Business Investments In The Philippines

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    There comes a time in every business when businesses invest in growing. But if you are looking to reinvest in a small business in the Philippines, what are your options? Today, we will answer this question by looking at the best business investments in the Philippines for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Best Business Investments In The Philippines

    1. Invest In Commerical Real Estate

    Real estate investing in the Philippines is a unique form of investment. Real estate possesses several values outside of the value of financial gain. The high demand for real estate in the Philippines has led to explosive growth and several opportunities. Investing in real estate, in general, is one of the best business investments in the Philippines. So why have we focused on commercial real estate?

    Like traditional real estate, commercial real estate also has several advantages. For example, commercial real estate can be used for your business operations or alternatively can be used as an investment for a business in the Philippines by renting out to other businesses.

    2. Reinvest Back Into Products And Services

    After spending years looking through small and medium-sized businesses in the Philippines, it is clear that businesses must reinvest back into products and services if they wish to grow successfully. This could mean offering a similar product or service to a new audience or selling a new product or service to your existing audience.

    One of the reasons this is the best business investment in the Philippines is because this investment option allows businesses to spread risk and increase capital simultaneously if actioned correctly. This can also include buying your most popular items in bulk to save costs on a per unit basis.

    There are many investment options to consider when it comes to reinvesting back into products and services, which may differ depending on the type of business you are operating. For example, perhaps the right reinvestment for your business in the Philippines is creating a service alongside your product or perhaps a product alongside your service?

    3. Reinvest In Time Saving Procedures

    There are several things we as human beings desire. Commonly, this is more resources, better health, and more time. Time is money in the business world, and this is why systematic approaches to business can be very profitable for small and medium businesses in the Philippines. Focusing on time-cutting procedures is often very wise if you have extra cash to reinvest in your business.

    • Can Additional Staff Be Hired To Reduce Long Operation Tasks?
    • Can Supply Times Be Reduced?
    • Can Payment Times Be Halved?
    • Can Some Tasks Be Outsourced?
    • Can The Marketing Process Be Reduced?
    • Can Time Be Saved On Deliveries?

    These are a few common areas you may wish to investigate when looking at business investment and business reinvestment in the Philippines. Reducing time allows you and your team to focus on what’s truly important.

    4. Invest In Other Businesses

    One option available for business reinvestment in the Philippines is investing in other businesses. There are several ways business owners can do this. The first is deciding what type of business you wish to invest in. Options include private businesses (small businesses, start-ups, etc.) and public businesses (listed on the Philippines stock exchange).

    Naturally, each option has pros and cons, and risk management is always key. Previously, we spoke about how to invest in a small business in the Philippines and explored the full process of angel investing in the Philippines, which investigates investing in businesses in more detail.

    5. Invest In Land

    Land is incredibly valuable. There are plenty of land opportunities for investors across the country, which we discussed in the full guide on land investing in the Philippines. In addition, land can be useful to support business operations to help grow a business. But unfortunately, land is not an instant gratification investment.

    Looking through the historical data, we found that land investments are often the most profitable long term and do not possess the best short-term profits. Therefore if you are looking for business reinvestment in the Philippines, land is a fantastic long-term investment option.

    6. Invest In Advertisement 

    Unless most of your business comes from organic means (such as google search), marketing and investment are likely part of your growth strategy. This is why advertisement investment is one of the best business investments in the Philippines for growing businesses. However, investing in advertising can also take several forms depending on the business.

    For example, an investment can be made to outsource advertisement, or an investment in advertisement can include different forms of advertising or an increase in budget. Alternatively, many large businesses today decide to reinvest in advertisement data which allows them to make better decisions in terms of advertising and marketing.

    7. Reinvest In Staff Training

    When we reinvest back into a business in the Philippines, we have several options available. Nevertheless, one of the best business investments in the Philippines is to reinvest back into your staff. The team can make or break a business. An untrained and unmotivated team – and the business will suffer. However, a motivated and trained team and the business will likely succeed.

    Of course, this is based on theory and several factors can impact the success of a business, but what is true is that business success has several key elements. One of these key elements is the trained and motivated staff. But what about if your business does not have staff?

    Another business investment option for small businesses in the Philippines includes reinvesting back into software and systems. This could include improving your cyber security or incorporating software into your business to streamline the business process. When it comes to staff, software, and systems, many investment options are available for businesses in the Philippines.

    8. Invest To Expand The Income Sources

    One of the most difficult challenges for new businesses is increasing their income and reducing expenses. This is the same for our personal finances. Many people find it very difficult to increase their income and reduce expenses. Inflation rates in the Philippines also make this process very difficult.

    However, most businesses and individuals who succeed in financial growth and business growth focus on expanding their income rather than reducing their expenses. Of course, doing both of these tasks is essential but focusing on expanding income streams for a business is key to reducing risks and increasing opportunities.

    • Can Your Business Make More Money?
    • Can You Sell More To Your Existing Audience?
    • Is It Possible To Sell To A New Audience?
    • Can You Grow Your Traffic?
    • What Opportunities Are Currently In The Market In Your Industry?
    • What Decisions Could Improve Your Business Finances?
    • Can You Increase Your Services?
    • Can  Products Be Packaged Together To Reduce Delivery Costs And Improve Profits?

    These are a few common questions that you may wish to investigate when looking at investment options for businesses in the Philippines. Essentially reinvestment is growing your business in terms of customers, sales, and general growth. So, what can you do in your business to achieve this?

    9. Invest In A Business Asset

    Investment assets are increasingly common with businesses and investors. Popular books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad & 24 Assets explain how valuable assets are in the financial world. So the question leads us to what are good business assets in the Philippines? Before we know what a good business asset is in the Philippines, we must understand the asset options.

    1. Digital Property (Such As A Website, Blogs, Etc)
    2. Products And Other Forms Of Stock
    3. Land & Real Estate
    4. Equipment

    Assets are also split into two different categories fixed assets and current assets. Sometimes these assets are referred to as tangible assets and intangible assets. Additionally, what an asset is in the Philippines can be slightly subjective.

    For instance, some see real estate as an asset, but some investors do not see real estate as an asset due to expenses and other reasons. Which leads us to which asset is best for a business in the Philippines? The best assets align with your business scope, have minimal costs, and have large profits or great financial value once sold.

    Naturally, the best assets to invest in as a business will depend on your industry and your business itself. For example, as a content creator, websites and digital property are fantastic assets, but vehicles such as trucks may not be my best asset even though it has value. However, a sand and gravel business owner may find the opposite true.

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