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Philippines Stock Market For BEGINNERS

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    Some of the biggest stock market questions are questions such as… what are the minimum number of shares to buy in the Philippines?, what are penny stocks?, when is the best time to buy stocks in the Philippines?. Therefore, throughout this article, we will be diving into your questions you have submitted to us here at Filipino Wealth!

    What Is The Minimum Number Of Shares To Buy In The Philippines Stock Exchange?

    The minimum number of shares to buy on the Philippines stock market depends on the stock price and the stock itself. As shown in the board lot table below, investors must follow what is stated according to the Philippines stock exchange.

    Price RangeBoard LotPrice Fluctuation
    0.0001 – 0.00991,000,0000.0001
    0.01 – 0.049100,0000.001
    0.05 – 0.24910,0000.001
    0.25 – 0.49510,0000.005
    0.50 – 4.991,0000.01
    5.00 – 9.991000.01
    10.00 – 19.981000.02
    20.00 – 49.951000.05
    50.00 – 99.95100.05
    100 – 199.9100.10
    200 – 499.8100.20
    500 – 999.5100.50
    1,000 – 1,99951.00
    2,000 – 4,99852.00
    5,000 – above55.00
    Source –

    In other words, the higher the price, most often, the low shares an investor needs to buy. A sample is from BDO Unibank Inc. As of January 6, 2021, BDO has a stock price of P99.90. Therefore, if the minimum number of shares required to buy is 100 shares, Your total minimum investment amount is P9,990.

    1 share = P99.90 & minimum purchase amount = 100 shares : Therefore, P99.90 X 100 shares = P9,990 total investment needed.

    What Is The Minimum Investment In Stocks In The Philippines?

    The amount of money needed to invest in the Philippines stock exchange depends on the stock, the current price, and the amount required to open a trading account with a stock broker.

    As long as an investor can reach the required amount set out by the Philippines stock exchange, there is no limit. But, as we have found out above, the minimum depends on the stock price on the day. In short, the higher the price, the fewer shares needed.

    However, the question is better answered by looking at the stock exchange trader. Many stock exchange brokers in the Philippines have little to no limit to opening an account; however, there is an amount needed to purchase the stock (covered above)

    Online StockbrokerMinimum Investment
    COL Financial1,000 PHP
    BDO NomuraNone
    BPI TradeNone
    Philstocks5,000 PHP
    FirstMetro SecNone for Metrobank account holders (2,500 PHP for depositors of other banks)

    When To Buy Stocks In The Philippines?

    You may ask yourself what stocks I should buy and when to buy stocks in the Philippines, as this is common. The best time to buy stocks in the Philippines is when they are undervalued.

    Essentially, knowing when stocks are undervalued is a skill that makes investors extremely rich. According to the World Bank, the Philippines has an Annual GDP growth forecast of 6.20% in 2021. Some investors believe that long-term investment is the best and effortless investment method as it grows your capital for many years.

    Here are some of the best Philippines stocks to buy for long term investment

    1. Aboitiz Equity Venture (AEV)
    2. Alliance Global (AGI)
    3. Ayala Corporation (AC)
    4. Ayala land Incorporation (ALI)
    5. Bank Of The Philippines Island (BPI)
    6. BDO Unibank (BDO)
    7. GT Capital Holdings (GTCAP)
    8. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICT)
    9. JG Summit (JGS)
    10. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC)
    11. Metro Pacific Investments (MPI)
    12. Metrobank (MBT)
    13. Puregold (PGOLD)
    14. SM Investment Corporation (SM)
    15. SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)

    *Please note, the above list is based on price predictions, recent news, business movements, types of stock, and more. It is always recommended to seek independent and professional guidance before investing.

    What Time Can I Buy Stocks On The Philippines Stock Exchange?

    Philippines Stock Exchange Trading Schedule(2021)

    Monday-Friday: 9:30am – 12:45pm — Trading Session & (12:50pm – 1:00pm — Trading At Last)

    What Are Penny Stocks In The Philippines?

    Penny Stocks – are those that trade at a very low price, low market capitalization, usually listed on a smaller exchange. Penny Stocks can be a risky investment. Penny stocks in the Philippines get a lot of attention and interest from stock traders investors. You can certainly make money from penny stocks in the Philippines. Still, trading penny stock shares is slightly different from trading normal stocks in the Philippines, and the risks can sometimes be very high.

    What Are The Blue Chip Stocks In The Philippines?

    Blue Chips originally came from the game poker. In poker, blue chips have the highest value. Generally sell high-quality, widely accepted products and services. Blue-chip stocks are seen as relatively safe investments with a proven track record of success and stable growth. However, it’s important to note the other side of the coin, which is investments. Price history does not always guarantee future outcomes.

    What Is The Minimum Age In The Stock Market In The Philippines?

    Filipinos and foreigners who are 18 years old and above can invest in the Philippines stock exchange. Additionally, those below 18years old can still participate in the stock market through an in trust for (ITF) account, which parents or guardians can open.

    In the Philippines, the number of millennials who are joining to invest is still rising. One source reports – The Philippines Stock Exchange announced that 21.5% of stock market investors were aged 19-21,  And 45% of stock market investors were aged 30-44. Therefore 1 out of 5 investors in the Philippines today are young. Besides the younger generation.

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