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Where To Invest 20K Pesos Philippines

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    Today we are going to look at the best places where to invest 20K PESOS! Usually, in our articles when we speak and focus on passive investments. This is something most financial websites out there also do. But what financial websites fail to go over are investments that you can make via your own business.

    Why is this a good place to put your 20k pesos in the Philippines? First, because 20K is unlikely to get large returns in the short term, most of the ideas we share today can. Second, the added benefit is that you have much more control over these investments.  

    In other words, in today’s article, we will be going over a mixture of passive investments for 20K pesos and investments for 20K pesos in which you have more control.

    It’s always important that you think very carefully about the actions you take or do not take. Remember (with business especially). The easier something is typical, the more competition you will have.

    Invest 20K Pesos In The Philippines

    1. Invest 20K In A Start Up Philippines

    If you do not have your own business at this time, a start-up could be your Golden ticket to wealth. When we can save 5K,10K, 20K, or even 50K pesos to invest, we invest in areas that can sometimes take years before we can start to see a sizeable return.

    With a start-up, if you can invest 20K pesos, you can quite literally start to see returns in a couple of weeks or even, in some cases, hours! Of course, this is not easy, but with the right marketing, the right product, and the right market, this can be achievable.

    If you have a business or have other projects you are working on (in other words, you don’t have enough spare time), then hiring someone or getting some family help might be very beneficial for the business.

    A start-up is a great way of increasing your income, and it is very flexible. Why? Because a start-up business can be quite literally about anything here in the Philippines. What we often forget in this country is it is a place of opportunities with only 20K pesos you can start a small business whether that is delivering products or services to the public.

    With the right strategies, you could one day grow your business into a multimillion-peso empire.

    On the other hand, if you are wondering, “this sounds great, but I don’t have any ideas for a start-up,” then here are some ideas. (Some of these are what we have written about previously on

    As we all know, in today’s world, it’s not always about money. It’s about our minds and being smart with the 20,000 pesos we have.

    For example, I was recently speaking to a guy living in Cebu; he had only a small amount of capital, and he indeed came to me and asked where to invest 20K pesos? I gave him some ideas, and I found out he used a few of my ideas but combined these ideas to start a very clever business.

    He decided to rent two secondhand vending machines that he managed to rent for only 5000 pesos each month. He then decided to fill these with stationery such as pens, pencils, books, and other products. He then placed these in a secure location close to two universities.

    After a few months, his profit was almost double his start-up capital of 20K pesos. It’s not a unique story. Starting a successful business from scratch is being done every day, which means you can start a successful business in the Philippines with only 20,000 peso investments. It is possible!

    2. Invest 20000 Pesos In Your Own Blog

    We love speaking about blogs here at We recently released a full guide for Filipinos looking to start a blog in the Philippines. This guide is specifically designed for Filipinos in the Philippines, and we go through each section of this business.

    Why is this a good investment for 20,000 Filipino pesos? Because as a blogger, you have the freedom to talk about whatever you wish and to reach audiences all across the world. Once you have some content on your blog, you can monetize it in many different ways. Some people monetized their blogs through advertisements such as we have here at Filipino wealth.

    Other bloggers decide to monetize their website by selling products or services or selling other people’s products and services for a commission. These are an entirely legitimate and real ways of earning money online. Trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you here. If you find a good niche and build readable content that people will enjoy, you can build a business of it.

    Initially, a blog investment will require a lot of your time to research and write, so prepare for a small sacrifice of your time, especially in the early days. If you are looking for a passive income or looking to invest your money in something that does not require you to work, then a blog may not be your best option. Fear not, we have some passive incomes for you below.

    3. 20K Investment In A Service Business And Passive Income

    What is the best thing about having a 20K peso investment? It is that you can invest 20K in a service. A service can be quite literally anything you feel would be profitable and desirable in the market. As an example, if you were a freelance real estate agent, you would be able to use this capital to build your business to see a higher return in the near possible future.

    The downside with servicing similar to blogging is that you will have to exchange some of your time for a financial return. However, if you see a future in the business you are thinking of, you can receive a higher return on this idea than all of our other ideas on this list.

    4. Farming Investment In The Philippines For 20k

    We recently spoke about passive incomes in 2020 and where to invest 5000 pesos? In these articles, we touched upon this lucrative farming investment. But, unfortunately, a farming investment is something that many people do not talk about when it comes to investments. This is not because it is a bad investment, but they are often unsure how this works or where to begin.

    There are many routes that you could take when it comes to a farming investment in the Philippines. The most common business investment center in the Philippines for this kind of investment is Cropital. However, a simple Google search will show us many other businesses that may be more applicable to your needs.

