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What Is A Good Investment Philippines 2024

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    When looking at investment opportunities, you may ask yourself what a good investment in the Philippines is and how to profit from an investment.

    Fear not as this question, as well as many others, will be answered today. When looking at good investments in the Philippines, the most important thing to analyze is the market. The market is another word for me and you; in other words, the market is the people. It is the market that determines the price, profit, and success of an investment.

    What Is a Good Investment In The Philippines?

    Essentially a good investment in the Philippines is an investment that has a high probability of success and financial gain. Therefore, good investments in the Philippines will typically increase in value year after year or generate other financial rewards such as dividends.

    A good investment in the Philippines is not always an easy thing to see. The market is continuously growing, changing, and moving; however, a savvy investor puts his or her time into studying the market, the behaviors, and the resources. This practice allows investors to determine whether an investment is good or not.  

    5 Examples Of Good Investments In The Philippines

    1. The Philippines Stock Exchange

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Philippine Stock Exchange has fluctuated considerably in the last 9-12 months; however, The Philippines Stock Exchange is a promising and very good investment in the Philippines.

    Is the PSE a good investment? The Philippine Stock Exchange is a strong investment because it has historical data of annual returns, promising company statistics, and an optimistic forecast as we look into the next 5 to 10 years.

    We have spoken recently about investing in Jollibee stock and looking at five of the Philippines’ best stock trading platforms. However, if you are looking to get started with this investment, checking out the simple step-by-step guides is recommended.

    2. Cryptocurrencies

    Many years ago, entrepreneurs would not have considered cryptocurrency a good investment in the Philippines due to its high volatility and unclear future. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency has made set entrepreneurs millionaires.

    In 2021, the cryptocurrency saw a jump in its price. The incredible price increase from Bitcoin influenced this, but some entrepreneurs wonder if bitcoin mining is still profitable in the Philippines? Yes, it can still be very profitable; however, technology has changed, and as the year’s pass, miners are being rewarded less. In another four years, their award will be halved once again.

    If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the Philippines, feel free to look at our beginner’s guide on how to profit and buy Bitcoin in the Philippines.

    3. In A Startup

    Essentially you have two options when looking at investing in a startup in the Philippines.

    The first option is your own business. This is where you invest your capital in starting a business such as a food cart business or a call center. The second option is called Angel investing, where you are the investor and not the direct management.

    The first option allows you to have more control. The second option allows you to earn money without any additional work.

    When looking at what is a good investment in the Philippines, a startup of one kind or another might be the answer. However, if you are looking for investment opportunities, feel free to visit the Angel investment network.

    Pssst… Are you looking at how to start a daycare center in the Philippines, how to open up a nail salon, how to start a water filling station or any other type of business? We have beginner guides here at FilipinoWealth.

    4. Real Estate

    We recently spoke about if real estate is a good idea in the Philippines, and we even spoke specifically about condominium investments. However, overall real estate investment is one of the best investments in the Philippines at this current moment.

    This is a good investment in the Philippines because statistics show that travel and tourism are increasing apart from recent times (Covid-19). Additionally, more Filipinos are looking to buy their first house, allowing investors to flip or sell real estate for a profit.

    Even though times are slightly challenging at the moment, the Philippines market, in general, will recover. However, there are also many things to consider when looking at what is a good investment in the Philippines. As the old saying goes,… you make your money when you buy, not when you sell.

    5. Mutual Funds

    A similar option to the Philippine Stock Exchange is investing in mutual funds. But what are mutual funds?

    A mutual fund is where your investment capital is collected with other investors’ capital and invested in securities. The mutual fund is handled by a fund manager who is an experienced financial professional. Their job is to turn your capital into a good investment in the Philippines.

    Some mutual funds are good for growth, which often means they receive growth in the long term, while other mutual funds are best for the short term. Again this depends on the market as well as several other factors.

    Mutual funds are good investments in the Philippines because it is primarily passive, meaning little to no work is needed by the investor. After all, the fund manager does all the work. In return, you will pay a fee, which is often only a few percent per year.

    Mutual funds can be invested through the Philippine Stock Exchange, and they also can be invested by visiting your local bank.

    How To Determine A Good Investment In The Philippines?

    There are several ways how to determine a good investment in the Philippines. For your convenience, we have broken this down into easily readable bullet points.

    • Analyze any liabilities and assets this investment has. This is especially true when Angel investing or when investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
    • Review past spikes and determine why the market responded in the way it did. Past performance does not indicate future outcomes; however, it can guide investors.
    • Focus on your own financial goal; in other words, if you are looking to invest long-term, will this be a good investment in the Philippines for you at this moment in time.
    • Revisit trends and forecasts. Data and statistics can sometimes predict trends and changes that can affect your investment.
    • Observe the audience. is everybody investing in this? Unfortunately, the market (the people) is wrong, and going against the grain can be very financially rewarding.  

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