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7 Best OFW Business Abroad Right Now

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    Best OFW Business Abroad: Are you an OFW looking for a business while abroad? If so, you have landed in the right place, as today we will be discussing the best business opportunities for overseas Filipino workers while living abroad.

    For those of you looking for business opportunities in the Philippines for OFW’s, head over to our full guide for some jam-packed business opportunities for OFW’s.

    Overseas Filipino Worker Business Ideas While Abroad

    Blogging, YouTubing & Podcasting

    The first question you may be wondering is why has blogging YouTubing and podcasting made our list of the best OFW businesses abroad? Well, because of its flexibility and opportunity in this current market.

    As an overseas Filipino worker, you have the experience that many Filipinos do not possess. Because of this, you can share your experience and knowledge through several platforms where you can earn a full-time income.

    Additionally, if you are a traveling OFW, then this business will be perfect for you as you can manage your business from anywhere in the world. All you will need is a stable Internet connection and a laptop. We’ve spoken about starting these businesses in the Philippines previously, and I have added links to the relevant pages above.

    Importing / Exporting

    One of the best things about being in another country outside of the Philippines is that you have the opportunity to get involved with importing and exporting. Some fantastic products can be imported and exported to the Philippines to all different countries around the world, and this will depend on where you are living.

    A good friend of mine who is an OFW has their own exporting business exporting coconuts from the Philippines to China. This is a great product idea as it’s in abundance in the Philippines and can be purchased from farmers at a cost-effective price. In addition, the Philippines is a rich country in terms of its natural products, so this is often a fantastic place to start your research into exporting products.

    Affiliate Marketing Business

    Another fantastic business while abroad for OFW is affiliate marketing. In fact, this is perhaps one of the best businesses for OFW while abroad because some affiliate programs can pay exceptionally well.

    Many YouTubers and bloggers are also affiliate marketers. Speaking to successful bloggers and those who blog full time, it is clear that a large part of their income each month comes from affiliate marketing. Some great affiliate programs include cryptocurrency affiliate programs and web host affiliate programs. These often offer the best and most competitive rewards.

    Online Teaching

    One of the unique skills of an average Filipino is a high level of English, and this is why there are many jobs as English teachers around the world for Filipinos. But if you are looking for an online income source as an OFW Abroad, online teaching is great.

    The idea is to turn this into a business, so you will need to find the best staff and software to grow your business into a well-known household name. Many companies focus on China when starting in English business, but several other countries, including Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand, are fantastic.

    E-Commerce Business Owner

    One of the great things about traveling and living in different countries is that you have experience of products and business that many others do not possess. This can be used to your advantage as an overseas Filipino worker. For example, have you seen a product in the Philippines that you feel would do well in other countries? or vice versa?

    Some businesses choose a single product or a few products, but what is often recommended if you are looking for a business as an OFW abroad is to choose a business that can be started small.

    Launch Your Own Clothing Range

    Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world. Do you have an eye for fashion? Starting your clothing range can be a fantastic idea, and the good news is there are also plenty of opportunities to raise capital. Angel investing is one of my favorite ways to raise business capital, but several others are available for OFW’s.

    It’s often recommended to create a solid business plan. For example, there are several business plans for clothing ranges online. Still, if you are looking to start a business in the Philippines, you may wish to head over to our business plan template and financial statement for support in this section.

    Web Development Business

    Another fantastic opportunity for those who have the skills and talents is being a development business owner. This can also be operated wherever you are in the world, and as the web development business is not cheap, each client can be worth thousands, and it’s a great way to an extra source of income.

    Additionally, as this business can be managed online, so can your staff. In other words, many talented freelancers and recruits can be called upon when growing your business. Finally, technology and the way we do business in the digital development world are continuously changing; market research is always critical.

    How To Find The Best Business For OFW Abroad?

    The great news is there are many ways to find a successful start-up business as an overseas Filipino worker. However, at the beginning stages, the most critical step is often overlooked which is –  researching and analyzing the market.

    Market research will not only save you a great deal of time but can also save you a great deal of cash in the long term. But what exactly is the market? The market is everything. And there are several markets, including the domestic and international markets. But the markets also include the products, the price is, the people, the current trends, and so much more.

    Aside from market research on your idea, you will also need to create a business idea that can work for you. We have created a small list of ideas above as these work the best with OFW abroad looking for a business. But due to your circumstances, you may need a more flexible or less flexible business, and therefore choosing the right business for your situation is paramount.

    Once you have a small list of ideas, you can then start to research the market on these ideas and see how they will work with your current lifestyle. As soon as you find an idea you are happy with and one that’s suitable, you can begin building your business as an OFW abroad.

    Is Starting A Business For OFW Abroad A Good Idea?

    Having another stream of income, a side business, or whatever you want to call it is often a fantastic idea for OFW abroad. However, you will need to ensure that you can manage your business legally in whatever country you choose.

    In addition, some businesses are more hands-on than others, and these types of businesses do not always produce more profit. And therefore taking time to consider how this business will impact your day-to-day life is recommended if you are an OFW starting a business abroad.

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