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How To Invest In Lazada Philippines 2024

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    Due to its rapid growth over the years, Lazada has become a household name in the Philippines, but many investors ask how to invest in Lazada in the Philippines?

    Lazada is a well-known name, it’s a common assumption that Lazada is Philippines-based and can be purchased on the Philippine Stock Exchange, but this is incorrect. In addition, there are different branches of Lazada all across Asia, but they all fall under the umbrella of Alibaba Group (BABA).

    As Lazada is a brand of Alibaba Group, Lazada stock is, in fact, the Alibaba Group stock. Alibaba is registered in China; therefore, if you are looking at how to invest in Lazada in the Philippines, you will need to invest in the Alibaba Group stock via the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

    How To Invest In Lazada Philippines

    Now we know that to invest in Lazada stocks in the Philippines, we will need to trade via the Chinese Stock Exchange, but the next question is how?

    The most appropriate option is through the services of an online stock trader. Below is a list of popular online stock traders that can be used for foreigners who wish to invest in the Chinese Stock Exchange.

    1. Alpari 
    2. Etoro 
    3. Expertoption 
    4. FXTM 
    5. Hotforex 
    6. IC Markets 
    7. Interactive brokers
    8. IQ Option 
    9. OctaFX 
    10. Olymp Trade 
    11. XM 

    As our readers are from all over the world, some of the options listed above might be more appropriate than others. It’s recommended to look at each online stock trader’s full terms and conditions before investing.

    In addition, it’s urged to carefully consider your options and thoroughly investigate each stock trading platform. This is not only to safeguard from potential scams but also recommended due to potential limitations.

    …For example, some stock trading platforms have a significant investment threshold needed before you can open up your account, while others only have access to a particular stock.

    Once you have a stock trading account, you will then be able to invest in Lazada stocks from the Philippines, but one question you may also be wondering is, is buying Lazada stock a good idea?

    Is Lazada (Alibaba) A Good Stock To Buy?

    Over the last five years (from the time of writing this article), the stock price has risen by approximately 35%. However, one thing to always remember when investing in the stock market is that past performances never predict future outcomes.

    Lazada is also considered a conglomerate. Conglomerates are essentially businesses that are made up of other companies. For example, Alibaba Group also owns AliExpress, Ding Talk, Ant Group, and many others; therefore, some investors see conglomerates as an excellent investment. Some risks are deemed to be lower due to the size of the conglomerate.

    But what history has taught us is that even large companies do not guarantee results. Of course, there are pros and cons to each argument, but every investment in the Stock Exchange world carries with it some element of risk. Therefore, it’s always recommended to seek advice from an independent financial advisor before investing in Lazada stocks in the Philippines.  

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