    We have used Cropital above because a minimum investment is set at only 5000 pesos. They also have a free Calculator to see your returns and the expected time of returns for your investment.

    When we look into a farming investment, we may ask the question, “How does this work?” In the simplest explanation, your capital is invested together with other investors. The capital is then invested in the farm itself.

    Next, you can choose your crops and the farmer that you wish to invest in. Next, your investment capital will go towards buying the seeds, equipment, and anything else needed.

    Finally, one of the crops has been grown and sold, the farmer will receive a percentage of the profit, and you as an investor will receive the other percentage. (Minus a small amount that goes to the investment company as a fee).

    5. Investment Into The Philippines Stock Exchange

    If you are looking where to invest 20K pesos, an investment that you may not first consider is the Philippine Stock Exchange. If you have not invested in the Philippine Stock Exchange, then you can check out our low-risk stock article and even the full guide on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

    These will help break down each step from the very beginning. In other words, whether you are a beginner or semi-professional, you can invest with ease.

    Why is this a good investment? First, because the Philippine Stock Exchange is continually increasing when we look at other exchanges across the world, we can see that some countries have taken a hit overall in recent years while the Philippines have been increasing year after year with an annual rate between 8 to 12%.

    If you are looking to invest 20K peso on a one-off basis or monthly, you could earn between 8-12% on average from your investment.

    Please note, however, that this typically depends on your stock. I have known investors to make 200 or 300% from the Stock Exchange as they could choose the right company at the right time.

    The stock market is based on the fact that investors are compensated for the risk of buying shares when investors invest. News headlines can be as life-changing as investing in a stock at Jolibee, for example, so it is risky to place a short-term bet that a stock will rise with a sizeable sum of money.

    Some of the world’s most respected investors say that the best way to make money for ordinary investors like me and you is to invest in index funds, mutual funds, and stocks and hold them for a long time.    

    You can invest in the Philippine Stock Exchange for as little as 1000 pesos. More details on this can be found in our full guide.

    6. In A Small Food Cart Business Or Kiosk

    A food cart business is something that is continually being searched for on Google and other search engines across the Philippines. We can see from statistics that this is an ever-increasing business for those looking to start a business with little capital.

    If you are looking to invest 20K pesos, you can find a small, low-cost franchising business that provides its customers with training, equipment, and a few other things in return for royalty fees. However, it is important to note that if you are looking to franchise a food cart business here in the Philippines, typically, the prices range anywhere from 20K to 60K. (Depending on the brand and the food type).

    Alternatively, you could decide to run your own food cart business, which may eliminate some of these costs in the long term but can be quite costly short term.

    From looking at other statistics available, we can see that many Filipinos are earning good money from this kind of business. Still, a business owner must be extremely business smart because, in this business, many factors will need to be met for you to make a profit. Luckily, we have covered all these areas in our full food cart business guide in the Philippines.

    Suppose you’re still wondering where to invest 20K pesos, and you like the idea of a food cart business. In that case, you can always decide to team up with somebody who might put in the hours at the food cart or perhaps join forces with you financially to start up your business. Remember, an entrepreneur will always find a way around any hurdle.

    7. In A Product Or Innovation Merchandise

    One of the best things about the Philippines is that we have access to extremely low-cost materials compared to other countries. For example, I recently spoke on our social media page about coconuts. In the UK and other parts of Europe, it is nearly impossible to grow coconuts like there is in the Philippines due to the climate of these Weston counties.

    In other words, the Philippines has access to a potential gold mine for the right entrepreneur.

    Of course, as a product, this will also require time, especially initially, so if you’re questioning where to invest 20K pesos in the Philippines and do not have much available time, then perhaps you can look at this idea from a different angle. So perhaps think… Am I able to get some help from friends or family with this business?

    A product can be many things. In the example above, we use coconuts. But why did we use coconuts? In the Philippines, when you can go to the source (coconut farmers) and buy in bulk, you can often get these coconuts for a very low price.

    If you could sell them internationally (if your budget allows this. Sadly way more than 20K ☹) or even locally, then you will be able to make a good profit. Nevertheless, this is just an example of a product/niche you could choose.

    I have listed a few products that you can buy relatively cheap and sell for a much higher price to give you a few concepts. Remember, if your budget allows you to, you can sell to the US and Europe via Amazon and other means which will allow you to generate much more profit.

    • Phone Cases
    • Emergency Kits
    • Local Products (Foods / Materials)
    • Oils
    • Bottles
    • Footwear And Other Clothing
    • Sports Equipment
    • Bags
    • Nonelectric Computer Accessories.
    • Wooden Watches
    • Skincare (Own Brand)
    • Hobby Gadgets (Avoid Electrical Items)
    • Garden Equipment

    Lastly, if you plan to sell a product internationally, focus on the size and the weight. If you are making a good profit from this, then you can afford to go big. But if you are making small profit levels, try to stick with smaller items as shipping and handling fees are typically much lower.

