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Where Can I Invest My 10k In The Philippines!?

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    When people think of investments, they tend to think of investments of 100,000 pesos or more. In reality, however, not everybody has this amount to invest. So, in today’s article, we will answer the question of, where can I invest my 10K in the Philippines?

    For example, if you are looking to invest 500 pesos, then 9 times out of 10, you will only ever earn a small return. However, if you can invest 100,000 pesos, potentially your return will be much higher with 10,000 pesos. Also known as the middle ground. The good news about being in the middle ground is that you have many options available to you, and you can still make a good profit from 10,000 pesos.

    So let’s look at some of these ways now and answer the question, “where can I invest my 10K in the Philippines”.

    Where Can I Invest My 10k In The Philippines!?

    Invest 10K In Starting A Blog In The Philippines

    One of the biggest mistakes people make regarding blogging investment is that they believe the hype that blogging is dead. People have been saying blogging this for a year. Trust me; it really isn’t as if this is the case you wouldn’t be here reading this.  

    The great news for new bloggers is that there are so many subjects and topics to blog about.

    Some of the most successful start-up blogs (financially speaking) are around a small topic or a combination of two topics.  For example, if you are blogging about traveling, the compilation is very hard.

    But what about blogging on a budget around Asia or traveling the world as an online teacher or something that mixes up the normal “tradition travel blogger” profile.

    Concerning a smaller topic idea, a classic example would be our sister site of This website is where we speak about very similar topics like and talk about more personal topics such as travel, dating, and marriage.

    This has seen our views high numbers in such a small amount of time, and even though this is not a popular subject with everybody, it is being searched for.

    The great thing about blogging is that your readers can be from anywhere in the world (This can affect your financial income). But if you are interested in something or can provide helpful content, you will attract many readers and, through this, a higher return every month.

    If you are new to blogging or only know a little bit, then our exclusive new blogger’s guide is something I strongly recommend you check out.

    This guide will show you how to build a successful blog and how to monetize a blog, all through simple steps.

    Lastly, an added tip to be successful in this business model is to expand your blog onto other monetized channels such as YouTube. Why? Because you can make more money.

    How? Because your viewers can be redirected to your website (or other channels), which could potentially open you up to double the amount of profit.

    Invest 10K In A Small Online Business

    Before I had the idea for this article, an old friend of mine asked me, “Jamie, where can I invest my 10K in the Philippines?” So, of course, I first said to him, a small online business,… you may be wondering, like him, why I mentioned this and not some kind of passive investment.

    With an online business, you open the doors to an unlimited world (even though we find this hard to believe during the early stages of our business). with a business, you are in control.

    In other words, you could sell services and/or products to different types of people in totally different countries if you choose to. Of course, you can also decide on other factors, such as setting up a luxury brand or a discounted business, or anything else in between.

    But here is the thing. With other investments, you don’t have this much control.

    On a side note, if you are struggling with ideas, then check out our full list of best business ideas in the Philippines, as well as some bonus ideas!

    Invest 10K In A Dropshipping Project

    Since we speak about online businesses, it would be rude not to mention the famous drop shipping business model. Dropshipping is not an easy business to run, believe me (I have started 3of them).

    But if you can get the right product and the right audience, it is still very profitable.

    There are, of course, benefits and hurdles with a dropshipping business model. What some dropshipping owners are moving to is now something called private labels. A private label is very similar to drop shipping, but you can create the product yourself and then sell it directly to the consumer.

    Dropshipping research is a bit of a minefield currently. However, the reality is that drop shipping can be started with very little expenses; that is why it has made our list of “where can I invest my 10K in the Philippines” list. But because it is so cheap to start, there is indeed a lot of competition.

    The other reason that makes dropshipping a minefield is because of YouTubers / websites promoting courses on dropshipping. This is because it’s either their course or they are getting a commission.

    So naturally, they will suggest and say about products and industries that can make you rich and how their course will be the best thing you ever do. I should add this is not everyone and is only a small percentage, and I’m definitely not hating on anyone!

    But it does make it hard to find out genuine expectations and research about this model from a beginner’s point of view.  

    Lucky, this is where Filipino wealth comes in. In my honest options (with no commission involved). I Still believe this is a very lucrative business, especially if you do not have more than 10,000 pesos at your disposal.

    Just be extra vigilant when doing your research and deciding on a product to sell.  

    Invest 10K In Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading

    Bitcoin trading may not be the first thing you think about when you are looking to answer the question of where I can invest my 10K in the Philippines. However, just like over-trading, it is potentially a great source of income for traders who can make calculated gambles.

    it’s not recommended you jump into Bitcoin trading if you have never heard of this investment before. If you can gain the skills and feel comfortable doing so, you can trade quite easily as many platforms are now operational.

