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5 Best Investments for 10K In The Philippines

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    Where Can I Invest 10000? If you are a new investor or are looking for new investments, keep reading because we will share with you the top investment for your 10000 pesos! To make it easier to decide what investment is more suitable for your 10000 pesos, we have made this list easily readable and transparent by including each investment’s experience, risk, effort & reward levels.

    Where Can I Invest 10000 Pesos In The Philippines

    1. A Banking Investment For 10000 Pesos

    Experience 2/5 – Risk 2/5 – Reward 2/5 – Effort 1/5

    What is banking investment?

    These are investments run by most mainstream banks; they offer investments aimed at different customers, for example, Retirement funds, Mutual funds, etc.

    There are many banks with several different types of investment programs. Suppose we are focusing on a standard investment from the bank. In that case, this will involve minimal effort from the investors part because the programs (Fund) that the investor will invest in will usually be managed by a fund manager who represents the bank. The investment amount from the investor and other investors will be collected together and invested in the stock market typically.

    Banks offer many different types of funds in the Philippines, but most funds have a similar setup to the example above.

    Because the banks manage the investment on the investor’s behalf, they will charge him/her a fee. This usually is low and based annually. Still, we would recommend any investors research the fund fees thoroughly before committing.

    2. Investing 10K Into a Filpino Farming Project

    Experience 3/5 – Risk 4/5 – Reward 2/5 – Effort 2/5

    If you ask, where can I invest 10000 pesos, then farming may not be your first thought; however, this is a solid investment. Farming is an investment that is on the rise in the Philippines. On this occasion, we are not talking about pigs & chickens. We are talking crops & seeds.

    What is farming investment In The Philippines?

    Many farmers across the country have time and experience to plant and grow seeds over many acres, but the problem they face is money. This is where farming investment begins.

    Let’s say we have a farmer called Mang who wants to plant and grow palay. He also has the potential customers ready but no money to start. An investor speaks to Mang and says, “I have 10000 pesos.

    I also know of other investors who have 10000 pesos so, let’s get a total of 5 investors with 10K each, and in return, the investors and I will take a profit share from this arrangement”. Mang agrees to the investor’s offer. Once the crops have been grown and sold, the investors will get their money back and a little extra interest. This can range from 2-12% of average.

    Farming investments can range in their return of investment (ROI) because of the many factors involved in farming; however, one company well known for this type of investment is

    They have been around sometimes with an overall positive review from investors. An investor can visit their website today and look at a list of full investment choices usually. They have a fixed return of 3.5%; this may increase depending on the project.

    Caution: There are many similar companies, but be careful as there have been reports of scams or fake investment companies in the past.

    3. Invest 10000 Pesos Into the Forex (outside of PH)

    Experience 5/5 – Risk 3/5 – Reward 4/5 – Effort 5/5

    Forex is something which, in many ways, is considered a new kind of investment. The years are gone when unique insiders knew the tricks and tips on how to make money from the exchange.

    What is a Forex & what is Forex trading?

    Most straightforwardly, Forex is the exchange of one 18currency to another in the hopes that the currency you brought is now higher value than it was before.

    As an example, let’s say $1 = ₱64.22 but a few hours later, $1 = ₱65.39 if you had brought $1000 worth of PHP when the price was lower, and you decided to convert this back once the price increased, you would now have made a profit on your investment.

    The figures above are historical data that has been found on one random day in the past. You could, of course, make more or less than this by investing more capital or investing in other exchange rates, for example, GBP (UK) & TBH (Thai Baht), and so on.

    Forex is not as simple as it sounds. There is a lot of studying of news & government announcements as these two things will affect the trading prices. However, if you want to make some high profit over a shorter term and not have to wait 2,3, or 5 years, then Forex may be the perfect option.

    It’s important to note that Forex is illegal in the Philipines; however, as many of our readers are overseas workers living and working in a different country, this rule does not apply to you.

    Forex platforms sometimes offer leverage on a scale of 1:2, so for example, if you have 10000 pesos to invest in the system, your capital will read ₱20K. This is also known as buying/trading power.