    8. In Starting A Freelance Remove Call Centre

    We have spoken about many different investments in this list of where to invest 20K pesos, but the last one on our list takes the form of a remote call center. A remote call center may not initially come to mind because, of course, you need a lot more than 20 K pesos to start a call center, or do you?

    There are many different types of call centers targeting many different types of customers. When we tend to think about the customers that require outsourcing centers, we think of big organizations or businesses with 500 or even 1000+ employees. However, this reality is not always the case.

    Some small businesses out there are run by one or two employees and require the assistance of a remote call center. These can be roles such as; customer service, data analyst, or order. The great thing about these customers is they don’t have the budget to spend on a high-class outsourcing service.

    In other words, you can approach them to offer them a better deal. It’s important to note. However, there are pros and cons to this kind of customer.

    “How can I start a call center with only 20K pesos?” A remote call center can be described as an agent working from home or a café. All you will need (apart from business registration fees, marketing, etc.) is a laptop.

    I agree it’s not the easiest thing to do with only 20K, but it’s possible. I’ve witnessed and watched many people who have started a small service on websites such as then need to hire additional staff as their business grew massively.

    The great thing about this is you could scale the business quite quickly. If you are growing rapidly, you may be able to hire an additional employee and then even one day take a step back and allow this business to be somewhat passive. When I speak about this, many people often say that it’s impossible, but there have been Filipinos who have succeeded with a very small budget, such as 10K-20K pesos. They now run huge corporations across Asia.

    If it’s possible for them, then it’s possible for you as I know you have an entrepreneurial mindset which is why you have typed this question into Google or clicked on this page. You, my friend, are an entrepreneur, and you will be successful.

    Tips On Investing 20K Pesos Philippines

    Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth, but it can be difficult and stressful to start with when you have never invested before. However, investing can help you maximize the amount of money you earn so you can build up your wealth and achieve greater financial security when you retire.    

    Investing in the stock market can pay off if you avoid the pitfalls most new investors face when they launch. Beginners often find an investment plan that works for them and stick with it through the good times and the bad.    

    Below are some investment tips for the Philippines that financial advisers say will help newcomers build long-term wealth.

    When you pay into a pension plan, you can choose to invest in one or more funds. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, remember there are always mutual funds and index funds with a low minimum investment needed.

    Index funds in the Philippines are a passive investing approach, using professional portfolio management to track a market index. As a result, they tend to have lower cost ratios.

    Another option is to invest in a dividend reinvestment plan (DIP), which allows you to buy one share at a time. With this strategy, you will earn dividends by investing in the same company over and over again.   

    Some people who are uncomfortable with risk may want to hold a mix of stocks and bonds if their investment objectives are long-term. However, some experts suggest that you would be better off investing in funds that hold lots of shares in different companies and a variety of interest-paying bonds to spread your risk.

    From the above, we can understand why it is important for beginners to invest their money. Regular investments and avoiding financial risks can help you save significant amounts of money over some time.

    Experts advise investors to keep the money invested in the stock market for at least three to five years when investing in the market.    

    Where To Invest 20K Pesos In The Philippines: Summary

    We speak about many different types of investment here at FilipinoWealth. So often, when you search where to invest 20K pesos in the Philippines, you will come across sites offering many different investments. Although these investments are good, they may not all be the best for your 20K pesos.

    Therefore, we have tried to include a mixture of passive incomes as well as business investments. Admittedly, not all these investments will get you returns in the short term, as we mentioned before, but they could pay off long-term if planned correctly. It is up to you to decide whether you are looking for short- or long-term gains.

    where to invest 20k pesos? If you already have a business or several businesses, you may want to invest in something passive as you will most likely not have much time left in your busy life. On the other hand, if you do not have a business or a system that is earning you regular money, this should be the 1st place where you put your money.

    I mentioned previously. It’s recommended that if you do not have a business, it’s a good time to start before you make any investment. Why is this? Because you have much more control over your money.

    I sadly made this mistake with my savings, and I wish I could turn back the time to invest this capital into a business or invest in this website.  

    The decision’s where to invest 20k pesos thankfully is your choice. However, it should always be something you fully investigate by looking at many different options and speaking to many different people.

    Look at the investment industry you are thinking about when researching the passive income you are considering…. And think, do I believe this has a future in 5 years? Do I think I can receive regular income from this? Or do I know enough information about this investment to invest?

    I hope now you are a little clearer on where to invest 20K pesos in the Philippines!

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