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7 Business Opportunities In Cebu Philippines

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    Small Business Opportunities In Cebu Philippines: Are there any profitable business ideas in Cebu, Philippines? Absolutely! Cebu is a fantastic place to start a business. There are several business opportunities in Cebu, many of which are small to medium size businesses, so today, we will focus on the best small business ideas in the Philippines.

    Best Business Ideas In Cebu

    Airbnb Businesses

    Cebu city And other areas of Cebu are extremely popular with international and domestic travelers. A business using platforms such as Airbnb can perform very well in the Philippines, and if you can find the right location can be extremely profitable. There are many things to consider. The great news is there are other non-real estate money-making options.

    Tour Businesses

    As we discovered a moment ago, Cebu is one of the highest tourist areas of the Philippines, and this is why tour-based businesses can perform well in the location. Tours can be as small as a walk around the local market or could include a two-day trip to Oslob! Innovation with this kind of business idea in Cebu can work very well.

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    Best Small Business Ideas In The Philippines

    Dating Businesses

    The dating industry is interesting as it has had many changes over the years in Cebu. There are many traditional dating businesses, but there are also more modern forms of online dating businesses. We have released a full guide on starting a small dating business in the Philippines, which I have attached above for your reference.


    One of the benefits of living in beautiful areas such as Cebu is that you can turn your creativity into a content-creating business. This can include a travel-related program or perhaps something that uses the location and its facilities to your advantage! I’ve never been a fan of using the phrase – think outside the box – but applying this phrase can work out well when starting a new YouTube channel.

    Food Kiosk

    Lechon is well known as the food of Cebu, but there are also plenty of other popular foods and food business ideas that can be started in Cebu. There are several key factors to investigate, including your audience and the location. Many of these important factors will impact the success and growth of your food business.

    Load Businesses

    Another business opportunity in Cebu, Philippines, is to start a load business. Surprisingly starting a business like this in Cebu is one of the cheapest businesses to start. A load business can be started in Cebu for only a few thousand pesos. The location is an important factor to consider; therefore, you may wish to check out our business location guide for the Philippines.

    Laundry Services

    Several services are increasingly popular in certain areas of the Philippines, and in Cebu, one service that is in demand is the services of laundry. Starting a laundry store in Cebu doesn’t have to be a large business. Starting a home-based cleaning service is one option if you want to start a small business in Cebu.

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