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Best 7 Where To Invest 100K Pesos Philippines

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    The Philippines is full of opportunity, and many thousands of pesos can be made through the right investment. But, where to invest 100K pesos in the Philippines? Today you will learn 7 of the best places where to invest 100K pesos in the Philippines and also some frequently asked questioned you may have about investing 100K in the Philippines.

    Where To Invest 100k Pesos In The Philippines

    1. Invest 100K in the Philippines Stock Exchange

    The Philippine Stock Exchange is one of the best places where to invest 100K pesos in the Philippines as it has many different investment options to suit your financial goal. For example, you may decide to invest in Jollibee stock or prefer mutual funds; whatever takes your fancy, it can be found on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

    If you are a beginner, we have released a full beginner’s guide on the Philippine Stock Exchange and some low-risk stocks for those looking to minimize their risk.

    One of the Philippine Stock Exchange appeals is that you can earn dividend payments, which is a bonus payment given to stockholders as a thank you for investing in that stock. Of course, this is never guaranteed, but often blue-chip stocks (the best of the best) pay dividends frequently, which can range from once a year to a few times a year.

    2. Become An Angel Investor In The Philippines

    Angel investing is another superhot option for a 100K investment in the Philippines. Angel investing is investing in a company in its early days.

    Because a company is in its very early stages, there tends to be more risk associated with Angel investing however it can be very profitable if the business grows and then gets turned into a public company (listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange)

    For instance, if you invest 100K in Jollibee, you may find that it makes a good return within a few years or even a few months, depending on the market. However, if you invested 100K in Jollibee at the beginning of its business many years ago when it was selling ice cream instead of fast food, then your investment would be incredibly high today. Visit Angelinvestmentnetwork to see options available.

    3. Invest 100,000 Pesos into Farming & Agricultural

    When you wonder where to invest 100K pesos in the Philippines, a farming and agricultural investment may not be on your list. Still, it is another business that has seen growth over the last several years and also does good by supporting local farmers across the Philippines.

    The process is relatively simple; john wants to grow crops but does not have enough money for the seeds or the tools. However, you and other investors do. Therefore, you can invest with john with the agreement that once the crops are grown and sold, you will receive a portion of the profit, including your investment and additional interest.

    Just like every kind of investment on the list, there are financial risks. However, certain companies have established themselves, such as Cropital Aim to reduce the risk for Filipino investors and make the investment process easier. A benefit of using an established company such as Cropital is that you can choose the type of crop and farmer you wish to invest in and see your potential returns.

    4. Invest In The Next Big Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is a topic that some either love or fear. Cryptocurrency originally got a bad name as many investors spoke about how corrupt cryptocurrency is while at the same time buying cryptocurrency for themselves!

    Fast forward to today, we have more knowledge about cryptocurrency and how it works. Day traders particularly love cryptocurrency as it’s such a volatile market, which means you could potentially buy a cryptocurrency and sell it within minutes and make a good profit.

    Therefore a 100K investment in the Philippines in cryptocurrency might be an exciting option. Some Filipinos choose Coins.PH to invest in; however, the best option is Coinbase. Unfortunately Coin.PH does not have a lot of options compared to Coinbase, and Coinbase also has very secure features. You can find out more about Coinbase here.

    5. Invest 100K capital In A UITF

    Unit investment trust funds are often funds that are pulled together with other investors and managed by an individual or corporation such as BDO, Security Bank, Metrobank, etc.

    Unit investment trust funds are an excellent investment if you do not have investment knowledge but are looking to invest and have your funds managed by a professional financial expert.

    The only downside to this is that there may be a small fee included for the management of the investment. In some cases, this is only a small percentage, but if it is a poorly managed united investment trust fund and you start to lose money, the admin fees can be an extra blow, so it’s something to be made aware of.

    Also, you may wish to look into mutual funds. Take a look at our full guide for the difference between these 2 investments and how many pesos you could earn.

    6. Invest Your Money In A Side Line Business

    Hear it Filipino wealth; we firmly believe that a side business is something most Filipinos should have. But what side business should you start? here is a list of a few examples that are currently trending

    As you can see from the list above, some of these businesses are more hands-on than others. Therefore, if you wonder where to invest 100K pesos in the Philippines but do not have the time to manage a side business, then hiring a staff member could be an option.

    A friend of mine did this with a food cart business. They franchised a small food cart business and hired one of their friends to be a staff member; the great thing was they were able to find a suitable location with low expenses, and the profit margin was fairly high, and thus they made more profit each month than normal traditional investments in the Philippines.  

    7. Investing In Gold, Silver, Oil, Coco, Rice, Etc

    The last 100K investment in the Philippines covers the subject of gold, silver, and oil. Gold, in particular, is often seen as a good investment for some as it diversifies the portfolio and can be easily purchased.

    You can often purchase these commodities through miners; however, the stock exchange is the typical way to invest. Prices are always changing. Here is a free tool to see the latest prices for gold, silver, and oil in the Philippines today

    What Investment In The Philippines Is Right For Me?

    This will heavily depend on your financial goal. For instance, if you are looking for a quick return, you may be more suitable in volatile markets such as cryptocurrency; however, for a long-term goal, you may find more success with the Philippine Stock Exchange, for example.

    Additionally, the best investments for individuals are those that the individual understands fully or is willing to gain to the understanding. Luckily there is a ton of free information listed throughout Filipino wealth, which aims to help make the right decision for you.

    How To Get Started Investing In The Philippines?

    Investing in the Philippines is a straightforward process. Most investment platforms will require you to set up an account, provide 1 or 2 government identifications, and deposit the investment amount. Feel free to visit our full guide on the PSE for more details.

    What Is The Capital Gains Tax In The Philippines?

    You have most likely come across capital gains tax concerning real estate, but capital gains apply to all investments. Therefore, in its simplest form, capital gain tax is taxable gains. Currently, the capital gain tax for the Philippines is set at 15% (6% for real estate).

    If you are looking to invest in the Philippine Stock Exchange, I recommend choosing COL financial. This is because they have the added benefit of calculating and arranging taxation for you.

    How Much Return Can I Expect From A 100K Pesos Investment In The Philippines?

    The market will determine how much you can make from an investment in the Philippines, which is continuously changing. Therefore it’s impossible to determine exactly how much you will make, but some investment platforms have had a track record that allows us to ‘guess’ potential returns.

    As any investor knows, the previous history does not determine future performance. However, statistically speaking, cryptocurrencies can offer the highest return during short periods while other investment types such as real estate and the Philippines Stock Exchange offer a better return in the long term. For instance, the Stock Exchange typically increases this by 8 -12% annually.

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