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10 Home Based Business Ideas Philippines 2024

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    Why start a home based business in the Philippines? Profitability can be quite high in some industries compared to previous brick-and-mortar businesses.

    This is because home businesses can be started online with minimal financial investment. Are you looking for profitable home based business ideas in the Philippines?

    Through this article, you will be finding out about profitable stay-at-home businesses in the Philippines and cover some exciting small home based business ideas in the Philippines.

    Profitable home based business ideas Philippines

    Start A home Tourism Website Business In the Philippines

    The first small home-based business idea Philippines comes to us in the tourist industry. A tourist website can take many forms. This can take the form of a blog where you help people with information or through social media. (A blog will be the best route to monetize your content in the future.)

    As you may know, we recently spoke about how to build blogs in the Philippines and listed all the ways you can monetize through this business model! A tourism website is no different. You can sell items such as tickets for an event, local transport costs, or even a commission on the sale.

    There are many opportunities for this kind of business. Therefore this business is one of the best home business ideas in the Philippines if you can grow the traffic.

    • Set up your website and plan for your business. Include what you will promote and methods of how you will generate income. (Basic plan for now)
    • Start your content. Writing 50+ articles within six months is an excellent place to start. Often it takes 6-12 months before your content starts getting BIG numbers.
    • Work with people in your industry. Be socially active and promote your business.

    Launch A Click To Print Website

    As we now know, there are many different types of websites. One of which is the click-to-print website. Click-to-print websites allow their users to have their brand name or personalized message on an item. For example, a personal message on a t-shirt or a brand name on a mug.  

    Some click-to-print businesses focus on printing photographs and other digital products. This business model is simple and can be quite profitable if you can attract the right audience.

    Some companies have seen excellent success in advertising to a B2B market (business to business), while others have seen better profit from a B2C approach (business to customer).

    • As your website will be the main focus of your business, the effort should be on this.
    • Attention is then on the products themselves. What will you be selling? Where will you buy these items? How can you generate profit?
    • Promote your services and build your network. Options are available to sell your items on other platforms as well, such as Lazada, Shoppee, etc.

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    Open A Small Ghost-writing Business At Home

    Ghost-writing has become very popular in recent years due to its flexibility. If you’ve never heard of ghostwriting before, it’s the process of writing a story or a small eBook for somebody else, which you sell for a specific fee. Once you sell this, you give up all ownership of the book/article to the customer. This is one of the best small home based business ideas in the Philippines as it has some great benefits.

    • (Optional)To gain experience, you can sign up for sites such as &
    • Set up your website and plan for your business. Include how many hours you wish to work and your salary / hourly wage.
    • Ensure you have all the equipment needed for you to start your business, such as Microsoft Word & spelling/grammar software (if required).
    • Find your customer. This can be from social media, LinkedIn, or other means.

    Become A Life Coach In The Philippines

    Life coaching is an excellent business if you are looking to help people. Life coaches can cover many different types of coaching also. It can additionally be one of the best home business ideas in the Philippines due to the many opportunities to earn money. Still, it’s not the biggest earning on our list today.

    Your personality will sell this business. It’s not always a straightforward business, but some people would pay even through an exclusive membership.

    • Gain any qualifications that you may need. Life coaching is an unprotected term in many places, so it is very easy to say you are a “life coach” other titles will require future education.
    • Plan your platform and your financial proposal. For example, are you going to use youtube to bring your customer to your website?
    • Promotion and maintenance.

    Become An Online Broker In The Philippines

    Online brokers are becoming increasingly popular. The great thing about brokers is that they cover a vast range of areas.

    For example, you could be a real estate broker, a broker in the Philippines stock exchange, or even an importer broker. The list is extensive. Are online brokers all home business ideas in the Philippines? Not all of these brokers’ careers are based online. Some of the brokers will require face-to-face, but many can be performed at home.

    • Decide what type of broker you wish to become. Look at your qualification and your experiences.
    • Set up your online presence. This can be through a website or social media platforms.
    • You are the brand. Your reputation is everything, so it’s important you can build trust with your customer. This can be done through free advice/support, or by getting yourself on the local radio! This stage is about promotion.

    Start Your Own Private Label Business From Home

    What about having your own business when looking at small home based business ideas Philippines? A private label is often a branded product that another company has made. For example, if you were to buy 100 t-shirts with your logo and sell the items, your business would be a private label business. This is one of the best home business ideas in the Philippines as it has a lot of business flexibility and potentially has a very lucrative future.

