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9 Small Capital Investments In The Philippines

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    Are you looking for the best Small Capital Investments In The Philippines?

    Investing and earning interest is not just for the wealthy. There are countless examples of small investment opportunities in the Philippines right now! But what is the best small capital investment in the Philippines, and what is the minimum investment amount? Thus we will explore the best low-cost investment options and how you can invest.

    Low-Cost Investment In The Philippines

    1. Invest Into Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency in the Philippines is a popular and common talking topic. Many love the idea of cryptocurrency and see the potential, while others don’t think cryptocurrency is a good investment. Nevertheless, it is a low-cost investment option in the Philippines that many Filipinos have invested in over the years.

    The great thing about cryptocurrency is the several different investment strategies and ways to make money. However, even with a small capital investment, weighing the risks is important. There are many pros and cons to cryptocurrency investing; therefore, you may wish to invest only a little bit of capital if you are a beginner in the cryptocurrency world.

    Coins.Ph, Binance, and Coinbase are common exchanges used to purchase cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

    2. Low-Cost Investment In Stocks

    Historically, investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange has not been the easiest process; however, thanks to the advancement of technology and companies such as Col Financial, you can invest a small amount of capital into the Philippine stock market. Opening up an account can be started for as little as 1000 pesos with Col Financial.

    However, each individual stock will have a board lot. The board lot is the minimum amount of stocks you will need to buy. The higher the stock price, the less you will need to buy to meet the minimum. We recently released the full guide on how to make money from the Philippine Stock Exchange as a beginner!

    You can also invest in stocks through any local mainstream bank

    3. Small Investment In Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds are a collection of stocks. These are similar to index funds; however, index funds are somewhat different. Index funds and similar investments are common with mainstream banks. Therefore you may find it much easier to invest in stocks via your local bank instead of using a stockbroker.

    Every mutual fund in the Philippines differs slightly in terms of its investment requirements. Therefore a minimum investment into mutual funds in the Philippines can be as low as 1000 pesos, but on some occasions, they can be slightly higher such as 5000 pesos.

    Take a look at our mutual fund guide for more information on how to make a profit with a small investment in the Philippines

    Each type of mutual fund is made up of different businesses and investments; therefore, each mutual fund carries with it different levels of risks and opportunities. Hence, similar to cryptocurrency, Filipino investors often must fully research and consider all options before investing, even if this is only a small amount.

    4. Invest Your Small Capital In To A Business

    When looking at cheap investment options in the Philippines, you may wish to consider investing in a small business. Investing in a business allows you to possess more control compared to a traditional type of investment. Businesses, passive incomes, and passive businesses can be started in the Philippines with a very low amount.

    We recently discovered how much money you will make with a million views on YouTube in the Philippines!

    A popular example is being a YouTube content creator. On one of my channels (not the Filipino wealth channel), I only have 1744 subscribers currently; however, in the last 30 days, I made a total ad revenue of 7300 Pesos. This does not include affiliate sales and sponsorship.

    5. Investing In Gcash

    Gcash Is one of the most popular small capital investments in the Philippines right now. But why is investing in Gcash in the Philippines a great investment option? Customers can invest with as little as 50 pesos without added commission and sales fees.

    To start investing in Gcash, customers can log into the mobile app and tap “GInvest.” From there, the customer will need to fill in their risk profile and questionnaire and decide on the fund they wish to invest in. Finally, the customer can purchase the units (Gcash’s investments are made through the process of buying and selling units).  

    6. Invest In Domain Names

    Investing in a domain name in the Philippines is not the most common type of low-cost investment option however it is a fantastic investment vehicle if you can purchase a highly demandable domain at the right time. Some domains have been sold for billions of pesos. Short domains and brand domains work best.

    With every type of small investment, you will find many advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of investing in domain names is that the investment can be highly profitable. The disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that the domain will be sold, resulting in zero return on investment.

    7. A Cheap Investment With An Insurance Policy

    Recently we looked into the best retirement insurance policies for Filipinos. Within these insurance policies came added extras such as life insurance and investments. So, if you are a beginner investor who requires insurance services, it may be possible to kill two birds with one stone and find the insurance coverage that can protect you while also investing on your behalf.

    One of the biggest advantages of this process is that if you decide to become a policyholder, you will have access to a financial advisor. This can be very useful if you are a beginner at investing in the Philippines and are looking for investment tips.

    8. Invest Your Capital On A Peer To Peer Platform

    Over the years, several different peer-to-peer platforms have become popular in the Philippines. For example, a recent article explored how you can invest in a farm in the Philippines. This is one form of a peer-to-peer platform.

    Another option for beginner investors is to invest in investments that generate a monthly income in the Philippines, which we have previously explored in great detail.

    Currently, the agricultural industry is not the strongest as it has been, so you may wish to look into different types of small capital investments in the Philippines if you want to maximize your returns. Nevertheless, other industries, such as private loaning and other financial peer-to-peer options, are becoming more popular with investors.

    9. Investing In Virtual Land

    Cryptocurrency is a fairly new investment class in the Philippines. However, the most recent low-cost investment to spring up is virtual land / NFT. Historically virtual land has been sold for crazy amounts of money. But investors are open to risk and often endure additional threats with this type of investment.

    There is a fine line between gambling and investing with all types of cheap investments in the Philippines. Therefore, even though non-fungible tokens and virtual land is a rising asset class, it is strongly recommended to fully research this investment and consider speaking to an independent financial advisor if you are not sure what investment option is most suitable for your situation.

    What Is The Minimum Investment In The Philippines?

    During our research, we found that the minimum investment that can be made in the Philippines is on the Gcash platform. Gcash’s ” Ginvest ” investment fund can be invested in with as little as 50 Pesos. Therefore this is the cheapest and lowest form of investment in the Philippines.

    But how much should you invest? This is a personal choice and will come down to several factors. Nevertheless, most financial experts recommend only investing money you can afford to lose.

    Additionally, investing in small chunks is one of the best ways to start as a beginner investor. The most successful Filipino investors fully understand the investment and the market.  

    What Is The Best Small Capital Investment In The Philippines?

    Due to the volatility of the markets in the Philippines, the answer to this question will frequently change. Some investments, such as cryptocurrency, may provide a higher return of investment right now but lower returns over a longer period. This can also be true for stocks or other investment assets in the Philippines.

    Additionally, the best small capital investment will depend on the individual. For example, if you are of retirement age investing in a high-risk asset class such as small corporate stocks is not the smartest investment decision. However, this may be a more suitable investment option for younger investors as they have more time for the market to balance itself out in theory.

    Nevertheless, from the feedback on Gcash, it is clear that many Filipino investors see Gcash as one of the best small capital investments in the Philippines due to its flexibility and low barrier to entry.

    With any low-cost investment option, there will be different requirements, and some of these investments may lead to your investment being locked up for a certain period. Therefore, investment research is key to a successful investment. Learn more about small capital investments in the Philippines with our latest posts.

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