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7 BEST Short Term Investment In The Philippines

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    Short term investment In The Philippines? There are many different types of short term investments in the Philippines. But the best short term investment depends on your level of risk and your financial goal.

    Some short term investments in the Philippines are very high risk; however, they also carry high financial rewards. So today, we’re going to go through short term investments for the Philippines.

    What Are The Best Short Term Investment Philippines

    1. Bitcoin & Altcoins

    It’s no surprise that Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies have made our list of short term investments in the Philippines.

    Bitcoin is one of the highest financially rewarding investments we have seen in many years. However, even though Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency globally, it is certainly not the only one.

    Some may be surprised that thousands of cryptocurrencies are on the market on average. Furthermore, anywhere between 2-8 new cryptocurrencies are added every day.

    One reason cryptocurrencies are one of the best short term investments for the Philippines is that they are highly volatile. Unfortunately, this means that they are also high risk; however, if you are looking to double your money in a short period, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a proven track record of accomplishing this task.

    2. Philippines Stock Exchange

    The Philippine Stock Exchange is not just an excellent long-term investment for Filipinos all across the country. But, unfortunately, it is also an excellent short term investment for the Philippines. In some cases, stocks can fall by 20 to 40% within 24 hours.

    Like cryptocurrencies, highly volatile stocks leave room for rapid profit, but similar to all short-term investments on our list today, it carries risk.

    If you are interested in the Philippine Stock Exchange, please look at our full beginner’s guide to see a step-by-step plan to invest in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

    3. Foreign Stock Exchanges

    If the Philippine Stock Exchange doesn’t suit your financial goal, you may find more benefit by investing in other foreign exchanges.

    The two most popular foreign exchanges for Filipinos seem to be… The United States stock exchange and the Singapore stock exchange.

    The benefit of investing in a foreign stock exchange such as the United States is that some of the biggest businesses in the world are located in the US. In addition, many day traders worldwide are currently earning income from trading on foreign stock markets.

    4. Forex

    The Forex market is very similar to the stock market, especially when we focus on a fluctuation. Forex has been an exciting topic for local Filipinos for many years, especially with legal regulations; however, if you are an overseas Filipino worker, you may find that this is the best short term investment for you.

    The best time to make a profit is during national changes that affect the countries value.  Take a look at the forex website directly For more information.

    Personally speaking, I have tried forex for myself, and even though the process was not complicated, it was slightly more challenging than other short term investments Philippines that I have previously made. So before investing is always advised to investigate the investment thoroughly fully.

    5. Flipping Domains

    Flipping domains is an excellent way to make money in such a short amount of time. Therefore, domain flipping could be one of the best short term investments in the Philippines.

    The process is simple. You see a website that you feel would be popular. Perhaps it’s a website such as,,,,, etc. So you decide to purchase it to resell it at a later date for a higher price.

    Domain flipping is not always easy, but it’s still possible to earn quick money from this short term investment in the Philippines.

    GoDaddy has an excellent marketplace for those who are looking to buy and sell domains online. Alternatively, you can visit Dot.PH to buy local domains ending in the Philippines official extension, which is PH.

    6. Reselling Websites

    Similar to domain flipping, reselling websites is buying or designing a website to resell later for higher profits.

    Websites are a little bit more complicated than domain names as they often include a full online asset which could be an eCommerce store or something as simple as a blog. When an individual sells a website, it often includes a domain name, an online asset, social media pages, and anything else attached to that business.

    In many cases, people buy websites for income. Therefore reselling blogs and E-Commerce stores is a very popular business opportunity for many entrepreneurs.

    For more information, you can visit You will find a great deal of information on this site, from reselling apps to selling full online businesses.

    7. Flipping Social Media Pages

    The Philippines’ last short-term investment example is a fairly modern type of investment, flipping social media pages.

    It has to be said this is against many social media companies’ guidelines and policies. Still, many people are earning a great deal of income from buying and reselling social media pages.

    If pages have a certain number of followers, they can be highly monetized. This is because businesses and individuals are willing to pay to be seen. This can include sponsored posts which we spoke about in more detail when we learned how to make money from Facebook and Instagram in the Philippines.

    Flipping social media pages can be a lucrative business as many resellers are in the market. Some investors purchase social media pages only to resell a few weeks later at a higher price. This is often achieved by increasing the following of the account.

    Is Long Term Or Short Term Investment In The Philippines Better?

    The answer depends on two fundamental factors. The first is your financial goal, and the second factor is the investment vehicle you are choosing.

    Some investments in the Philippines work best short term, while others are best with a long term vision. The difficulty is that the market is continuously changing, and it has a history of showing unpredicted events, which makes it near impossible to predict.

    Way back in 2007, many people believed that Bitcoin would be an excellent short term investment. However, some believed it to be a long term investment. Unfortunately, those who saw it as a short term investment lost the opportunity to earn millions. However, it’s essential to take into consideration their personal financial goals.

    Financially speaking, a savvy investor often has short term investments as well as long term investments. Short term investments Philippines can be very lucrative; however, they also require much more maintenance than long-term investments in the Philippines.

    How Long Should I Invest For?

    When looking at short term investments, typically, investments are anywhere from a few weeks to a few hours and even, in some cases, a few minutes.

    If you invest in a volatile market and invest in many pesos, you may not need to wait for a long time until your investment becomes profitable. This is especially true if you have chosen your investment at the right time.

    One other consideration is also your management of the investment. Some investors find it very difficult to monitor their short term investment every hour or every day. This leads to investing for a slightly more extended period of a week or two. Some short term investments can also be as long as 30 days; after this, short term investments tend to be seen as more short to medium term.  

    Short Term Investments Philippines: Take Away

    • One of the most popular short term investments in the Philippines is cryptocurrency. This is because day traders can earn profit in the highly volatile market.
    • High-risk investment does not always mean high rewards. However, the most highly rewarding financial investments are on the higher side of the risk scale.
    • Even though flipping social media pages is against many social media terms, it is a practice that is growing all across the world.
    • Investing in the stock exchange campy financially rewarding both as a short term investment and as a long term investment.
    • Forex is a popular investment and is volatile, which means it could be a perfect opportunity to earn for my short term investment.
    • Before investing in any short term investments, it’s best to understand the process is behind the investment entirely. This also includes any service fees as this could eat away at your profits.

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