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Booming Business In The Philippines 2024 / 2024

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    Today we will be looking at what is a booming business in the Philippines and going over seven examples of booming businesses in the Philippines that you can start today. Several factors often come into play when analyzing booming businesses in the Philippines, but one of the significant factors is the current market.

    The market is continuously changing, but due to the situation we find ourselves in (the ongoing pandemic), many online business ideas in the Philippines are starting to show themselves. This has led to some businesses becoming booming businesses in the Philippines.

    What Is A Booming Business In The Philippines?

    A booming business in the Philippines is a business that has seen significant growth in its demand in recent times and also shows evidence of expected growth for the years to come.

    As mentioned, the market in the Philippines as well as globally is constantly changing.

    An announcement from a government or a change in perception from the public can change the opportunity for business owners and the demand from the community, and this is the continuous challenge many business owners face in the Philippines.

    The Best Booming Businesses In The Philippines

    1. Blogging & YouTubing In The Philippines

    Blogging and YouTubing have both been popular business ideas in the Philippines over the last several years; why has blogging and YouTubing become one of the best booming businesses in the Philippines at this moment?

    This answer has several factors; the most obvious is the ongoing pandemic. However, other factors such as the potential for passive income and monetization strategies are why this industry has seen growth over the last several years. When looking at booming business in the Philippines, remember, as a content creator, you do not need to target the Philippines…. the world is your playground.

    2. Fiverr-Based Businesses

    Fiverr is one of the best platforms for freelancers and Filipino entrepreneurs at this moment in time as it is one of the leading freelance platforms in the world. Do you have writing talent? Or, perhaps you are good at giving advice? Whatever your abilities, you will most definitely find an opportunity on the Fiverr platform.

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    One of the reasons it has become a booming business in the Philippines is that it is a great platform to launch your own business or at least test the water. Meaning that if you have an idea but are unsure if it’s going to be a good business idea, then trying this on a platform such as Fiverr is often a less risky option.

    3. Small Remote Auditing Businesses

    Over the years, many online businesses have boomed, So where does a small auditing business come in, and what exactly is this business?

    The business is where you can audit and help other businesses grow. For example, this website ( FilipinoWealth) gains thousands of viewers every single day. High traffic = opportunities to increase wealth.

    So, I could share my skills and secrets with other bloggers to help them succeed, and thus I may decide to become an auditor to help them. An auditor can come under different terms, such as a coach or mentor or just audit a business/area of business.

    4. Freelance Writing Businesses

    Freelance writing is still one of the best booming business ideas in the Philippines. This is still a booming business in the Philippines because of the assertive outsourcing behavior. In other words, many corporations inside and outside of the Philippines outsource writing tasks to freelance Filipinos. We’ve spoken about freelance writing before; I have attached this above for your reference.

    But to summarise a few points, there are many ways you can monetize a freelance writing business. For example, on some occasions, you might be working with a buyer looking for an eBook writer, or you may be offered a long-term position to become a writer for a blog site. There are also many opportunities to become an editor instead of a writer.

    5. Real Estate Businesses In The Philippines

    Despite the ongoing pandemic, real estate businesses in the Philippines have been booming. Looking through the statistics, just under 19 billion pesos were invested from overseas in the Philippines in the first quarter of this year. A large percentage of this falls under the category of real estate.

    There are many different ways a real estate business in the Philippines can succeed, and there are also many options. Running an online website, selling an investment strategy course, writing a book, or becoming a real estate broker are just a few potential options. Many parts of the Philippines are going through real estate growth, and the future looks promising.

    6. Online English Teaching 

    If you have never previously taught English before then, it’s often recommended to gain some qualifications and experience before starting an English online business. We have spoken about online English teaching jobs for Filipinos previously, and I have attached the reference above For more information.

    One of the Philippines’ strengths is the high level of spoken English, and there are some countries, such as China, Japan, and Korea, where English is a high-demand service. So there is certainly profit to be had, but it is not the most straightforward business to start in the Philippines.

    7.  Digital Marketing Business Philippines

    The last booming business in the Philippines covers the subject of digital marketing.

    The great thing about digital marketing is that it can take many different forms, such as search engine optimization, influence in marketing, public relations, affiliate marketing, social media advertising, and many others.

    Offering services on Fiverr is often a great way to begin a digital marketing business in the Philippines.

    One of the most exciting opportunities for many Filipinos is affiliate marketing in the Philippines.

    This can be a great source of passive income, especially if you can build up the relevant traffic, which often means affiliate marketing works very well if you have a YouTube channel, A blog, or a podcast.

    Booming Business In The Philippines