    A tip from anyone wanting to learn more about cryptocurrency is to visit our newest post that answers the question, is Bitcoin mining still profitable in the Philippines? (pssst, Here is a full guide 😉 )

    Many people invest in cryptocurrencies and regularly trade these because of the fluctuation levels of cryptocurrencies.

    For a few traders, the excitement of cryptocurrency is far better than the slow ups and downs of the stock market, in their opinion.

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are still some of the riskiest investments you can make presently.

    In other words, only invest what you feel you could lose, and remember there are quite literally thousands of cryptocurrencies out there.

    Invest 10K In The Philippines Stock Market 

    Of course, we had to talk about the famous Philippine Stock Exchange on our list of where to invest my 10K in the Philippines guide. There are many reasons this had made our list and the first being its track record.

    There have been many years when the Philippine Stock Exchange has not performed as well as expected. However, overall yearly growth ranges from 8 to 12%, giving or taking over several years.

    The great thing about the Stock Exchange is you can invest in a company that you feel is undervalued and has not reached its peak.

    You can indeed turn thousands of pesos into hundreds of thousands of pesos with the right strategy and time. Similar to cryptocurrency, It is very important to research the stock, company, and current market fully.

    Invest 10K In Becoming An Affiliate Marketer In The Philippines

    Affiliating is a great business for those looking to earn income repeatedly, even after the original work has been done. An affiliate business is just A fancy way of saying a commission business.

    When you start an affiliate business, you will always need a few essential tools.

    The most important tool is a platform. For example, the platform could be a website, or this could be a YouTube channel. A platform can be just about anything where people can find you and read/watch your content.

    The second tool you will need is an audience (not all audiences are created equally).

    You will need an audience who trusts you and is willing to buy a product or service you are promoting.

    For example, If you are a fitness icon with a large social media following.

    You should start up with an affiliate program that will allow you to promote their products in return for a small commission after each sale. You don’t always need to be a fitness icon or have an amazing talent to earn through an affiliate link.

    If you have an audience that trusts you, you stand a good chance of earning an income from this.

    I recently stumbled on a great Instagram and YouTube channel where this guy was reviewing household products. He reviewed products honestly and openly. I knew this straight away because of some items he used and did not recommend!

    The reason why he was earning enough to do this online was that he was real.

    What does real mean? Simply put, your viewers and your readers are super smart. They can pick up on tones of language in text and subconscious body language. So, the best way is always to be honest.

    If you have not tried something or would not buy it yourself, then do not promote it and only work with brands you feel would be valuable to your audience. This is something that the most successful entrepreneurs in this kind of business do.

    Invest 10K In The Philippines: Tip

    Here we are. We have reached our bonus investment tip. If you have Googled (if that’s even a word) where to invest my 10K in the Philippines, then the chances are you are looking for many different investments that could be passive and non-passive.

    Please note the following business investment tip is aimed at individuals who do not have a business and have not invested before.

    Most simply, our bonus tip is this. If you do not have a business currently (you are working for someone else) and/or you do not have at least 150,000 pesos in the bank, then a 10,000 Pesos investment, in my opinion, should be put into a business which you can control and build instead of something you have little control over.

    Think about it like this if you get a 10% per month interest return on your 10K (which is incredibly high).

    Then you could make 1000 pesos a month or 12,000 pesos a year. So if you can run your own business, you could easily make more than 1000 peso profit a month.

    So for this example, we can make 3000 pesos a month profit from our business, over the year that is 36,000 pesos which is a difference of 26,000 pesos in 12 months.

    Statistically, when we look at interest rates for investments, this can range from 0.5% to anywhere up to 15% or more, depending on the investment in question.

    However, the percentage is through the roof when we compare this to how much a potential business could make. In other words, if you invested 10,000 pesos in starting a business and you made all the right decisions, you could earn 500%, 1000%, or even more (AKA Full-time income).

    This is not always the case on every investment (Remember bitcoin 😉). Still, in most cases, if you do not have a business and another stream of income, it would be much more beneficial for you to put your first investment on something you have more control over.

    Invest 10K In The Philippines: Summary

    We have now reached the end, and I hope we have helped to answer the question of where I can invest my 10K in the Philippines. Investments are not always an easy thing.

    One of the main patterns of behavior I have seen in individuals who have made a success for investments is that they are willing to fully research the topic and spend the same amount of hours researching it as it took them to earn the money they are going to invest.

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