    • Plan your private label business. This stage can take many days. There may be a sizeable investment needed to buy in bulk.
    • Start to promote your products this can be through signing on to business accounts on Amazon or Lazada for instance.

    Start A Small Virtual Assistant Business

    Virtual assistant businesses have been on the rise in recent years, thanks to technology. Projections for the next 5 to 10 years highlight growth in this area. More companies and even smaller businesses are looking for V.A support to help with their day-to-day operations. This is one of the most common home business ideas in the Philippines. This may be due to the costs being very low.

    • (Optional)To gain experience, you can sign up for sites such as &
    • Set up your website and plan for your business. Include how many hours you wish to work and your salary / hourly wage
    • Ensure you have all the equipment needed for you to start your business, such as Microsoft Word, spelling/grammar software if required, and anything else.
    • Find your customer. This can be from social media, LinkedIn, or other means.

    Open An Educational Research Business

    Many kinds of businesses require educational research. Educational research is where you can offer your services to help people or companies find information.

    I would suggest looking at different industries to see what opportunities you can become a researcher. Don’t be afraid of approaching businesses to pitch them your service. It might just make you thousands of pesos. (This can be performed once you are established)

    Is this one of the top home business ideas in the Philippines? It may not be the most common, but it can suit someone who loves researching and working from home.

    • You can start by sharping your skills and gaining work experience in your chosen field.
    • You may need to offer your services for free for your first few companies to gain testimonies if you are new.
    • Look at where your customers are. How can you find them? And what would make them pay for your service?

    Become A Content Writer And Write From Home

    Is content writing one of the best business ideas in the Philippines? Yes!! Content writing is an extremely popular skill in today’s world. Websites with blogs and articles have been proven to rank higher on search engines than those that do not. As a content writing business owner, you will be able to provide these services to the demanding public. This is an ever-growing small home based business idea Philippines that is becoming more and more popular.

    • If you want to turn this into a full long-term business where you can one day hire other writers to do the tasks, then you will need a reliable website. (it’s not always required to start if you are self-employed, but it does grant you that professional edge).
    • Gather all the Software needed to complete the job for your customers.
    • Start to look on Facebook groups and social media platforms to find companies who are looking for content writers and approach them with your offer. (always personalize your proposal. Do not send a generic message.)

    Open A Facebook Page Management Business

    Similar to a Facebook advertisement business, Facebook page management is an essential part of most businesses. However, if you see a business that could perform better, then perhaps an email offering your services explaining how they could improve their sales with your skills may be an attention grabber!

    • Launch your own Facebook page for your business and gain traffic. This can be done by also starting a website or YouTube and sending your viewers to your Facebook page.
    • Offer your services on sites such as Fiverr and Upwork as well as PeoplePerHour. You can also advertise on Facebook groups if allowed.
    • Starting a website may give you a competitive edge, especially if you can show your previous work experience, but there may be a cost to this.

    Tips For profitable home based business ideas Philippines

    Focus On The Small Wins

    When starting a profitable home based business in the Philippines, it’s very common to worry about big companies and competition. Instead of doing this, an excellent idea for a small business in the Philippines is to focus on the small wins that are easily achievable. As you start to progress your business, the small wins will become bigger and bigger and bring you more opportunities and more profit. But while you are still growing, it’s best to focus on the small wins each and every day.

    Always Do The Math

    As we know, the math side of the business is not always the most enjoyable. Because of this, we often neglect specific tasks that need to be completed. If you have ever been excited about a new opportunity, you know that excitement can sometimes overwhelm logic.

    Doing the maths involves working through your product cost, any advertisements, and services that may be required from you, and making sure that you can make a profit.

    Focus On The Customers

    As everybody knows, customers are the business’s sole; without customers, we have no business; therefore, they are all V.I.P.s. So what do your customers want from your product or service? Are they looking to gain something educational? Are they looking to achieve a particular image?

    Do they want to stop a specific pain point? Once we have the answers, then we can deliver the business straight to the customers.

    Seek Help And Assistance

    When we look at a business for beginners in the Philippines, we see lots of different opportunities. But one thing that is not seen very often is asking for assistance. I understand this completely.

    There is sometimes a feeling that you should know it all, but in reality, we often need to seek assistance to help us overcome trouble and hurdles in business.

    I know that people can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to business, but many people can help you and are willing to do so.

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