    4. Invest 10000 pesos into a Cryptocurrencies investment

    Experience 4/5 – Risk 5/5 – Reward 5/5 – Effort 3/5

    If you brought only one bitcoin in 2013, it would have been worth ₱15,000 in late 2017. That same data would have been worth 988.000!

    What is a Cryptocurrency Investment?

    Cryptocurrency is a vast topic. Therefore, we have put together an article showing you where to invest in places to get free bitcoins/cryptocurrency for signing up!

    In previous Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency posts, we have gone in-depth about the Crypto world, but as a quick introduction for those who haven’t come across the article yet. Cryptocurrency is like virtual money (which can be exchanged for real cash) that can be sent online. It has zero physical presence, but it does have a financial value which means you can make a profit from it.

    People can “mine” some cryptocurrencies and/or buy them. There are over 3000 different types of cryptocurrencies to date on the market, but essentially everyone who has investigated cryptocurrencies has come across the famous name of Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is the most prominent and robust cryptocurrency to date.

    Nobody knows who “invented” bitcoin; however, every day, cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, go drastically up and down in price.

    The last few weeks have been explosive with cryptocurrency news, which has shown clearly on the price.

    Bitcoin Price (Begin of July) = ₱650,000

    Bitcoin Price (End of July) = ₱494,000

    The price will continue to go up and down in the years to come. Many investors, celebrity’s and well-known business individuals believe that cryptocurrencies will be our future & all it will take is another financial meltdown or wall street crash for bitcoin to skyrocket in value once again.

    • 11th July – 1 bitcoin = ₱ 582,000
    • 12th July – 1 bitcoin = ₱ 603,000
    • 13th July – 1 bitcoin = ₱ 581,000
    • 14th July – 1 bitcoin = ₱ 521,000
    • 15th July – 1 bitcoin = ₱ 554,000
    • 16th July – 1 bitcoin = ₱ 480,000
    • 17th July – 1 bitcoin = ₱ 494,000

    As you can see, the price changes from profit to loss rapidly. So, this kind of investment would not be suitable for investors looking for a low-risk investment.

    An investor doesn’t need to buy a whole cryptocurrency you may purchase 0.00007 of cryptocurrencies if you wish. As of today, 10000 pesos = 0.0000019 BTC (Bitcoin)

    If you are unsure where to invest or want to find more information about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, you can visit our cryptocurrency article information HERE.

    5. Invest 10K Pesos into the Stock Exchange

    Experience 3/5 – Risk 3/5 – Reward 5/5 – Effort 3/5

    The stock market in the Philippines is one of the most financially rewarding investments you can make; why? Mainly because of the historical strength of the economy.

    What is a stock market investment?

    Investment into the stock market involves buying a share of a company. Let’s take the popular brand of Jollibee, for instance. One share is currently ₱277.

    Hence, an investor decides to buy 10 shares for a total of ₱2770 then later after some time, the price increases, and one share is now worth ₱300, so our investor decides to sell his/her 10 shares (total of ₱23 profit per share) to someone else and the transaction is completed. So our investor has now made a total of ₱230 profit.

    When you buy shares into a company, you are officially a shareholder of that company. This means you can get some benefits such as dividends. this is where a company you have invested in will thank you for being a shareholder and give you a small financial reward depending on how many shares you hold.

    This only tends to happen if the company is performing well & has made an economic profit.

    Another reason why the stock market is the best investment for your 10000 pesos is that most people who invest are long-term traders. This tends to mean little effort in comparison to other types of investment.

    Unless you are lucky enough to invest in some great growing companies or have a more considerable buying power (More than 10000 pesos, which are our focus in this article), new investors are unlikely to quickly make a ton of money. But this can change long-term, so we would suggest this would be suitable for the more long-term investors.

    Where do you start? We’d recommend This company has been around for some time now, and their unique selling point is that they are an online stock exchange trader. This means you find a company you want to buy shares in, and you put the order through yourself (It’s a lot easier than it sounds!)

    When you invest in the stock market, always split your risk between different companies & industries. A rule of thumb is no more than 10% of your total investment capital on one company.

    We have recently realized some valuable money-making tricks you can use in the stock market. You can view this post HERE.

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